Grey’s Anatomy Recap 9×13

by on February 5, 2013


There is no getting over, through or under on Dr. Cahill. She is simply at Seattle-Grace to get the job done. What happens when you close the emergency room at a hospital? Anyone? Anything?

Leave it up to Dr. Cahill to introduce a few new methods at Seattle-Grace. Besides reorganizing the OR and applying new rules to operating in the OR, Dr. Cahill has come up with a new buddy system that will practically spy on the doctors. She has installed cameras in every patient and operating room. The cameras have been implemented as a “Big Brother” program. At all times, other surgeons would be watching through the cameras as the “Crew” performed their daily duties at Seattle-Grace. This idea was not favorable among any of the doctor’s, especially not with Cristina.

Dr. Cahill also brought in a specialist to implement a new surgical technique. Meredith, Bailey and Webber have to all sit through a hernia skills lab and adapt to a new way of doing things. This skills lab brings out Bailey’s competitive side as she aims towards completing her mock surgeries in the fastest time. While Bailey thinks she is doing a great job, it’s Meredith who gets all the praises. Webber refuses to adapt to using the new technique because he believes that his way is the best way.

Midway through the lab, Meredith steps out and Bailey soon follows after her. Meredith thinks that something is wrong with the baby but when Bailey checks her out, she assures her that everything was alright and that it was just the baby kicking. When they return to the room, Webber becomes frustrated with the new technique and apparently so did the instructor. Sometimes words are not your best friend. The instructor “Mistakenly” blurted out how patients did not matter because it was all about the technique. And that was the end the lab.

April and Derek have been up all night trying to figure out how to save the ER. They finally come up with a plan but duty calls for Derek, leaving April in charge of pitching the idea to the board staff. April’s technique totally bombed and it was Derek to the rescue. After a little blackmail and giving up his parking space, Derek makes a deal with a member of the board to take a look at their new idea.

On the other side of the hospital, Karev, Callie and Arizona are having trouble with a patient who has a way with words. A teenage girl has just had a double hip replacement and she is refusing to do any physical therapy. She is depressed about no longer being able to pursue her gymnastic career. Karev goes in but comes out feeling terrible about his life. He sends in Callie for some tough talk but she comes out feeling a little depressed. Arizona goes in a tries to connect with the girl, showing and telling her about her leg. Still no sympathy. Arizona practically pulls the girl from the bed all while verbally threatening her. This tactic works and Karev and Callie are amazed.

Cristina and her intern Leah are not having the best day. They have just received a patient who severly injured himself in a skateboarding accident. When Cristina informs her intern to get blood for a transfusion, she yells for everyone to stop because she finds a dog tag of a Jehovah’s Witness sign. Unfortunately, Cristina can not continue with the transfusion because of religious reasons. When she consults his parents and tells them that without the blood transfusion, their son will die, the parents still refused to go on with the transfusion. Sadly, the patient died, leaving intern Leah saddened that she was not able to do anything to save him.

Owen and Dr. Cahill respond to an emergency victim who has lost half of his nose and suffered from a puncture wound to the neck. Dr. Cahill finds herself scrubbing in because of the sudden short staff. Owen talks her through the surgery as she performs it successfully. He even takes her to the see the family who thanks her for saving their brother’s life. Owen thinks that Dr. Cahill’s time in the O.R. will sway her decision on closing the E.R.

In the end, nothing mattered because Dr. Cahill reveals that she is selling the hospital. From April and Derek’s pitch to Owen’s adventurous day with her, nothing was going to stop Cahill from doing her job. The interns all fear that they will lose their jobs, and the rest of the crew is not sure as to where this has left them. We just have to tune in next week to see what happens.


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