Grey’s Anatomy Recap 9×14

by on February 14, 2013


Alex is posing for pictures and Cahill is lobbying for him as a possible “brand ambassador.” Back at his house, he and Jo are both grossed out by Jackson and Stephanie making out on the couch. They also find themselves under Cristina’s room and Hunt is visiting, which makes for more sex sounds. Alex and Jo start making wild wolf sounds to make their own noise.

The next day, Cristina gives Alex a hard time about Jo, saying they’re one drink away from hooking up. Jo is also claiming she doesn’t like Alex “like that” when the other interns give her a hard time. Alex denies it and turns it back on them, saying at least he isn’t screwing his ex or “taking advantage of some intern on someone else’s couch” (like Jackson). April walks in at this point. She wonders “what ever happened to good, old-fashioned romance.” When no one responds other than Meredith point out the fact that April’s holding three burritos in her hand April leaves.

She’s sitting outside in the ambulance with her new beau, whose EMT partner is eating her burrito outside in the cold. April complains that the night shift is boring with no incoming traumas. Now that the hospital’s ER is closed, there’s not much to do. Her guy gets an emergency call and invites her to come along.

A PR rep is shadowing Alex and taking pictures of him. Stephanie brings Alex to a new patient, Maya, a 13-week-old girl who was born with her intestines outside of her body. Alex says “today is the day” they’re going to be able to close her up. The girl’s mother hugs Alex and the PR rep starts snapping pictures. Alex is annoyed and says the next patients he’s going to see are verbs sensitive. He opens the door and sees Jackson with a transgendered couple, and a photographer snapping pictures of the whole group. Jackson says it’s part of “the whole brand ambassador thing,” and seems to be embracing it much more than Alex.

Alex and Jackson argue about it a little and turn to the patients. Bryan and Jess talk about how they first met. Bryan was a girl and Jess was a boy. The doctors are removing Bryan’s breasts. Jackson mentions that he’ll be “taking the lead” on the surgery for the benefit of the PR folks. Stephanie and Jo are each supporting their guys in this thing.

Meredith is frustrated with the new electronic patient filing system, which keeps deleting her patients. Cahill brings a tour around and talks about how efficient the system is, and Meredith loudly and sarcastically says it would “be more efficient if it didn’t keep deleting my patients.” Callie overhears this and tells Derek, Webber, Hunt and Bailey about how Cahill told her to avoid mentioning her research, but more about her sports medicine. Bailey chimes in about how “maybe we’ll be happy.” She goes on to mention the benefits packages that might be available to those keeping their jobs. Callie says “we have to do something,” to which Bailey responds, “You’ve done plenty.” Derek suggest that “those of from the plane should keep our heads down for a while.”

Alex is telling her PR rep about his African orphans program. Bryan’s father is yelling at Jess in the hallway about Bryan’s gender reassignment when Alex shows up. Bryan’s father then shoves Alex against the wall and shouts, “Are you the one who wants to hack my little girl into pieces?”

Callie looks up Pegasus Horizons, the company that’s looking to buy the hospital and owns apparently half the hospitals in the country including Portland General, which was bought the year before. The website has no information about health care. Arizona tells Callie to cool her heels because “there’s nothing we can do about it.” Callie tells Webber that she isn’t one to cool her heels and he suggests a road trip.

April calls Jackson from the field, where she’s with a kid who was in a hit and run. She says the next available ER is an hour away, and the kid will die en route if they go that far.

The doctors are all working on the kid. There are supplies missing and everyone scrambles to find the things they need. Shane is standing lookout and shouts, “Incoming!” The doctors shut all the lights off and wait for a clear sign from Shane. He gives it and they turn the lights back on. Stephanie is buying time for Jackson and Alex, whose PR reps are wondering where they are, saying that Jackson likes to take power naps before a big surgery and Alex is at a dentist appointment.

Jackson is surprised to hear the ride-along was a date, but they all keep working. April doesn’t respond to this. They need to do a calculation to determine how much medication to give the kid, and Jo does it all out loud to everyone’s surprise. Jackson realizes they don’t have meds or access to them because they don’t have the codes. Derek shows up and says he has the codes, “tell me what he needs.”

