Grey’s Anatomy Recap 9×18

by on March 25, 2013


It’s the day of the “Lorax” for the newly appointed Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. The once, Seattle-Grace, by that I mean Jackson, has invested in a top of the line body scanning machine that detects all injuries within thirteen seconds. There is only one problem. No patient needs to use the scanner because they all have to be rushed to the OR due to critical injuries. Things start to heat up once a rush of patients come in.

Leave it up to Jackson. The newly appointed President of the Board of Directors has invested in a new “Toy” for Grey-Sloan Memorial. Jackson felt like it would be worth the investment for the “Lorax”. So far, he’s not seeing any positive outcomes from purchasing the machine but he will soon enough.

Cristina is just learning that she is the partial owner of the hospital. No longer is she Dr. Cristina Yang but Board Member Yang. Bailey and another Doctor are trying their best to pitch Yang new ideas for programs and new trials for the hospital. Yang realizes what’s going on and decided to go with Bailey’s program to implement a new surgical technique for performing in-hernia surgeries.

Derek has to constantly deal with absurd thoughts from Meredith about their baby. Mer is afraid that their baby will have birth defects. She continues on with foolish antics on how their baby will have eleven fingers and toes along with a mutant like face. Derek assures her that everything will be alright and he was right. They went to check on the baby and found out that it was a boy. Strong genes Derek. Very well Sir.

It’s a different story for Callie and Arizona. Still no sex. Arizona is still having issues with her leg, more personal than physical. She continues to make promises to Callie about their “Big Night” but Callie is always let down by another excuse. It was a lucky night for Callie, thanks to her “Feel Good” massage. She helped Arizona through a trying moment and was paid back in the form of some good loving.

April is having a melt-down. Since “Going to the carnival and riding the rides”, she can’t stop thinking about riding the rides. SEX, I mean. April’s new relationship is going great but she wants to end it because her boyfriend is a virgin. She made a tiny mistake, or told a little white lie and told him that she had been saving herself also. Yeah, like one Jackson ago. April wants to wait but Jackson has turned her into a little devil, sex devil that is. After hearing some inspiring words about the power of waiting, April seemed to have had an epiphany. Maybe she will wait after all or just become a born again virgin. That’s possible, right?

Carev is still having a hard time admitting to Jo that he is so in love with her. To bad because Jo has a boy toy of her own. Carev’s 12 year old patient, who is battling cancer and also has the hots for Jo, comes up with a plan to torture her new boyfriend. It’s a case of “Punked” as they send Jo’s new suitor around the entire hospital from a false paige. Even Webber joins in on the fun. Jo’s suitor had the last laugh as he left and went home with Jo. Carev, dude, you have got to do better.

Mer finds an inoperable mass in the gallbladder of a sweet teacher who thinks she’s in for a routine removal, there is some real-world bad news to tend to. And when the teacher’s too-cute gaggle of students sneak out of after school study hall to visit and beg her to return to class, the two must face the devastating news head-on.

Ross is almost mauled by a terrified Father who is awaiting news of his daughter who is in surgery after being hit by a motorcycle. Derek and Ross are leading the surgery and Derek sends Ross out to inform the Father of updates every so often. I don’t think Dad liked Ross to much as he threatened to pulverize him each time he came out with bad news. Dad finally broke down when Derek came out and told him to be thankful that his daughter was still alive.

It was a trying day/week at Grey-Sloan Memorial but everyone made it through. Kudos to Jackson who held his own and made thorough decisions. He even received praise from Bailey as she remitted a previous statement about him not being able to run the hospital. She congratulated him on doing a great job. It’s was a beautiful day at the residency.

Be sure to tune in to Grey’s Anatomy, Thursday’s at 9/8 Central on the ABC Network.

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