Grey’s Anatomy Recap 9×10

by on January 12, 2013



The holidays are over which means back to our regularly scheduled programs. Grey’s Anatomy premiered episode 10 after taking a winter hiatus. There was much to talk about and much more to cry about. Let’s begin where we left off.

Bailey has opted to save the life of Dr. Webber’s wife instead of attending her own wedding. The entire wedding party is in attendance but is not aware of the happenings back at Seattle-Grace. Bailey and Meredith go into an emergency surgery to try to save Adele’s life. Adele has been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and was rushed to the emergency room after having complications from her disease. Meredith and Bailey, with the help of Dr. Webber are successfully able to stabilize Adele.

With the entire crew still at the wedding, Bailey, who had been reminded by Webber to head to her wedding, stormed out of the room and bumped into Ben. Ben left the ceremony after believing that Bailey had abandoned him and he went to the first place where he thought she would be. Bailey began to panic and then began explaining why she was a no show. Ben tells Bailey to slow down and breathe. He insures Bailey that saving a life was more important, and that he understood. He asks her if she loves him and Bailey is hesitant, for a second. She explains that she is scared because her first marriage didn’t work out and she faults herself for being too career driven. Ben tells her that everything will work out between them because he will cherish every moment that they have together.

Callie and Arizona decide to head over to their hotel suite since the wedding was put on hold. When they arrive to the suite, they do a little making up which leads Callie to thinking that it is her lucky night. Callie has been deprived of sex for over five months now because of Arizona’s accident and her insecurities about her leg. Before Arizona can strip down, she asked Callie to wait in the bathroom while she take her leg off. Callie does as told and even decides to take a nice hot bath while in there. She calls Derek to check on his vitals and he tells her that everything is fine. He asks why was she whispering and she lets him know that she was about to finally have sex. He hangs up. When Callie exits the bathroom, Arizona is still dressed and explains that she’s not ready because she’s still insecure about her leg. Callie calls room service and orders some food so that they can have a girl’s night in.

The interns are all feeling the tension with their dates at the wedding and finally breathe a sigh of relief when they are paged with an emergency at the hospital. When they arrive, an entire motorcycle gang pulls up to the hospital with two of their members terribly injured. The only woman in the crew, Gasoline, has sustained multiple injuries and Yang finds that she needs to have surgery to continue living. The accident happened because of one of the new riders who wanted to showcase his skills. Turns out that it was not his fault and he was then initiated into the biker’s gang.

Owen and Cristina decide that they are happier and things were better when they were just dating. Owen wants to continue with the divorce leaving Cristina to sign the papers. He explains how he refuses for them to continue on hurting each other and how he think a divorce is the best decision. This split leaves so many unanswered questions but we have to continue tuning in to see what happens.

Back at the wedding, Shane goes a little nuts after really revealing to April that he felt as if she was coming on to him. He thought because she had touched his shoulder and rubbed his hand that she was coming on to him. April assures him that she was just being nice and that she would never cross that line.

Well, seems like things with Karev and Jo are starting to take off. Jo continues on about how her childhood affected her and Karev is fed up with it. He too had a terrible childhood but he got over it and he wants Jo to do the same. Then comes the fun. Jo has a demented sense of humor and Karev likes it. They share more horrible family stories to see who had the worst childhood which the stories from Jo all seem to be false. It was her way of getting to Karev. They pull another prank on the bartender who gives in and succumbs to their joke. Fun night for those two.

Miranda and Ben resume with their wedding as the crew begins to sporadically reappear. They all missed the ceremony but made it in time to see the first dance between the newlyweds. Miranda spots Webber and goes over to talk with him but is called back to the front to dance with her husband. Meredith veers across the room and spots Webber. She knows that something is wrong. Webber reveals that Adele died from a heart attack and the tears come pouring in.

Leave it up to Jackson and intern Stephanie to not make it back to the wedding. In the car, Jackson tells Stephanie that he can either take her home or back to the wedding. Stephanie takes that as him wanting to sleep with her and assures him that they will not be having sex. Seconds later, they are in the back seat with clothes coming off and legs in the air. Oh, how I love this show.

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