Grey’s Anatomy Recap 10×3

by on October 30, 2013


Catherine Avery shows up and Jackson gives her the upset about Webber. She’s stunned that Bailey is operating on his abdomen. She goes straight to the gallery and demands that Bailey and Hunt get Webber off the operating table. Webber starts coding and she tells them again to close him up.

Heather, meanwhile, is also crashing.

Bailey makes the call to close Webber up. Hunt goes with Shane to Heather’s OR, but she’s dead by the time they get there. Shane starts to panic. He literally runs away. Jackson walks up and Hunt just shakes his head.

Jo comes to Alex, crying, and tells him Heather didn’t make it. Leah watches blankly through a window as Heather’s body is covered with a sheet.

Jackson comes and asks April for help on a surgery and she’s about to go with him. She stops and tries to talk to him about all the terrible things that have happened, and probably pour her heart out to him, but he turns around quickly to hug Stephanie, who is crying about Heather. April looks stunned and sits back down — and her fiancĂ© Matthew sees all this and looks pretty down about it.

The news is spreading about Heather and Arizona comes to talk to Callie, who doesn’t want to talk. Arizona says she knows Callie is mad and that she probably deserved Callie telling everyone — but Callie cuts her off and says, “I said not now.”

April finds Matthew outside and he asks her if she wants to say no to his proposal because of Jackson. She says nothing.

That night, Arizona comes home to the apartment, which is quiet. Lots of Callie’s clothes are gone, as are Sofia’s.

Derek is telling Meredith about Heather. Meredith tells Derek to go get Zola so she doesn’t think they’ve forgotten about her.

Mrs. Ashford, Sharpie Lady, asks Cristina about her house and Cristina tells her not to worry about her house now.

Catherine, meanwhile, is yelling at Hunt about Bailey’s stunt. Bailey shows up and Catherine starts yelling at her, saying the only reason Bailey was so adamant about saving Webber was because the last thing Bailey had told him was that he was a drunk. Bailey says nothing and walks away. Catherine demands access to Webber’s charts.

Derek tells the interns to “think of some good Heather stories” for when Heather’s mother arrives. She says Heather’s mother is going to want to know that her daughter died among friends. After Derek leaves, they start arguing about who’s going to stay.

Callie shows up at the hospital with Sofia and Cristina and Meredith that they are going to go stay at a hotel. Meredith tells Cristina she can’t let Callie stay at a hotel.

Derek takes Zola home and finds Callie crying on the couch.

Bailey tells Meredith that Catherine is looking at Webber’s charts. Meredith says that if Catherine wants to make the decisions, she should.

Hunt and Cristina start flirting, recalling “the last time” they had sex, remember that it wasn’t great. We next see them having sex again.

Callie is drunk and still crying about how horrible everything is. Derek is opening more bottles.

Arizona is at the hospital telling a nurse to page Callie “911,” but no one will do it because there’s no patient emergency. Arizona tells Alex to do it because Callie ran off with her baby and isn’t returning her calls.

Jackson and April come and tells Sasha and Brian that Sasha’s condition is serious. They’re going to try everything they can do. Brian says they want to get married right away.

Cristina comes and tells Meredith about Arizona in the lobby yelling at people. Meredith says they should tell Arizona that Callie is at her house but Cristina disagrees. Meredith says Arizona should know where her kid is. Meredith notices something in Cristina’s hair and asks her what happened.

Leah, Jo and Stephanie are trying to think of stories about Heather. Leah says, “We weren’t soul mates, doesn’t mean I wanted her dead.” Shane, who’s been sitting behind them quietly, has tears in his eyes.

Meredith pages Arizona to tell her that Callie and Sofia are at her house. Arizona leaves without saying anything.

Jackson is calling around for a chaplain to come back to the hospital to marry Brian and Sasha. Catherine comes to Jackson and asks her what was going through his head when the decision was made to operate on Webber. Jackson tells her to stop marching around the hospital giving orders. He hugs her. Catherine says as soon as Webber is stable and the storm passes, she’s going to move him to another hospital.

Cristina and Hunt run into each other and he says “thanks” for their encounter. He’s glad they gave each other a good “last memory.” Cristina then whispers into Hunt’s ear about something they could have done, given that it was their last time. And they sneak off again.

The interns come to Meredith to ask for help coming up with with a story about Heather. Meredith says her mother is going to want to hear about how they loved Heather and felt like they were family. Meredith gives them an example of a simple story she told George’s mom after he died. They all leave.

