Scandal Recap 3×05

by on November 5, 2013


Love and Politics don’t match nor does it sound intriguing. However, Olivia’s life is just full of that. Maybe Politics is getting in the way of her love life.

She agreed to meet with Daddy Pope for Sunday dinner and she held up her end of the agreement. Daddy Pope was excited to have dinner with his little girl while Olivia was just “Holding up her end of the agreement”. The entire time that they were at dinner, Jake and Huck were coping files from Eli’s home computer, trying to get more information on “Operation Remington”.

Cyrus brings in an old friend to run as Fitz’ new campaign manager but that didn’t go so well. He told Cyrus and Mellie that he had to decline the offer because he didn’t “Do losers”. While Mellie was right in his face, he also mentioned that Fitz’ looked like he hadn’t had a good “Screw” and that she needed to work on that.

Olivia met with Josephine Marcus to agree to represent her as a campaign manager. Olivia learned that Josephine had a baby at fifteen and gave it up for adoption. Josephine told Olivia that there were five people back in her hometown who knew of this and the Gladiators suited up and headed out to Colorado.

Huck finds video of Fitz and Eli Pope meeting and speaking about Pete Foster. Eli pulls out a file on Pete Foster and informs Fitz that someone is looking for the file. Jake is on the phone with Huck and suddenly gets reprimanded by agents is all black, surrounding an SUV. They tell him to get into the car and hall him off to no man’s land. By that I mean, basketball with the President. Fitz really wanted to talk about Jake staying away from Olivia but Jake hinted at Operation Remington.

Olivia receives a call from Cyrus who offers her a job but spills the beans also. Cyrus does not know that Olivia is representing Josephine Marcus as he gives out information about a team that he had in place to find dirt on her. Liv calls her gladiators and gives them the heads up.

Cyrus is pissed because his intern promised an exclusive interview with Josephine’s Baby Daddy but Harrison got to him first.

Sally Langston is all ready to attend the White House Correspondence dinner but she does not really care to bring her husband along.

Mellie is worried about Cyrus digging up dirt on Josephine so she vents her frustrations to Fitz. He informs her that Cyrus will do his job and she should worry about doing hers.

Fitz calls Eli and breaks the news that Jake is looking into “Operation Remington” but he needed to be left alone. Fitz threatens Eli and lets him know that he is not to be tried. Eli fires back and tells him the same thing. Oh Crap, I don’t know which one would really cause the most damage.

Cyrus is making a plan to publicly destroy Josephine while Mellie is conjuring up a plan in her head.

Huck and Jake discuss the fact that Fitz may know about their plan. They figure out how to keep things secret before Eli finds out. Olivia walks into the office while Jake runs out from Huck’s office. Liv explains that she feels weird because she’s not involved in the White House Correspondence dinner. What she really meant was that she wanted to be with Fitz like she was the year before. Jake invites Liv to get a burger to take her mind off of the issue.

Harrison learns that Josephine’s Mother kept her “Adopted Baby”. It turned out that Josephine’s sister was really her daughter. Liv scolds her and let’s her know that running for President will bring out all skeleton’s of her personal life.

Fitz calls Cyrus in for an emergency meeting and asks about getting rid of B613. Cyrus pulls him to the side and lets him know that it’s impossible and that if they find out that the President wanted them gone, they would have him taken out.

Quinn returns some products to a store and decided to grab a gun while she was there. Welcome the start of another Huck, just in female form.

Josephine takes Liv’s advice and tells the truth during a Democratic Presidential debate. She lets the world in on her past and tells the truth about her daughter. Cyrus and Mellie are watching and he is pissed because Josephine had just won the hearts of all of America. Josephine walked off the stage and fired Liv because she had just ruined the most important relationship of her life.

Liv gives in and digs her secret Fitz phone out of the garbage as he calls her to vent about his nervousness about the dinner. Liv even helps him rewrite his jokes. Mellie walks past the bathroom and see’s that he is happy when he is talking to Olivia.

Abby and David are having problems. Abby was invited by David to go the dinner but she continues to decline. She knew that her ex husband would be there and she was afraid. She didn’t tell David because she was embarrassed.
Liv demands that Jake take her to the dinner. He gives in and escorts her to the ball as they both steal the spotlight, representing fashion at its best.

Sally walks into the men’s room and gives a hypothetical situation to the campaign manager who turned down Cyrus’ offer. She told him about her hypothetical run for President.

Olivia is hinted by Fitz body guard which meant that he wanted to secretly meet. She looks at Jake and he tells her to go. Liv struts down the hall and gets to the room only to see that it’s Mellie. In a shocking turn, Mellie begs Liv to come back to them and run his campaign. She tells Liv that Fitz is happier when she is around and that he can’t function when she is not there. The wife asked the mistress to come back. Where they do that at?

Jake corners Olivia and tells her that he does not play second to anyone, not even the President. Make a decision Liv.
Josephine is back at the office and apologizes to Liv and wants her back. Liv declines and Harrison is thoroughly confused.

Jake goes back home to find Huck sitting in a corner on the floor. Huck blurts out news. Fitz was in Iceland during the time that he was supposedly on the flight with Pete Foster. Huck said that Fitz shot down the plane that had passenger Maya Lewis on board. Maya was Liv’s Mother. Huck and Jake go to Olivia’s place to tell her of their discoveries. WTF?


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