Didn’t See The Bible: The Epic Miniseries On History Channel? Stream Or Buy Now On DVD.

by Anya Rahmingon April 19, 2013
Did you miss The Bible: The Epic Miniseries on the History Channel? If so, the series is now available to buy on DVD or stream at If you choose the digital streaming option, you have the option to just catch up on just the episodes you missed for only $1.99 each. Currently the series is […]

Several Creepy Behind Scenes Photos And Video Jamie Foxx As Electro

by Anya Rahmingon April 18, 2013
Jamie Foxx is playing the Marvel comic villain Electro in the sequel to last year’s The Amazing Spiderman. For those in need of some character background, Electro, formerly known as Maxwell Dillion has a story not too different from spiderman’s. Dillion was a regular guy who worked as a power line repairman. A lightning strike occurred during a power line repair […]


2 Chainz To Guest Star On May Episode Of Law And Order SVU

by Anya Rahmingon April 18, 2013
Rapper 2 Chainz will play a character named Calvin “Pearlie” Jones on a May episode of Law And Order SVU. He tweeted photos of himself during a break in filming on set with Mariska Hargitay and Ice T (Hip Hop Wired). No details have been revelead about the specifics of his character. We can probably […]

Upcoming Black Actor Michael B. Jordan Cast In Pretenders

by Anya Rahmingon April 17, 2013
Michael B. Jordan (Friday Night Lights, Fruitvale) has been cast in an upcoming Josh Boone film titled Pretenders. No details are available about the film yet, but we know Anton Yelchin and Imogen Poots will be co-starring in the film in major roles (OhNoTheyDidn’t). Josh Boone is responsible for writing and directing Stuck In Love, […]


42 Is A Box Office Home Run Generating $27.3 Million

by Anya Rahmingon April 17, 2013
The highly anticipated Jackie Robinson film 42 set a box office record when it debuted in theaters last weekend. While the film’s debut to $27.3 million would under normal circumstances be merely respectable,  for a baseball movie, this amount is the highest opening ever according to Rotten Tomatoes. Moreover, the film led the pack this […]

A Haunted House Sequel Is In The Works

by Anya Rahmingon April 16, 2013
Its now official that the January 2013 horror “comedy” (because Marlon Wayans doesn’t like calling it a parody) A Haunted House will have a sequel. Marlon Wayans and Rick Alvarez will once again write the movie’s script (Cinema Blend). The first Haunted House film did well at the box office. The budget was only $2.5 million, […]


Zoe Saldana Featured Solo On New Character Poster For Star Trek Into Darkness

by Anya Rahmingon April 15, 2013
A new Star Trek Into Darkness poster featuring Zoe Saldana as Nyota Uhura has been released. The other 3 posters featured the villain,  Captain Kirk, and Spock, signifying that only very important characters in the film receive solo posters. The poster is quite cool featuring Saldana looking ready for battle with a blast of flying debris […]
black-film-new-tv-spot-for-after-earth features-unseen footage

New TV Spot For After Earth Features Unseen Footage Of Will And Jaden Smith

by Anya Rahmingon April 15, 2013
A short 30 second TV spot for After Earth has been released. The film stars Will and Jaden Smith as a father and son who crash land on planet earth 1,000 years after its been abandoned.  Everything on Earth has evolved to kill humans, and Jaden must journey across the planet to find a rescue beacon. The […]


Person of Interest Recap 2×19

by Lasheda Wallaceon April 14, 2013
After a three week hiatus, the hit CBS show “Person of Interest” is back. Hey TV executives, what’s up with all of these long hiatuses? Let’s get you caught up on “Person of Interest”. Open with Finch and Elias playing chess in prison. Finch references that recent events have benefited his enemy, Yogarov. Elias says […]

Taste of Success

by Lasheda Wallaceon April 14, 2013
Dreams really do come true. That’s the case for Jackson State University Alum, Morenike Matory. She is living her dreams as a first time published, might I add successful, writer. A native of Jackson, MS, Morenike grew up loving literature. Through her writings, she was able to explore life more vividly and imaginable. Her dreams […]


The Cleveland Show Will Not Be Renewed For Fall 2013

by Anya Rahmingon April 14, 2013
Fox’s The Cleveland Show will not be renewed for fall 2013. It was moved from the category “unlikely to be renewed” to “certain to be cancelled” by TVByTheNumbers. This is not the first time the Family Guy spin off has faced the chopping block. Things looked bleak for the show a year ago, but somehow it […]

New 1 Minute Trailer For Peeples Starring Kerry Washington & Craig Robinson

by Anya Rahmingon April 13, 2013
Kerry Washington and Craig Robinson play a couple in a serious relationship ready to make the leap into marriage. Before that can happen, Robinson’s mission is to win the approval of the Peeple’s family. Winning over Kerry Washington’s difficult father, played by David Alan Grier, is by far the biggest challenge. It doesn’t help that […]


Iyanla: Fix My Life Premieres Tonight: Watch 2 Previews

by Anya Rahmingon April 13, 2013
An all new season of Iyanla: Fix My Life begins tonight Saturday, April 13, at 9/8c with a 90 minute episode.  Iyanla  visits the hometown of multiplatinum rapper  DMX. From the looks of the previews below, it appears the rapper is having issues with drug use, and his family wants him to seek help. DMX himself seems to […]

Watch First 5 Minutes Of “Life With La Toya” Premiering Tonight On OWN

by Anya Rahmingon April 13, 2013
Life With La Toya is a new show debuting on OWN which takes viewers into the daily life of La Toya Jackson. This season, La Toya is moving into a new house , growing financially, and searching for the right man to settle down and have kids with. La Toya will share stories about her past […]


Grey’s Anatomy Recap 9×20

by Lasheda Wallaceon April 10, 2013
Poor Jackson. Everyone wants their own clinician trial since Bailey and Cristina got theirs. Everyone suddenly feels like a genius now. Even Jackson wants to start his own trial but his hopes and dreams quickly get shot down. Everything is beautiful over at Grey-Sloane Memorial. Is it ever a beautiful day there? More drama unfolds […]

Chris Rock and Anthony Anderson Join Real Husbands Of Hollywood Season 2

by Anya Rahmingon April 10, 2013
Following the announcement that Robin Thicke will not be returning to Real Husband’s Of Hollywood, two new additions to the show have been announced. Chris Rock, who has appeared hanging out with Kevin Hart recently on his YouTube channel, will join the cast of Real Husbands Of Hollywood season 2. The shows other actors,  J.B. […]


T.D. Jakes Will Host Talk Show On BET Later This Year

by Anya Rahmingon April 8, 2013
The BET Television Network recently released a list of upcoming programming via press release.  One of the newest shows will be a talk program to be hosted by T.D. Jakes. Currently the shows title is T.D. Jakes Presents, Mind, Body, & Soul. It will cover topics from health and wellness, to finance, to relationships, and will […]

Actor Jesse Williams Will Narrate Audiobook For The Bane Chronicles

by Anya Rahmingon April 8, 2013
31-Year-Old Grey’s Anatomy actor Jesse Williams is delving into fields other than acting. He’ll be narrating an audiobook that is due out April 16. The book, part of The Bane Chronicles, is titled What Really Happened In Peru. It’s a short story written by Cassandra Clare, author of The Mortal Instruments.  The book is aimed […]