Grey’s Anatomy Recap 9×07

by on December 2, 2012

Bad attitudes, heartbreak and triumphs. This episode was full of overcoming obstacles and listening to your heart. In some instances, however, the heart seemed to be a bit deceiving.

Derek is still suffering from the traumatic affects of the plane crash, leaving him with a disability that may prevent him from ever performing surgery again. Leave it up to Callie and that is so not the case. Callie has been working non-stop to come up with a surgical method that would fix Derek’s hand. She tries to enlist the help of Jackson but he is distracted by his own problems. When Callie shows Derek her new method, he quickly shoots her down and asks “What else do you have?” Somebody is being a bit of a jerk off. He soon comes to terms that Callie is on his side and he becomes more positive about helping her.

Cristina seems to be softening up, at least Bailey thinks so. Dr. Yang has simply become truly invested in her interns and their abilities to become great doctors. During a case of a much needed liver transplant, Yang’s feelings got the best of her.

Bailey has a patient who had been on the liver transplant waiting list for some time. She is able to bring him in with great news. There has been a match and now it was time to perform a successful surgery. Yang was working with her interns on performing a successful liver transplant, and believed that they were both ready to take lead in the operating room. When Bailey learned of this news, she did not agree. This was her patient whom trusted Bailey with his life and she didn’t want to let him down. She certainly was not going to let an intern ruin her surgery.

Bailey goes on to perform the transplant but “Dopey”, Yang’s intern, noticed that the patient was bleeding profusely. Bailey noticed that the liver was scaly which meant that the body rejected the liver. Too bad for the other intern, who was supposed to close up stomach once the surgery was over. Bailey, Yang and the interns all return to the patient’s room while Bailey tells him the bad news. “Dopey” had a little breakdown because he didn’t want the guy to die. While receiving the bad news, the patient decides to share a few critical points to better your life. He was married to a woman for thirty years before he knew he was gay. Once his marriage was over, he came out and that was the best decision of his life. His partner was there by his side during the surgery. He went on to say that he was happy to have found his true love and although they were supposed to be together forever, the time they had was better than nothing. Yang suddenly has a revelation. She finally realizes the she still loves Owen and that she wants him back.

Over on the opposite end of the hospital, April has a huge scare and she needs to find Jackson. When she finally catches up with him, they go into a private room and April lets it all out. “I’m late. I’m four days late. I’ve never been four days late.” Jackson finally catches on and tells her to first calm down and that he would order a blood test to see if she was actually preggers. He tells her to stop worrying until they got the results. He wanted to go with her to take the test but he then gets called into surgery and several other cases.

During a board meeting, Owen finds out that he has been faulted for the plane crash. He doesn’t believe it was his fault and screams “What kind of idiot wouldn’t check for deficiencies?” The lawyers slide a piece of paper his way which prove that he had signed papers that gave permission to use the faulty plane. However, the lawyers did not fault Owen and he wanted to know why. He soon found out that it was because he was still married to Cristina and that he couldn’t be held responsible because he had been suffering too. Marriage is a union which means in instances like the plane crash, both parties are dealing with a crisis together. Owen feels like his marriage has interfered with his work and gotten him off the hook to easily.

Arizona is back and in full effect. She is walking on her own, with no complaints, and even performing surgeries. The crew is still aware that she may be sensitive to having a prosthetic leg, and they go out of their ways to protect her from any and all negative questions or comments from patients. During a scrub in, Arizona takes a tumble and Alex in petrified. He tells everyone to leave the room and goes to help Arizona. She appears to be crying but instead she is laughing at herself. “I put all my weight on my left leg and I fell. It’s funny because I don’t have a left leg.” Alex feels a sense of relief afterwards and helps her up. When Arizona get home, Callie is there soon after and notices that Arizona is much more upbeat and she’s playing with their daughter. She told Callie that she fell but she got back up. I think this couple is headed back in the right direction.

Jackson has been checking his phone all day for a text message from April with the results. He has a revelation from Callie who is speaking of how all Derek wants is for someone to tell him that everything is going to be ok. Jackson finds April and tells her that he’s all in. He wants to be there for her and that they should get married. He’s sure and he’s all in. A few hours later, they get the results and it’s negative. April being her normal self, blurts out how relieved she is and how they don’t have to get married. I’m pretty sure Jackson really wanted to no matter what the outcome was but April had just ruined everything. “Maybe this was a sign that we needed to stop.” Jackson pretty much ended things and April was left without a word to say.

Back at home, Meredith waits as Derek comes home. She tells him to look at the new baby shirt she bought. “Honey, guys are not really into this sort of thing.” “Just look at the shirt.” He pulls out the shirt and it reads, “World’s Best Big Sister.” Meredith is pregnant and I’m so excited. She tells Derek to keep it a secret because she is only three weeks and things always seem to go wrong for them. She has not told anyone and she does not want to jinx it.
Cristina and Owen meet at her old apartment. As Cristina prepares to tell Owen that she still loves him and that she wants to work things out, he tells her that he wants a divorce. “Is that what you really want”, Cristina asked. Owen replied yes. So much for that relationship.

On a happier note, Bailey has been taking advice from everyone on details of planning her wedding. She informs Dr. Webber that his invitation will be in the mail soon and it will have elves on it. Don’t know what kind of wedding she’s planning but I look forward to it.


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