Grey’s Anatomy Recap 9×15

by on February 16, 2013


What to do, what to do? Callie has seemingly convinced the rest of the victims of the plane crash to join in on her “great” idea to buy the hospital. April has not reached a decision because she thinks that her money would be more valuable elsewhere and Meredith can’t reach Cristina because she is busy helping Owen reach his “peak”.

Callie and Arizona met with Derek and Meredith at their house to discuss their intricate plan to buy out Seattle-Grace. Derek is in on the plan but shares that they don’t have enough money to buy the hospital. Callie chimes in and says that she has extra money from her own savings and from the settlement she received from Sloane’s death. Arizona loses it and goes haywire, not really, but she let’s off some steam. She refuses to spend her money on the hospital because she fears that something may go wrong. She hurts Derek’s feelings when she said that he only wants to buy the hospital so that he can take over again. And then Callie escorted them out of Derek and Meredith’s house.

At the hospital, Derek arrives and finds that he is the face of the new hospital, literally. Cahill’s new marketing strategy consisted of plastering giant posters of Derek’s face on the walls and even on the inside of the elevator doors. Derek confronted her about this, under the influence that brochures were the only thing that his face would be on. Cahill fires back telling him that it was good for business and the potential Pegasus buyers.

Carev and Jo delivered a baby whose intestines were tangled, which caused for emergency surgery. When they informed the parents of this, they were a little surprised. The parents really didn’t know too much about each other, seeing as how they had a one night stand. They worked together but they despised each other also. After Carev persuaded them to continue with the surgery, the parents were able to put their differences aside for the sake of their new baby boy.

Meredith finally explains to Cristina the plan to buy the hospital. She initially thought that Cristina would be in on the deal but Cristina thought the entire idea was stupid. She shared how nothing would go right because none of them were capable of running a hospital and she even shared some of the hardships that Owen was facing as the Chief of Staff.

Things are heating up with April and her new “Paramedic Guy Friend”. As they lock lips in his paramedic truck, he suddenly stops while uttering that he “ Couldn’t do this”. April thought that he was ending the relationship but he only meant that he couldn’t continue meeting her under those circumstances. He asked April out on a real date and she agreed.

Derek has started to realize that being the face of the hospital is getting in the way of his actual job. Shane has begun taking over all of his surgeries as he is unable to because of meetings concerning more marketing strategies.
Bailey has proposed a new surgical technique that would improve everything in the O.R. but she is concerned when she is not getting a proper response. She proposed the idea to the board of the hospital but asked Owen, hoping that he would have information. Owen finally admitted to Bailey that he was the one who didn’t approve her technique because he didn’t believe that it would work. Bailey was not only hurt but she was at the end of the road.

Stephanie and a few of the other interns were discussing their options as to other hospitals to work for. When Cristina demanded that they spill everything that was being said, she was enraged. She felt as if certain staff member were sacrificing everything while the interns were all betraying Seattle-Grace. Stephanie assured Cristina that she only wanted to be the best in her field and with the current standings of Seattle-Grace, she wouldn’t have that pleasure.
Derek had everyone meet with his financial advisor who informed them all that they could not legally buy the hospital that they worked for but they could open their own practice and buy out Seattle-Grace. Cristina felt like they would pretty much be stealing the hospital from Owen by buying out Pegasus.
Derek and Meredith stage a plan to interrupt a board meeting in order to steal a copy of the financial standings of Seattle-Grace. They needed to know exactly how much money they all needed. Their plan worked as Meredith slipped a folder into her lab coat after “inadvertently” knocking over a cup of water, causing the members to all forward their attention to that incident.

Bailey and Arizona had a patient who was suffering from cancer. After sharing great news with the Father on how they could fix the problem, Bailey and Arizona had to deliver bad news as to how they could no longer help. Bailey demanded that the Father go to another hospital because Seattle-Grace would no longer be able to fix anything. After storming out of the room, Arizona caught up with Bailey who shared that she might be resigning.

Once again, the crew met to stage a plan on how to save the hospital. Cristina ran out informing them all that the Pegasus deal was happening as they were meeting. They had to act quickly. During the Pegasus meeting, Derek walked in and told Owen that he wanted to resign, followed by Meredith, Callie, Arizona and a hesitant Cristina.

April’s date revealed that he was saving himself for marriage. April was nervous that he was going to say something else. After having a conversation with Jackson on how to tell her new beau that she was a born again virgin, she just decided to leave out the part of no longer being a Virgin. Not a great way to go into a relationship April. Jackson obviously still has feelings for April but she seems to have moved on.

The representatives from Pegasus have postponed the deal because they would have no staff. Owen stresses that Cahill either find another buyer or hire new people.

Back at Derek and Meredith’s house, the crew finally realized that they were way in over their heads.


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