Jackson is frustrated that there are no chaplains at the hospital. April says she can get ordained online, but given how her day has gone she might not be the right choice. Jackson looks annoyed.

Cristina cries while telling Hunt, after sex, that being apart is not easy for her.

Meredith and Bailey are now in Webber’s room, where he’s laying unconscious. Bailey pleads her case to Webber and Meredith suddenly calls to book an OR for Bailey to do another exploratory surgery.

Cristina comes into Meredith’s room and again makes it clear she thinks the Webber surgery is a bad idea. Cristina asks Meredith, who is Cristina’s health care proxy, not to make the same decisions when Cristina needs them. Alex is surprised Hunt isn’t Cristina’s proxy. He says he doesn’t have one because he was with Izzie when he was supposed to fill out the paperwork. Alex tells Cristina she can be his proxy.

Jo comes to Alex to complain about how they have to come up with a story for Heather’s mom. He tells her that she and the other interns will be glad they have each other even if they don’t feel close.

Jackson and April preside over Brian and Sasha’s wedding in her hospital room.

Jo brings Leah and Stephanie a bottle of booze Alex gave her. Shane also joins in. The interns start to share stories about themselves. Leah says her mom knew Mark Sloan and he helped get her into the program. Jo admits she was a “street kid.” Stephanie declares she went through college on a cheerleading scholarship. Shane is silent.

Arizona and Callie are fighting in Derek’s living room while Derek sits outside on the porch with Zola and Sofia.

Stephanie is showing off her cheerleading skills and the other interns are giggling when Heather’s mother comes running into the locker room.

Hunt is operating with Bailey on Webber and she finds the dead tissue hiding under Webber’s pancreas. Bailey is giddy and wants someone to call Meredith to tell her the news.

Jackson berates April for flipping back and forth between him and Matthew. He tells her she has her own issues to address.

The interns are sitting in a lounge with Heather’s mother when Derek comes and tells her about her daughter.

Stephanie apologizes to Mrs. Ashford for the way she talked to her the day before. Stephanie tells Mrs. Ashford that her house didn’t make it, but she did save a lot of firefighters with her triage skills. Mrs. Ashford says an ex-Marine taught her that trick because it wasn’t their first storm on the side of the mountain where she lives. Stephanie suggests she move and says she’d find new friends, but Mrs. Ashford says no one would have her.

In the locker room, Jo, Stephanie and Leah are telling Heather’s mom the story that Meredith told George’s mom, just changing the names to make it apply to Heather. They make up a couple of other stories, but Shane says nothing. He just stands next to a locker with a tear rolling down his cheek. Heather’s mom laughs a bit at the other interns’ stories, then sees Shane and says, “You must have been close.” She hugs him. He cries while hugging her back.

April brings Matthew to the hospital chapel and says she wants to be his wife. He tells her she needs to think some stuff out. She insists that she did. She admits she has feelings for Jackson and it’s “confusing” but she wants to marry Matthew. She asks him, “Will you marry me?” He picks her up and spins her around.

Callie tells Arizona that she’ll keep Sofia another night, then Arizona can have her for two nights. She says they’ll switch off like that until they come up with a real schedule. Arizona asks how long this will happen and Callie says she doesn’t know.

Bailey calls Ben on the phone and leaves a message to tell him about Webber’s situation. She starts to cry after saying that Webber’s unconscious but alive.

Alex yells at one of the firefighters to tell them to stop going out to the mud slide because he keeps having to patch up the same guys. The firefighter says he could tell them, but it won’t stop them. When another firefighter prepares to go back out, Shane asks if he can come along. After he leaves, Stephanie tells Jo and Leah that they all have to go with Shane because they’re “his people” and she doesn’t understand why he’s been so quiet since Heather died. They go.

Cristina leaves and Hunt asks if there’s anything he can do to help with the Callie situation. She leaves.

At Meredith and Derek’s house, Callie and Cristina are talking about what to have for dinner when Arizona knocks on the door and asks if she can see Sofia. Callie is upset and tells her she can see her when it’s her night. Arizona cries and says she misses her, but Callie isn’t having it. Cristina intervenes and convinces Callie to give Arizona five minutes with Sofia. Cristina hands Sofia to Arizona and Callie leaves the room.

Back at the hospital the next day, Bailey and Catherine are still arguing over whether Bailey made the right decision. Webber is still unconscious. Meredith is telling Catherine that Webber picked her, not Catherine, to make this choice. Just as Meredith is saying all this, Webber’s eyes open.


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