Jackson notes that Bryan’s surgery is happening in 20 minutes and Cahill will know something’s amiss if he and Alex don’t show. Jo shows up and tells the doctors they have to move the kid because Cahill is on her way there. Alex says, “I’m staying.”

The doctors start to prepare to move the kid, but he starts to code and they need to scramble. The tour group, meanwhile, is getting closer and Cahill is explaining that hernias are “one of the most common medical procedures and, as it turns out, one of the most lucrative.”

The doctors are scrambling and Jo shouts that they have to move because Cahill is almost there. Derek tries to distract Cahill again at the last second, but she blows right by him. She opens the door and the doctors and the hit-and-run patient are all gone to Derek’s surprise.

In Portland, the ortho tells Callie and Webber about how he’s “the face of Portland General” and doesn’t get to do much real medicine anymore. He asks them if there’s an opening at Seattle Grace.

Jackson and Alex tell each other they hope the other gets the “brand ambassador” role. Cahill walks in on Jackson and Alex’s surgery and asks who they’re operating on.

“My transgender patient, why?” Jackson says. Cahill leaves. Hunt, who is with her, asks, “What did you do?” No one responds.

The other doctors are working on the hit-and-run kid when Cahill comes in and asks where the patient came from. Cahill threatens to look it up herself and Meredith jumps up to offer to look it up. Meredith gets out her handy tablet and “accidentally” deletes the patient file, giving Cahill an “oh, darn” kind of look through her surgical mask while lamenting the fact that this keeps happening with the new system.

Alex and Jackson show up to see all the doctors sitting in a hallway outside the room where Cahill and Hunt are questioning each doctor and the interns individually. Alex decides to barge in as Heather is being questioned and explains that “a kid was dying and we kept him alive.”

Cahill asks who else was involved and Jackson jumps in to say he, too, was involved. He says it was his call, and he and Alex agree that saving the kid’s life was all that mattered. Hunt tells them both to leave. Cahill asks if they’re going to be disciplined.

Derek shows up asking why he was paged. Cahill says that if she’s going to do her job, she can’t be dealing with an “uprising,” especially when Derek helps them. Hunt is confused and Cahill notes that it was Derek’s code that accessed the medication case. Hunt asks if this is true, but Derek doesn’t respond to him directly. Cahill tells Derek this “stunt” would have cost the hospital dearly if the kid had died on their watch. She says Pegasus would have backed out “and without them, you’re done.” She says she can’t help if Derek and others are “undermining” her at every turn.

Jess waits for word about Bryan. The surgery went well and Bryan will be in recovery soon. Bryan’s father steps out from around the corner and looks tearful but relieved. He just wanted to know Bryan was OK, and apologizes before starting to leave. Jess tells him that she sent the email the night before and Bryan wasn’t going to tell his father about the surgery. Jess tells Bryan’s father that he talks about him a lot, admires him and wants to grow up and be like him. Jess tells Bryan’s father that “it’s hard being like us, trying to fit into this mold that doesn’t fit.” Bryan’s father asks if they’re OK on rent. He hands over some money and turns to leave.

“You don’t want to be there when he wakes up?” Jess asks. Bryan’s father slightly shakes his head and walks away.

Meredith sees Alex and suggest that maybe he and Jo “should be” a thing, because Jo “kinda kicked ass today.” Jo then shows up and pulls him aside to show him something.

Webber and Callie sit outside Seattle Grace. Webber says it’s funny how you don’t really appreciate something until you’re about to lose it. Callie tells him they “can still fight this.” Webber says maybe she can, but he has an early retirement package waiting and he might take it. Callie says nothing. Webber gets out of the car and gives her a smile.

April is leaving the hospital and sees Matthew, the EMT, outside. She tells him the kid made it through surgery well. Matthew stammers before finally saying what he wants to say. He tells her she’s the “strongest, most fearless, beautiful woman” he’s ever met. He tells her he likes her. She kisses him. Jackson, walking out with Stephanie, sees this and they keep walking.


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