Scandal Recap 3×08

by on December 9, 2013

scandal3x08-lasheda-wallaceScandal has more twist and turns than a mountain road. Your heart will stop! Your mouth will hit the floor! Your life will temporarily be in shambles! These are the side effects of episode 8.

Eli visits Mama Pope in the secret cell that he has her locked away in. He informs her that Olivia has been asking about her. Mama Pope tells Eli that before he sends her off for good, she would like to see her daughter. Eli does not agree.

Quinn believes that she is in a real relationship with Charlie. Well, not anymore since she now knows his true identity. Quinn walks into the office with flashbacks of killing Omar, the security guard. The gladiators are all working to dig up evidence on Omar and Quinn is nervous as ever. Huck is trying to pull up footage of that night and Quinn is sitting right next to him.

Cyrus is manipulating James into doing a personal interview with Danielle. Cyrus wants to oust him by using James as bait. James thinks that Cyrus loves him because he got him a new gig. Poor Baby!

Josephine’s daughter makes allegations that the Rustin campaign team broke into her office and stole her laptop with pertinent information on it. Olivia comes to the rescue.

Mellie is still reveling over the interview with her and Fitz and how he came to her rescue. As they sit and watch the interview, Fitz’ mind is elsewhere as he walks off and tells Mellie to not wait up.

Mama Pope! She had to have once belonged to the walking dead. She comes up with the brilliant plan to eat away at her own wrist in order to see Olivia. She bites and chews at her wrist until her mouth is filled with her own blood. Pools of blood cover the floor as she bites the skin from her wrist.

Quinn is on a mission for B6-13 as she is bugging all the computer systems in the building where Omar worked. Jake pops in on her and Quinn lied and said that she was getting a jump on surveillance footage of that night.

Eli has taken Mama Pope to a secluded area and has a private doctor checking on her. The doctor tells Eli that she is not psychiatrically well because she ate her own wrist.

Abby goes to ask David for a favor involving the Omar case. She threatens him with no sex if he doesn’t help her. David to the rescue!

Mellie and Cyrus walk through the White House hallway as they discuss their plan to trap and oust Daniel Douglas.
Mellie runs into him and manipulates him into doing an interview with James. She hints at James and Cyrus having an “Open Marriage”.

Huck and Quinn are both working on figuring out who the murderer is. Liv tells Quinn to let Huck handle the situation and Quinn tries to stall. Harrison is interrupted by the news in which Josephine’s daughter, Candace, had gone public with allegations of the Rustin campaign stealing from them. Harrison is pissed. Liv gets a call from Fitz but gives him the third degree and demands that he stop calling her. She hung up the phone and smashed it into tiny little pieces. Jake interrupts and informs her that Fitz will find another way to talk to her.

Huck, Jake and Abby are reviewing footage of the murder and they catch a reflection of the assailant. Abby informs Quinn who is now shaking in her boots.

David Rosen goes public and takes the side of the Marcus Campaign, demanding that the Rustin campaign hand over the laptop.

Cyrus is hyping James up as he is giving him advice on how to conduct the interview. Cyrus is feeding James all the wrong ideas but James still has no idea.

Eli calls Charlie into his office and demands to know information on Olivia Pope. Charlie says everything is under control as Eli mentions Quinn and keeping her in check. Are they using Quinn to get to Olivia?
Eli visits Mama Pope in her hostel like hospital room. He finally shows her pictures of the adult Olivia and she is astounded.

Fitz’ bodyguards show up at Olivia’s apartment to give her an envelope. Liv finds a surveillance picture of her and Eli leaving dinner. She agrees to meet with Fitz but only for one hour.

Liv meets with Fitz in Virginia in a grand ole’ mansion that is meant for royalty. Liv tells Fitz that her Father is not a topic that she likes to discuss. Fitz fires back and scolds her for not telling him that even though she knew everything about him. Liv admits that she ruined Fitz but that didn’t excuse him shooting down the plane. Fitz surprises Liv and tells her that he had the house built for the two of them and the family that they would have. Liv pauses as she is devastatingly floored by the surprise. She walks over and takes over Fitz’ lips as she kisses him like their first time together.

Huck pulls up the reflection in the video as Quinn is watching in the background. Quinn comes out to volunteer her services. Huck reveals his feelings and tells Quinn that she is doing a good job.

Quinn leaves and meets up with Charlie. She pulls a gun on him but he manipulates her by using the “I like you” card. He leaves and Quinn is stuck in a parking lot thinking about her feelings.

Eli and Mama Pope go word for word as they discuss Liv’s likes and dislikes. Eli mentioned that Mama Pope hurt him after she scolded him for not taking care of Olivia. He leaves out and demanded that the doctor heavily sedate her before having her shipped out the next day.

Mellie walks into Lauren’s office and asked her if Fitz’ schedule had changed. Lauren told her no but offered to call his cell phone. There was no answer. In the midst of the call, Liv and Fitz are marveling over each other as kisses are exchanged and lust is heavy in the air. Mellie tells Lauren to call Olivia and there is no answer there either. Liv and Fitz move to the couch as they both seductively violate each other. Am I the only one who felt Mellie’s heartbreak at that moment? Liv and Fitz continue to make sweaty love while pleasing all of America.

Fitz wakes up the next morning to Liv who is getting dressed. Fitz admits that he loves Liv but he has to put a stop to her Father. Liv tells him to do what he has to do. And then she takes off in her helicopter just before telling Fitz to not sell the house.

David gets a call from his computer guy who tells him that Candace’s laptop only had one file on it. Abby pieces it together and calls Harrison. She tells him that Candace staged the entire thing. Dun, Dun Dun!!! Harrison was in bed with Candace.

Liv returns to work and has bad news. The team was not able to recover any footage and could not recognize the murderer.

Liv tells Josephine that she needs to come clean about the computer to keep her shot at running for President.

James meets with Daniel who soon makes a move on him. James is confused until Danielle mentions Mellie and Cyrus. James pieced everything together and soon sought out for revenge.

Josephine comes halfway clean. She told the public that she staged the break in and announced her withdrawal from the Democratic Presidential Nomination.

Cyrus is home waiting for James. He waits and waits until James finally comes home and goes straight to the shower. While in the shower, Cyrus receives pictures on his phone of James and Daniel in some compromising positions. Cyrus breaks into tears as he is heartbroken.

Mama Pope broke out of the hostel and Eli was pissed.

Quinn comes home to find Huck waiting on her. He wanted to talk about who she was working for.

Liv walks to her apartment and hears a familiar voice. She turns around and finds the shock of her life. Mama Pope is waiting for her by her apartment building. Liv is left speechless and so was I.


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