Watch Trailer For Zombie Western Gallowalkers Starring Wesley Snipes

by Anya Rahmingon March 29, 2013
A trailer has been released for a western style Zombie film starring Wesley Snipes as a zombie killer. In the film, titled Gallowwalkers, Snipes plays Aman, a man cursed since birth when his mother broke her covenant with God to save his life. Because of the curse, Snipe’s victims don’t stay dead. Instead they come […]

The Trip To Bountiful Previews Begin March 30

by Anya Rahmingon March 29, 2013
Preview performances for the upcoming Broadway play Trip To The Bountiful will begin on March 30, 2013. However, the production will not release to the public until April 23rd. These preview performances should generate ample reviews, photos, and clips to help audiences decide whether or not the production peaks their interest. With stars like Cuba Gooding Jr., […]


Watch Behind The Scenes Video From Kevin Hart’s Adventures On YouTube

by Anya Rahmingon March 29, 2013
Kevin Hart’s production company, Hartbeat Productions, has been regularly putting up fun content featuring the actor-comedian on its YouTube channel. Recently a few behind the scenes video clips were posted, and two are embedded below. The first one goes behind the scenes with Kevin Hart who is working out and throwing around a football on […]

Married To Medicine Series Premiere A Huge Sucess For Bravo

by Anya Rahmingon March 29, 2013
The controversial new reality show Married To Medicine debuted to record numbers for the Bravo television network. The series premiere had 2.0 million viewers, making it Bravo’s highest rated series premiere since Bethenny Getting Married? aired 3 years ago according to Reality Tea. The high ratings make it even less likely that Bravo will respond to critics […]


Tyrese Documentary “Black Rose That Grew Through Concrete” Drops March 31st

by Anya Rahmingon March 29, 2013
A new documentary about singer-actor Tyrese will be available at TyreseOnline.com on March 31st. The film tells of Tyrese’s struggles before fame. At a low point, Tyrese  found himself homeless. A trailer for the documentary has been released and you can watch it below. Look our for Tyrese In Fast And Furious 6 which hits […]

See Trailer For New Action Film White House Down Starring Jamie Foxx As President

by Anya Rahmingon March 29, 2013
Following the release of director Antoine Fuqua’s Olympus Has Fallen, another White House destruction movie will be hitting the big screen. The plot is very similar – a paramilitary group takes over the White House. This time Jamie Foxx plays president, and Channing Tatum plays his secret service body guard. Audiences will get to compare […]


Preview TVOne Original Movie The Undershepherd Debuting March 30

by Anya Rahmingon March 29, 2013
The television network TVOne has been busy producing new shows and movies targeted at Black audiences. An upcoming TV movie titled The Undershepherd will debut this Saturday, March 30 at 8/7c pm. The film “tells the controversial tale of two ministers, who, although originally best friends and brothers  in Christ, find their relationship tested by […]

The Game Season Six Is Off To A Great Start

by Justin Pucketton March 29, 2013
The Game season six is off to a great start! With all new characters played by Jay Ellis and Lauren London, it is really going to be a great season for The Game. They said goodbye to an important, Derwin Davis, who got signed Baltimore. He wasn’t happy that he got signed to Baltimore, and there were a lot of tears […]


Scandal Recap 2×16

by Lasheda Wallaceon March 29, 2013
Guess who’s back? Gladiator’s have been suffering through a three week hiatus of Scandal. That felt like three years. Scandal is back and it is good. Olivia is in the midst of fixing the life of a woman who was involved with the newest Supreme Court Justice Candidate. Olivia is on defense as Cyrus and […]

Blallywood Film Review: The Call

by jesimieljon March 26, 2013
Since 9/11, there has been an emphasis on honoring the difficult work of first-responders.  These everyday heroes risk life and limb for perfect strangers all in the name of a helping hand.  Perhaps the most difficult element of this type of work is the necessity to remain emotionally detached.  First-responders have to keep a clear […]


Post-Apocalyptic Thriller The Colony, Starring Laurence Fishburne, Gets Trailer

by Anya Rahmingon March 25, 2013
The first trailer has been released for the post-Apocalyptic sci-fi thriller The Colony, which will hit theaters on April 12, 2013. In the film, people have been driven underground by climate change, and a new ice age. Inhabitants are divided into colonies, and the people of Colony 7, where Laurence Fishburne’s (The Matrix, Hannibal tv series) character lives, […]

Grey’s Anatomy Recap 9×18

by Lasheda Wallaceon March 25, 2013
It’s the day of the “Lorax” for the newly appointed Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. The once, Seattle-Grace, by that I mean Jackson, has invested in a top of the line body scanning machine that detects all injuries within thirteen seconds. There is only one problem. No patient needs to use the scanner because they all have […]


Just My Two Cents: 2 Chainz Gets My Vote

by Brittanyon March 25, 2013
2 Chainz has the uncanny ability to ruin every song he’s on. His flow is awful, hes never on beat, and I find his constant iteration of “two chaaaaaainz” to be entertaining, yet at times annoying. But…because of those infectiously catchy beats, I cant help but bob my head. The feminist in me hates everything […]

Wendy Raquel Robinson Says The Game Season 6 Is The Best Season

by Anya Rahmingon March 24, 2013
Wendy Raquel Robinson gave an interview in which she talked about the upcoming 6th season of The Game on BET. Her responses give fans reason to believe this season may not suffer from the departures of Melanie and Derwin. Robinson told interviewers of season 6:  “I can tell you, this one is going to be the […]


Lauren London Says Filming “The Game” Is Acting Bootcamp

by Anya Rahmingon March 24, 2013
Lauren London joined the cast of BET television show The Game after the departure of Tia Mowry was finalized. London, along with the show’s new male star Jay Ellis, will help fill in the void caused by the departure of Melanie and Derwin. In a recent interview that was posted on BET, London answered some questions about her experience filming […]

Corbin Bleu Cast In Revival Of Soap “One Life To Live”

by Anya Rahmingon March 24, 2013
While Corbin Bleu is still known best for his portrayal of sidekick character Chad Danforth in the High School Musical franchise, he’s been working steadily in the industry since those days. He starred as Jesus in Godspell on Broadway  in 2012.  Bleu has also been guest starring in TV roles here and there, and has just been […]


Glee Actress Amber Riley Stars, Sings As Music Video Love Interest

by Anya Rahmingon March 24, 2013
Amber Riley played Mercedes, the token Black female with the powerhouse voice on the first 3 seasons of Fox’s Glee. She’s now an occasional guest star on the show since her character graduated from high school at the end of the show’s 3rd season. Amber Riley appears to be focusing primarily on her musical career now. Recently […]
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Showtimes “Why We Laugh: Funny Women” Features Several Black Lady Comedians

by Anya Rahmingon March 23, 2013
Why We Laugh: Funny Women, a documentary exploring the experiences of female comedians, aired on the Showtime television network on Thursday, March 21. Don’t worry if you missed it. The flick will be rerunning many times over the next week. Why We Laugh: Funny Women goes behind the scenes with female comedians, including notable Black funny women such as Whoopi Goldberg, Kym […]