Grey’s Anatomy Recap 9×04

by on October 31, 2012

Sex is in the air and I’m glad I couldn’t smell it. There’s a bunch of steamy sex going on at Seattle Grace Hospital and I think the world needs more of it.

Derek and Meredith are passionately making love in their dream house while Cristina and new sex partner, Dr. Parker, are having rather unusual sex. My favorite steamy couples, Jackson and April are going at it once again and it’s more than steamy, it’s HOT. When all the hot sex is over, the team is faced with an unusual case. This happens to be “The case of the enormous scrotum.” Sudden laughter? That’s exactly what I did.

Cristina has made a new friend at her new job. Usually when people make new friends, there is some type of common ground or bond that links people together. Not in this case. Christina and Dr. Parker have entered the “Friends with Benefits” zone but Cristina has a lack of interest in Dr. Parker. She is trying to figure out the best way to tell him this.

April and Jackson can’t seem to come to a mutual agreement. Every sexual encounter is supposed to be “the last time” but that does not seem to be working. They can’t keep their hands off of each other. So since they can’t keep their hands to themselves, they continue to go at it. Jackson however, comes into a slight mood changer when he learns that his mother is back in town and working on a case at the hospital. He learns of her visit from Dr. Webber and instantly knows what going on.

Dr. Webber and Catherine, Jackson’s mom, are still romantically involved and Jackson is not so thrilled about this. Jackson attempts to confront Dr. Webber and he completely loses that battle. Jackson tells Webber to be careful and to not break his mom’s heart and that he’s watching him at all times. Dr. Webber responds by telling Jackson that he would never break his mom’s heart and saying that “You don’t won’t none of this.”

While Catherine is suiting up for surgery, April is gearing up to scrub in also. They are having a casual conversation which quickly turns into a conversation about sex. Catherine informs April that she is having the “Best sex of her life” and that she couldn’t be happier. She takes a look at April and insists that she loosen up. She tells April that she should try having some great sex but little does she know that April is so sexing it up with her son.

Derek is still unable to perform surgery because of his hand so he’s stuck teaching the interns. I’m pretty sure he’d rather be performing awesome surgeries. The new interns seem to be know-it-alls but soon face unfamiliar territory when they have to perform a surgical procedure on a dummy and they are completely lost.

Meredith is scheduled to scrub in on a top notch surgery but withholds this information from Derek. She is still trying to protect him and spare his feelings since he can’t perform any surgeries. This really bothers her because she does not want to keep the truth from him but she also does not want to feel guilty about doing her job.

Cristina figures out why she does not like Dr. Parker and why he seems to be a huge jerk. Parker has been trying to force Dr. Feeny out of the hospital for years because of his old age and lack of knowledge on performing modern surgical procedures. Cristina informs Feeny of this, but he knew all along. She also has him perform a surgery to see if he knew how to do it. He pretends as if he does, but Cristina shows him how forcing Dr. Parker to back off.

The case of the huge scrotum brings all the doctors out. Catherine is heading the surgery, and April is suddenly comfortable talking about sex and large scrotum’s. This patient has what seems to be a 50-60 pound scrotum and is in dire need to have the extra pounds removed. This case brings out the comedian in Bailey as she is on the roll with inappropriate jokes about “balls.” I must say that Bailey was funny, but her co-workers seemed to think otherwise. The surgery is successful and the guy finally confesses his love to his best friend. She has been with him throughout the entire ordeal and had no idea how he felt. F.Y.I., she loved him too.

Arizona has finally given in and decided to cooperate. She has been fitted for a prosthetic leg and even begun the process of learning to walk again. There is even a moment where she invites Callie to stay home with her and watch some TV. Arizona is coming to terms with her new life and seems to want things to work out with Callie.

A lot of sex and very huge scrotums can bring a group of friends together. Well maybe just the doctors at Seattle Grace. This actually sounds like an interesting day.

Be sure to tune in to the next episode because it’s definitely not to be missed.


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