Get The Latest Scoop On Chocolate City Movie! (Plus More HOT Photos)

by on October 7, 2014


Chocolate City Movie, a Magic-Mike-esque film about a struggling college student who joins a strip club’s amateur night to make some cash, is scheduled for a 2015 release. Filming has been underway, and plenty of news and set photos have come out in recent weeks. One of the major announcements was that Romeo Miller would not longer be starring in the film. Instead, Robert Ri’chard, a slightly older and slightly taller actor, will replace him. If you’re under 30, you have no doubt seen Robert Ri’chard on screen before. Whether it was his stint on Nickelodeon’s Cousin Skeeter, his Vampire Diaries recurring guest role a few years back, his role as Derek in Meet The Browns, his portrayal of the lovable boyfriend Arnaz in One-on-One, or numerous other roles that introduced you to him, once he’s been seen this actor is hard to forget. Then again, there’s always the chance you just don’t watch TV. But we seriously doubt that you would be reading this article if you weren’t an avid TV watcher. Looking at Ri’chard’s recent photos, its pretty difficult  to get very upset over the casting change. Check out some pics from the Chocolate City Movie set below. Search for the hashtag #chocolatecitymovie on Instagram for more photos.

Warning: These Photos May Not Be Safe For Work!

chocolate-city-set-1-blallywood chocolate-city-set-2-blallywood chocolate-city-set-3-blallywood chocolate-city-set-4-blallywood chocolate-city-set-5-blallywood robertrichard2

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