Interview With Essence Atkins Star Of A Haunted House

by on January 13, 2013



Essence Atkins was interviewed by CelebDirtyLaundry in promotion for her latest film A Haunted House. In the interview, Atkins says she loves horror movies, including the Paranormal Activity franchise. She also talks about her work in television, and explains why playing a character who grows over the years is satisfying. Read a few highlights from the interview below.

On her co-star Marlon Wayans

There’s no accident as to why he is successful. He is a product of hard, hard work and going through many, many hours and days of challenging himself to be better, pushing himself to be better, so well, this isn’t a fluke, his success is by no means, like I said you know, accidental, it is definitely by design.

On her career goals

When I did the movie Dance Flick which I also did with the Wayne, a lot of people were surprised by, a lot of people didn’t even recognize that I was wearing a wig, and they were like, “Oh gawd! I didn’t even see you, like I didn’t know that you could be so ghetto you know, so doing whatever.” I just want to keep encountering people who are surprised by my work who go, “Oh my gosh, I didn’t even know that you could do that and I didn’t expect that of you!

On the difficulty she had filming her part shortly after giving birth

Well, they took really good care of me, but when I started this movie it was literally exactly six weeks and one day after my son was born and I had to have an emergency caesarian….

So it’s challenging in that respect and also just being weak at times,  you know that first- I liken the experience of having a child the first ninety days like pledging at a fraternity. You’re sleep deprived and delirious. You know you kind of go through all these mixed emotions and all of that so I was feeling that having a new born at home and then being at work for thirteen hours – you know, the physical aspect was difficult.

Read the full interview at CelebDirtyLaundry.

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