Grey’s Anatomy Recap 10×1

by on September 29, 2013


Grey’s is back! Grey’s is back! Run and tell your friends that Grey’s is back! (Rick Ross Voice)

Season ten, episode one of Grey’s was in no way, shape or form, a disappointment. Meredith had a baby. Webber is still down and out from being electrocuted. Callie knows that Arizona cheated on her. The hospital is short on staff. Bailey is freaking out. The interns are super stressed. Jackson is still in charge. Owen and Cristina still love each other. April still loves Jackson. Derek has been succumbed to bad news. This is not even the half.

So, let’s start from the beginning, shall we? The storm is still raging and the emergency room is seeing the after effects of the storm. Owen is trying to man the emergency room but suggest that they close it because they are low on supplies. Firefighters and EMT’s are filling the ER fast as they have just experienced a mud slide. People who were buried under their homes or in the mud were brought in the hospital in hopes of being saved.

Meredith just had a baby boy and she named him Bailey. Oh,how sweet and precious. The entire crew comes by her room to visit baby Bailey and they all receive some unknown news. Callie, out of spite and pure anger, lets it be known, that her “Slutty Wife’, cheated on her while everyone was trying to save lives during the storm. At that moment, everyone turned to Arizona and began to judge her silently.

Owen and Bailey had paged Webber because they needed his help in the ER but he is nowhere to be found. Bailey is now worried because no one has seen Webber. She sends Shane to go look for him, in spite of what Owen had just directed him to do. Shane runs into Cristina and asked her if she had seen Webber. She responds no. Shane then runs into Heather, with a lie waiting to be spilled. “Dr. Sheppard insisted that I go and look for Dr. Webber”. Shane, my man, you will live with that feeling for a very long time. Due to the ongoing competition that has spewed between these two, Heather went searching for Webber first. As she stepped into the basement, she spotted Webber but was electrocuted before she could reach him. Heather was instantly down for the count.

Patient after patient is brought in from the mud slide. Jackson is working on a EMT who was injured in the mud slide. She has a huge wound, stretching from her neck to her mid chest. Jackson runs some test and informs her that she has developed a flesh eating bacteria that requires surgery immediately.

In the ER, Jo noticed that all of the patients’ legs were tagged with information about their allergies. It was an old military trick. They found the source of the hero. Stephanie was working alongside the hero, Mrs. Ashford, who was worried more about her house than her health. Stephanie was agitated about this and kind of, maybe, hurt her feelings.

Shane returns to Derek’s side to help and lies about Heather being busy. Derek tells Shane to go and get her. Shane runs to the basement and finds Heather and Webber on the floor, out like lights. He picks Heather up first and Webber is next as beds are rolling at 50 mph, trying to get into an OR.

Bailey see’s that Webber is out and immediately runs to his side and takes over as his surgeon. Derek is scared out of his mind that Heather is another victim and takes over as her surgeon. Shane is in shock and is feeling guilty because he lied and knew that Heather would go down there.

Carev is freaking out and stops by Meredith’s room. She tells him to hold the baby, to calm down. He sort of calms down but also informs Mer of Webber and Heather.

Cristina and Bailey are working on Webber as Cristina successfully inserts a balloon into Webber’s heart to save him. Bailey is so happy that she gives Cristina a huge hug and demands that she hugs her back. Although, that was successful, Bailey is still worried about Webber’s acute abdomen and feels that something is wrong. Bailey, Owen and Cristina retrieves Webber’s health care file and finds that he listed Meredith as his primary care and next to kin. He left her in control of all medical decisions if ever he was sick. They rush to Mer to inform her and she is shocked. She says that because she is hormonal and delusional, the decision to operate again would be based on Webber’s levels, if the increased. They did and the surgery began.

Derek and Shane go to work on Heather and they were focused and tried their best. Shane was in shock the entire time and mostly when Derek had to call Heather’s TOD (Time of Death). He informed the interns and gave them the night off to grieve. Jo told Carev, as they were in a supply closet making out but had a mini breakdown. Derek told the interns to think of good stories about Heather for when her mom arrived, to be comforted. They had nothing. So they made up a story that they heard from Meredith. Shane stood silent the entire time, while Derek informed Heather’s Mom, that she has passed away.

Arizona goes back home to find that Callie has packed all of her and Sophie’s clothes and moved out. Callie was able to stay at Derek’s and Mer’s place as she cried and drowned her sorrows in a bottle of wine.

Back in the ER, Jackson’s patient is told that she may not live that long so she insisted on marrying her fiance immediately. Jackson officiated the wedding, bedside, as April was the witness. April tried to confess her love to Jackson but he let her know that things were over and that she needed to move on with her life. April had an epiphany as she raced to her fiance and confessed that she loved him and wanted to marry him right then and there. April is a married woman now.

During Webber’s surgery, Catherine Avery races to the OR and demands, from the window, that Bailey close Webber up before he dies. Bailey, scared and nervous, gives in to Catherine’s demands. Catherine is obviously worried but Jackson let’s her know that Meredith is in charge of Webber’s health care related issues. Bailey goes back to surgery and succeeds on getting Webber back to good health.

Callie and Arizona continue with their marital problems as Arizona is indecisive as to where their marriage is going. Cristina and Owen have been sneaking in last time sex but ends it once they confess that it was too much to continue doing so.

This season opener kept you on the edge of your bed, mouth open and all. If you have not watched the episode, please do so before the next one airs. Catch Grey’s Anatomy, every Thursday night at 9/8 central on the ABC network.


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