Kevin Hart Debuts Lackluster Animated YouTube Series

by Anya Rahmingon August 26, 2013
Kevin Hart has released the first episode of new animated YouTube series Say It With Your Chest to his HeartBeat Productions YouTube channel. The series chronicles events and family members described in Hart’s past stand-up routines. Unfortunately the series is barely coherent if you haven’t seen or heard any of Kevin Hart’s routines. In addition, the character animation is […]

The Butler Still First At The Box Office

by Anya Rahmingon August 26, 2013
Either the film is really appealing, or Oprah has been buying out a lot of empty theaters. The Butler has been in theaters since August 16th and, coming out of its second weekend, has remained number 1 at the box office. The film made $25 million its first week, dropped to $17 million its second […]

The Historical Truth About Downton Abbey’s New Black Character

by Anya Rahmingon August 26, 2013
26-Year-Old actor Gary Carr was cast as Downton Abbey’s first Black character. He portrays a jazz singer named Jack Ross in the show’s 4th season. Several pieces information about his character, as well as photos, have been released. Downton Abbey Addicts posted a UK magazine excerpt which summarizes his character: “Jack Ross meets lady Rose […]

Blallywood Film Review: The Butler

by jesimieljon August 22, 2013
Lee Daniels’ The Butler, based on the experiences of Eugene Allen, follows the life of Cecil Gaines, a butler who served in the White House for 34 years and over 8 administrations.  Players include a regal Forest Whitaker as Gaines, Oprah Winfrey as his saucy and consummate homemaker wife Gloria, a skillful and near perfect […]

Lee Thompson Young Found Dead At 29

by Anya Rahmingon August 19, 2013
Lee Thompson Young, age 29, was found dead inside his home Monday, August 19th at 8am. The actor gained Disney fame starring as the title character in the The Famous Jett Jackson from 1998 – 2001. Since then he’s appeared as minor characters in many hit series’ such as Scrubs, Smallville, and Friday Night Lights. […]

UPTV Premiering ‘In The Meantime’ August 17th & 18th

by Anya Rahmingon August 17, 2013
UPTV is airing a new Black film titled In The Meantime on August 17th and 18th. The movie will air three times each night at 6/5c, 9/8c, and again at 10/9c pm.  The film follows Jazmin Welles (Kali Hawk) who loses her job, and goes on a 6-month break from her fiance Blac (Musiq Soulchild). She […]

New DVD Alert: ‘From This Day Forward’ Starring Essence Atkins

by Anya Rahmingon August 16, 2013
A new romantic comedy called From This Day Forward featuring Essence Atkins (A Haunted House) is now available for purchase on DVD.  The film, produced in 2012, has a stage play quality. It was produced in 2012, and the lack of budget is apparent. Comedic acting veterans, like Atkins, are sure to make it an enjoyable […]

Watch Trailer Jesse Williams’ Drag Race Film: Snake & Mongoose

by Anya Rahmingon August 16, 2013
Grey’s Anatomy Actor Jesse Williams is appearing in the 1970s set drag racing film Snake & Mongoose, which releases September 6, 2013. Williams plays Don ‘The Snake’ Produmme, a real life dragster now age 71. Don Produmme had a notable career and set many records including becoming the first dragster to exceed 250 mph. Here is the film […]

Watch Oprah Give Away Another Car On Jimmy Kimmel Show

by Anya Rahmingon August 16, 2013
Oprah Winfrey has been in the news a lot lately between the Tom Ford purse incident, her Next Chapter interview with Lindsay Lohan,  and now, giving away a car on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Its no coincidence that her latest film, The Butler, hits theaters August 16th. In the clip below, Oprah is talking to Jimmy […]

The Love Letter Premiering This Weekend On UPtv

by Anya Rahmingon August 10, 2013
The Love Letter is premiering tonight, August 10th, on UPtv (formerley GMC) 7/6c pm followed by encores at 9/8c, and again at 11/10c pm. It will air again Sunday, August 11th in the same time slots. The film’s cast is made up of Keshia Knight Pulliam (The Cosby Show), Romeo Miller, Jackee Harry (Sister, Sister), Erica […]

Scandal Marathon Seasons 1 + 2 Airing On BET August 10th & 17th

by Anya Rahmingon August 10, 2013
BET has purchased the rights to air ABC’s Scandal on its network and is celebrating with a bang. The channel is airing a marathon of the entire first and second seasons all day long over the next two Saturdays, August 10th and August 17th. You can watch or re-watch every episode of the series from […]

Black Characters Shine In 4 Minutes Of Walking Dead Season 4 Footage

by Anya Rahmingon August 9, 2013
No television show has bred the same type of injustice toward its characters of color as has The Walking Dead. While the show has succeeded in giving watchers an ample supply of recurring Black characters, all have been severely undeveloped and underwhelming.   The habitual replacement of one strong, yet teddy-bearish Black male for another, […]

The Latest On Fox’s Sleepy Hollow, Starring Nicole Beharie

by Anya Rahmingon August 9, 2013
The upcoming Fox Television show Sleepy Hollow, starring Nicole Beharie (42, The Last Fall), will air Mondays At 9/8c beginning September 16th, 2013. New photo and video footage has been setting the tone for a fun, dark, and action packed new series. The show is created and produced by Transformers and Star Trek franchise reboot writers […]

Official Details Released For NBC’s Ironside Starring Blair Underwood

by Anya Rahmingon August 8, 2013
 Ironside, an all new series starring Blair Underwood, is heading to the silver screen Wednesdays, beginning  October 2nd, on NBC. With Black females like Kerry Washington and Nicole Beharie lighting up the small screen, its time a Black man joined the ranks as a prime time tv lead. Blair Underwood stars as New York’s toughest […]


Black Actors And Actress Of The Butler Attend Premiere – See Photos

by Anya Rahmingon August 8, 2013
Director Lee Daniel’s film The Butler, which follows a Black White House butler’s experience over several decades of tenure, had its premiere last weekend.  The cast, which features several Black in actors including Lenny Kravtiz, Yaya Alafia, Forest Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey, Jesse Williams, Terrance Howard, Oprah Winfrey, Mariah Carey, and more, answered questions at a […]

Tia Mowry Sitcom ‘Instant Mom’ Picked Up For 13 Episodes

by Anya Rahmingon August 8, 2013
NickPress recently put out a press release (TVByTheNumbers) with a few details on Tia Mowry’s upcoming sitcom Instant Mom. The show stars Tia Mowry-Hardrict as ” Stephanie, a party girl who trades in Cosmos for carpools when she marries Charlie, who already has three kids.” We’ve learned the series will start out with 13 episodes that […]

Everything We’ve Seen From J.J. Abram’s “Almost Human” Starring Michael Ealy & Karl Urban

by Anya Rahmingon August 8, 2013
Prolific show creator and Hollywood director J.J. Abrams is bringing a new science-fiction action show  titled Almost Human to the fall 2013 television lineup. It stars Michael Ealy as Dorian, an android possessing the ability to feel emotion, as well as Karl Urban (Star Trek Into Darkness), as John Kennex, the law officer who gets Dorian assigned […]

New Footage Of Jamie Foxx As Electro In The Amazing Spiderman 2

by Anya Rahmingon August 8, 2013
    New images and video footage have been revealed showing off Jamie Foxx as Electro, the main villain in The Amazing Spiderman 2. The film is set to be released in 2014, so the promotional material available is still limited. The photos below show a gleaming blue Jamie Foxx with a computer chip attached […]