Scandal Recap 3×06

by on November 13, 2013


Red wine makes your memory better. Well at least that’s what I think. As Olivia drinks a nice glass of red wine, she remembers that last day that she saw her mother.

As Liv daydreams about the last memory of her mother, the gladiators worry about her and are anxious for her to get back to work. Liv snaps out of it and marches out of her office with Jake and Huck following behind her. As she enters the elevator, she informs them that she is going to the White House to ask the President if he killed her mother.
Sally Langston has hired the campaign guru, Leo, who turned down running Fitz re-election campaign. They are secretly planning on running for President during the re-election.

Mellie is excited about Olivia visiting Fitz because she wants to win the campaign. Liv walks in and ask for privacy. Fitz tells Olivia that he misses her but Liv catches him off guard by asking if he flew the plane during “Operation Remington”. Fitz responds by saying that he doesn’t know what she is talking about. Olivia expected a different answer and in retaliation, she turned down the job as Fitz campaign manager.

Mellie is disgusted that Olivia quit and she blamed it on Fitz. Fitz informs Cyrus that Olivia knows everything about “Remington”.

Quinn has taken up a new hobby. She now spends her mornings at a gun range.

Olivia returns to work and tells her Gladiators that they will be representing Josephine Marcus for the Presidential Campaign.

Olivia and Abby take over Josie’s campaign and informs her that she needs gain financial support for her campaign so they introduce her to the big dogs. Josie is introduced to every major CEO of any and all companies.

Olivia meets with Jake and tells him that she needs more information on “Remington” if she is going to pursue it. Jake promises to get more information on the President.

Cyrus meets with Eli to get him up to speed. He notified him on Olivia and her knowledge of “Operation Remington”. Eli said that he would handle Olivia and Cyrus needed to handle Jake.

Jake meets with an old friend who does government favors. He asked her to look up more information on the Remington flight. She agreed but thought he wanted another kind of favor. Jake told her that he had found someone.
Olivia wanted the world to know the serious and sharp side of Josie so she told Abby to set up a prime time interview so that the world would fall in love with her all over again.

Cyrus makes a call to Harrison and blackmails him. Cyrus mentioned the name “Saalif” and Harrison was suddenly in panic mode.

Olivia has another glass of red wine as she reviews footage of the plane crash that her mother was involved in. She then has flashbacks of when her Father first told her of her mother’s death. Liv calls Eli and asked about the last thing he said to her. Liv told Eli that she wanted to ask questions but she was afraid that her friends would be killed. He allows her one question and he wouldn’t kill Jake or Huck. Liv asked if he ordered her mother to be killed and he denied it.

Cyrus is trying to convince James to ask Josephine about her baby she gave up for adoption during their interview. James refuses and told Cyrus to stop trying to get inside his head.

A journalist has mocked the President, citing him a hypocrite as he promised the world that he was a Christian man but is now accused of having all sorts of affairs. Cyrus sees the interview and decides to call up Sally and invite her over for dinner with Fitz and Mellie.

Olivia and Abby are rehearsing with Josie on questions that will be asked during the debate. Josie is livid because she feels like Olivia is trying to make her into someone that she is not. Abby sees that Josie has a temper and she conjures up a way to use that in her favor.

Harrison goes to Huck and asks for a favor. He asked Huck to erase all Saalif’s social security number and birth certificate from computer records in order to spare his own life.

During dinner with the President, Sally noticed that her husband had been eyeing Mellie and she didn’t seem too fond of it. Mellie noticed it also but decided to use it in her own favor.

Quinn has a visitor at the gun range. Charlie visits Quinn and even gives her pointers on how to shoot and aim at the target.

Quinn asked Huck if anyone was able to get out of B613 but Huck dismissed her.

Sally invited White House’s Reverend over for dinner but really to try to get him to back her as President.

Olivia and Abby show Josie a campaign add that was put out against her in hopes to get her to fight back. During the interview, Josie was one hundred percent truthful as she called her opponent sexist and even called James out on his opposition to women. She said that stereotypes were being promoted that women were weaker than men. As Fitz watched the interview, he knew that Liv was behind it.

The Reverend called Cyrus and informs him of Sally’s offer.

Mellie and Cyrus are planning revenge on Sally and Mellie wanted to use Sally’s husband as bait to distract her from running for President.

Jake goes to meet his friend to get information on the flight but does not see that he is being followed. As he is about to receive a package from his “Friend”, she is dead on impact from a bullet to the head. Jake looks behind him as the mystery man tells him to look into her purse. Jake finds a gun in the purse and nothing else. He was just saved.

Olivia, Abby and Josie are celebrating her success in the primaries as her interview skyrocketed her likability in votes. Josie daughter calls out Abby for making a fake retaliation campaign add because she noticed that Abby had the same nail polish as the lady in the video.

Harrison briefly meets with Cyrus and tells him to bring it on.

Charlie is working for Eli who has him “Spying on Quinn”.

Jake meets with Fitz to get information out of him about “Remington”. Fitz tells Jake that he is on his own.

Fitz makes a visit to Liv’s apartment to beg her to come back as his campaign manager. Olivia asked if he came to answer her question. Fitz told her to leave it alone. Olivia told Fitz that her Mother was a passenger on the plane that was shot down. Fitz is shocked but still denied knowing anything about “Operation Remington”. Olivia shows him the door as she puts him out. There’s a first time for everything.


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