Grey’s Anatomy Recap 9×20

by on April 10, 2013


Poor Jackson. Everyone wants their own clinician trial since Bailey and Cristina got theirs. Everyone suddenly feels like a genius now. Even Jackson wants to start his own trial but his hopes and dreams quickly get shot down.

Everything is beautiful over at Grey-Sloane Memorial. Is it ever a beautiful day there? More drama unfolds every week with these characters.

Meredith has received the results of her gene mapping from Bailey and they are not what she anticipated. Her results revealed that she is likely to have early onset dementia and a slew of other problems. Now she is afraid that she won’t be able to raise her kids because she might forget everything just like her mom did. In typical Meredith style, she begins to worry about this and has Derek agreed to update their will and find a care taker to watch after her kids. Derek tells her that Cristina is a good choice because she would definitely agree to take care of the kids if anything ever happened to Mer. Yeah, I’m not too sure about that Derek.

Grey-Sloane has a couple of visitors. Two Israeli doctors visit to learn more about medical procedure and tools to be used during surgery. I don’t think the crew was ready or prepared for what the visitors were working with. They needed to learn new surgical procedures that would be quicker and save more lives. When Derek presented them with the set-up for surgery, they quickly changed their outlooks. They turned off all lights, only using a flashlight and removed almost all of the surgical tools, only leaving them with a handful. “That’s more like it”, one of the doctors said. Everyone looked on as they knew that they had to rethink their entire plan.

In the midst of helping the guest, April is spilling her guts over whether or not she should tell her new boyfriend the truth about her virginity. The truth being that she is so not a virgin anymore. Meredith tells her that it’s the right thing to do while one of the guest doctors chimes in and tells her that she should tell him because he might be the one.

Callie is going around bragging about her TED speech and how it has become a huge hit. “My cartilage speech is a hit with TED”. She tells this to Jackson, hoping to persuade him into approving a clinician’s trial for cartilage. Good luck with that Callie.

Shane is not too happy with Stephanie right now. Derek pretty much tells him that even though Heather gets on his nerves, she is a much better surgeon that he is. He tells him that he is really good on the administrative side. I don’t know if you should say things like that to an intern. Shane might be a little crazy. Watch out for him.

Bailey the “Nazi” has resurfaced and it’s not pretty. Bailey’s intern simply can’t keep up nor follow directions and its driving her crazy. Two patients have come in with a flesh eating bacteria that were patients of Bailey’s. She asked her intern if she had taken care of the patient like she told her to. Bailey didn’t believe that the bacteria could have spread because she was sure that she and her intern had gotten rid of it. When the intern revealed that she was unsure because she was sick that week, “The Nazi” exploded. Bailey pretty much fired Leah and replaced her with Stephanie who was working alongside Jackson at the time.

Webber approaches Jackson with an idea about a trial that he would like to get started. As Jackson had been telling everyone else, Webber was told to write up a proposal. Jackson went on about how he was going to write his own proposal for his own trial. His dreams were quickly shot down by Webber. “No one is going to vote for you because you’re in charge”. Too bad Jackson, too bad.

April finally tells Justin about her virginity and his entire perception of her instantly changed. April though that Justin’s mom was there to pick him up but he wanted April and his Mom to meet. This was an absolute deal breaker with Justin. April, you can’t be a born-again-virgin. It’s not real. That’s the end of this relationship which tells me that there may be more April and Jackson to come.

Derek goes and has his genes mapped to make Meredith feel better about her-self. After all, Cristina did not agree to become a “Mom” if anything ever happened to Mer but she vowed to be a great Aunt. Derek’s test results revealed that he would suffer from liver damage and early male baldness, along with a list of things. I think this made Mer feel better. Good, because she was starting to freak out a little bit.

Meredith went back through the charts to clear things up with Bailey and to see if she was right. What she found might tell the fate of Bailey and her job at Grey-Sloane Memorial. Bailey stormed into the board meeting, demanding that they do something with Leah. Derek stopped Bailey in her tracks to tell her that it was not Leah’s fault. Bailey was to blame for this because she was operating at the time and was not careful about outbreak procedure. Bailey caused three patients to become infected with a flesh eating bacteria, in which one died from. Owen called Bailey into the room and closed the door. Bailey, what did you do?


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