Grey’s Anatomy Recap 9×16

by on February 22, 2013


Interns, Doctors, Patients and Pegasus. This episode has a lot of that going on but mostly is focused on the deal with Pegasus and how the “Team” will stop the Pegasus from buying the hospital.

Meredith and Cristina have been very secretive around Carev, making sure that he hears nothing about their plan to buy the hospital. When he finally asked about all the secret meetings, the ladies had no response.

Shane is running around like a chicken with his head cut off. He heard a rumor about Cahill possibly liquidating the hospital which would lay-off every staff member. Shane is panicking because he has no other jobs lined up or a back-up plan.

Since the “Team” all resigned a few weeks ago, Seattle-Grace has been short staffed. Surgeries are piling up and Owen is forced to let the interns scrub in. Even the interns are not as excited about surgeries as they used to be. They are feeling the real effects of being a doctor and not getting any real rest.

Bailey has a spat with Owen about possibly losing her job. She comes in with a pants suit on gearing up for new interviews because she thinks that Seattle-Grace is going to sink. Owen manipulated Bailey into staying at the hospital by telling her that the hospital would be nothing without her. As usual, Bailey soaks up the “Compliment” and reassures herself that Owen is right after all. Bailey decides to stay because she really does not want to see Seattle-Grace sink.

The team lands a meeting with the associates of Pegasus. The plan was to buy out Pegasus but include the President as a major shareholder. They thought that they would get straight to Crest, the president, but instead landed a meeting with a few junior associates, literally. The associates were really young and when Derek pitched their idea, they didn’t seem as if they understood what was going on.

Catherine, Jackson’s mom, is back in town but for what reasons. Of course she is back for Richard but there’s always an underlying factor for her presence. Richard has informed Catherine of Seattle-Grace’s standings so she thinks that it’s best for Jackson to accept a position at a Boston hospital. Jackson and Richard team up to convince Catherine that the hospital would be saved, somehow.

Although Meredith technically resigned, she has been checking in with her intern Heather, who keeps her updated on all of her patients. Luckily, Heather does not have to do it all on her own because Bailey comes in to the rescue and takes over all of Meredith’s patients.

After being told to wait for their decision to move forward, the team has booked another meeting with the executives of the board of directors for Pegasus. The team all took it upon themselves to learn the inn’s and out’s of the financial standings and administrative tasks to owning a hospital. When they met with the executives, Derek spoke with much diligence, trying to persuade them one way or another. Once again, the team was left without an answer, as they waited to see if they booked a meeting with Crest.

Meredith has poor Heather doing all of her dirty work. As Heather has been avoiding Bailey so that she won’t hear her conversations with Meredith, she over hears Cahill speaking with a legal representative about liquidating Seattle-Grace in the next 24 hours. The team would definitely have to heighten their game plan because they would only have one day to do so.

Heather first shares the news with Bailey who is now shocked. She didn’t actually think that something like this would happen. She didn’t think that Seattle-Grace would actually close. Bailey warns Heather to keep her mouth closed but that didn’t work because she shared the news with the interns, Webber, Jackson and Carev.

Finally, the team lands a meeting with Crest to buy out Pegasus. After going over and preparing documents to ensure their knowledge of things, Derek pitched their idea to Crest. After a few interruptions, Crest seemed as if he was in but then he dropped a bombshell. Although each Doctor had great credentials, no one had administrative credentials and he wanted someone with more experience.

Jackson get’s an offer to work at the hospital in Boston. Once Stephanie found out, she decided that she wanted to go with him. Awkward because she shared none of this with Jackson. Maybe he just knew how she felt about the situation.
After Crest denies their plan, the team refuses to give up. Derek suggest that they get Webber in since he has the most experience and Cristina suggests that they have Owen also. She finally told Owen about the plan and he jumped on board.

Owen learned from Shane about Cahill’s plans for the hospital. He interrupts the meeting and informs them that he has another buyer. He pleads for one more day to get everything straightened out.

During a co-op surgery, Jackson hints at possibly being closer to Stephanie when they went to find new jobs. This made her very happy and very relieved that she didn’t have to ask.

Derek and Webber meet last minute with Crest to try and persuade him one last time. Crest still turns down the offer. This practically meant that everything was done with the hospital.

Richard informs Catherine of the situation and she comes up with a brilliant idea. She decides to have her company be the primary investor in buying the hospital. There was one catch. Who would be in charge? Jackson of course. Not only is the team shocked but so is Jackson.


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