Grey’s Anatomy Recap 9×19

by on April 1, 2013


It’s a pretty normal day at the newly named Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital in the newest episode of Grey’s Anatomy (Season 9, Episode 19: “Can’t Fight This Feeling”). Callie’s prepping for a speech she’s doing at the TED conference on cartilage, Alex is still pissed at Jason, the OB resident who’s dating Jo, and April is happy with how efficiently the ER is working. Just your average day -to-day hospital stuff — you know, ‘til a tanker starts leaking, causing a bunch of car wrecks.

As the victims come in covered with burns, the ER erupts into chaos. Since there’s gas everywhere, it’s very important that the patients stay away from the flames, so when one of the patients demands to smoke a cigarette, Bailey and Richard have to fight to keep him from getting up. But he finds a way to go outside and smoke anyway, and the tanker blows, shaking the whole hospital with the explosion.

April’s paramedic beau Matthew was at the scene and comes into the ER pretty badly burnt – but he’s not the victim she grows most attached to. Her patient is a pregnant woman who shares a cute love story with her husband: they both moved to Seattle from the same town and coincidentally joined the same bowling league. It was totally meant to be.

Credit: Ron Tom/ ABC
Meanwhile, a concerned single mom (guest star Sarah Chalke) brings her very sick child in who has a pretty bad rash, but they test him for strep and it comes back positive. A few days later, she brings him back – he’s feeling even worse, and she’s been turned away by Urgent Care AND Seattle Pres. This time, she isn’t giving up, and Meredith decides to help. After a series of tests, they find out he has Kawasaki Disease – a rare disease that results in permanent heart damage if the patient isn’t treated within ten days. Luckily, they catch it on the tenth day and are able to get the boy the help he needs.

Callie was never able to make it to the TED conference because of how crazy the ER got, but Arizona tries to look on the bright side – at least she has time to spice up her speech for next year. Spice up? Um, rude. Callie is pissed, but it all blows over later when Richard and Arizona arrange for Callie to give her speech via live stream from the conference room. Aww, how sweet!

April and Alex manage to save the pregnant victim’s baby, but the mother dies afterwards and April breaks down. Luckily, Jackson is there to comfort her. Aww – could this be a sign of the return of Jackson and April? Meanwhile, Owen bonds with the son of one of the tanker accident victims – a little boy who can’t find his parents. When he finally does find his mom, she has so much injury to her brain that she can’t remember him.

While all of this is going on, Brooks and Shane are in a battle for Derek’s attention, and Brooks wins for now – but Shane promises he’s not going down without a fight. And everyone’s caught wind of Bailey’s genome mapping project and wants to be mapped – most notably Meredith, who, inspired by the single mom’s fight for her son, has finally decided she wants to know if she carries the gene for Alzheimer’s so she can fight for Zola.

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