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Become A Patreon Of Issa Rae Productions And We’ll Get An Awkward Black Girl Movie

by on April 18, 2014


Issa Rae has set up a campaign over on Patreon to gain financial support from followers of Issa Rae Productions. Unfortunately YouTube ad revenue alone isn’t substantial when it comes to high end content involving a crew of multiple actors and producers.

Patreon campaigns allow content creators, such as musicians and YouTubers, to receive monthly contributions from fans who pledge support. Fans agree to donate a sum of money every month to support the creator or creators of their choice. Contributions in Issa Rae’s case range from as little as $2 per month to over $100 per month. Each contribution comes with rewards. Issa Rae is providing incentives ranging from t-shirts to advertising spots on web series by Issa Rae Productions.

If the goal of $5,000 in contributions is met, Issa Rae promises the content will keep rolling and an Awkward Black Girl movie will get made.

Check out her campaign here, or watch her video below for more information:


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  • Tdot

    If she reaches a goal of 100,000 a month not 5,000 for the ABG movie.