Grey’s Anatomy Recap 2×11

by on January 23, 2013


Over at Seattle-Grace it’s a beautiful day for some, an entertaining day for others, and a just another day of grievance for Webber. Bailey and Meredith are worried about Webber, but they don’t know how to help.

It has only been a month since Adele’s death, and for Webber, it seems like yesterday. Webber has not performed any surgeries in a month and it’s partially because he believes that a part of him is the cause of Adele’s death. Instead, Webber is seen roaming a room of his collectible items from all surgeries he has performed. Meredith catches up with him and asked why was he getting rid of all of his accomplishments. “They remind me of all the time I spent away from Adele”. With the help of his “friend” Katherine, Webber is able to open up and get some things off of his chest.

Jackson has inherited a long-time patient of Sloane. The patient has a rare disease that causes facial deformities. Although Sloane had original plans of how to surgically correct his face, Jackson has his own plans. This becomes an issue with Arizona, who feels like Sloane knows best. Jackson decides to go ahead with his idea and, lucky for him, the surgery is a success. Also, Jackson and Stephanie have been sleeping with each other since Bailey’s wedding. Jackson informs April of this so she won’t find out from anyone else and of course she is hurt.

Callie sets up a ping-pong table for Derek so that he can practice using his hand muscles again. Derek thinks he will be doing something much more interesting. The match between Derek and Shane becomes intense after Shane informs Derek that he is letting him win. The ping-pong game turns out to be a great source of entertainment for the rest of the staff. Alex and Jo even start to bet on who would win ( for money of course).

Karev is surprised with his sudden and formal friendship with Jo. “I’ve never had a female friend who didn’t end up having sex with me”. Jo replies back and says that Karev is like her brother so that would never happen. She then tells him that he has Meredith as a friend, and with Karev being so himself, he even assumes that Meredith probably wanted him too.

The victims of the plane crash have all been called in to court for the reading of the settlement. The entire crew all look stupefied when Callie arrives and asks what happened. Arizona goes on to tell her that the case was settled and they won $15 Million each. This sends Callie over the moon but she soon comes down from her high when she realizes that no one else is as excited as she is.

To get all the crash victims together and let them know how much they are loved, Callie plans a dinner and demands that they all come. Derek is opposed to the idea but soon comes around. At the dinner, they all toast to prosperity as they plan ahead on how their money will be spent. The crew is having such a fantastic time that even Meredith shares some great news. As they are all toasting, Callie tells Meredith to join in with her champagne, and Meredith replies “I can’t drink because I’m pregnant”. Such great news for Meredith and Derek and the crew who will all be Aunts and Uncles again.

Owen thinks he has dodged a bullet with the settlement, but this is not the case. Poor guy just can’t seem to catch a break. The lawyers came back to the hospital to explain to Owen that the insurance company has found a loophole in the case and they refuse to pay them. Seattle-Grace has been forced to pay the settlement which will cause the hospital to go into bankruptcy. Owen has chosen to go forth with this plan because he does not know how to break the news to the crew.


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