Grey’s Anatomy Recap 10×2

by on October 8, 2013

greys-anatomy-10x03recapIts the curse of the crying baby! Meredith and Derek are so sleep deprived that its making them delusional. Booty Call Bailey has disappeared, and Bailey, “The Nazi”, is slowly resurfacing. Let’s get in on episode 2 of Grey’s.

Grey Sloan Memorial is swimming in debt. Literally, the hospital has a hole in the ceiling and no money to fix it. Owen decides that since he is “The Traffic Cop”, then he would move some surgeries around to save money and time. No, no, no Owen! You have to run that by Mr. Hospital Boss, Jackson.

Poor Shane! Why is it always poor Shane? He finds himself at the hands of “The Nazi” as he is just trying to insure that Webber’s health is in great condition. However, because Bailey has guilt on her heart about the last words exchanged by herself and Webber, she is giving in to Webber’s every request which is making it hard for Shane to properly care for him.

April and Leah receive a patient who has, what looks like a vampire stake, driven into her chest. She’s about that vampire life. Before she goes into surgery, she grabs Leah and makes her promise to inform her husband of a little secret that she has been harboring. She makes Leah promise to tell her husband that she had an affair with his brother, only if she dies.

Jackson and Stephanie’s day starts out great as they promise a young woman, burn victim, that with a special surgery, they can make her beautiful again. The woman had not been back to work because she was scared that she would scare her students away. Jackson and April tell her not to worry because they will fix it. Too bad for beauty because Owen took Jackson’s advice and moved some stuff around. He moved the young woman to another hospital.

Meredith and Derek are parents of a new baby boy, which translates into, “I need sleep”. They are so thankful for Callie and the fact that she’s still sleeping on their couch because they have pawned Zola on her while they care for baby Bailey. Derek goes out to get milk and disappears for an hour and a half. When he returns, he said that he might have taken a nap in the car, while in the parking lot of the store.

Cristina is having problems staying away from Owen. She fears that they will get back together and that’s something that she can’t handle emotionally. So, she consults with Meredith who had intentions of taking a hot shower while Bailey was sleep. However, she ends up falling asleep on the phone, next to the running shower. It was payback for Derek.

Carev is cranky because he is sexless. Jo has all the interns sleeping over at the house because they’re still “Grieving” over Heather. This is putting a strain on Carev because he can’t do what he really wants to. Who knew that Jo was feeling the same way. Eventually she gave in and told the interns that it was time to go because she was in desperate need of sex.

Callie and Arizona are still not on good terms. Arizona seems to think that things can be fixed with a little couple’s therapy but Callie is not feeling it. It becomes the Arizona and Callie show, particularly the Callie show, as she scolds Arizona with every chance that she gets.

April and Leah decide to disobey Callie’s advice and cut their patients clavicle bone. The Stake Lady had to have immediate surgery and April had run out of options. Callie was rushing to get to the OR but she didn’t make it in time. April and Leah had already started drilling and pretty soon, they had drilled a hole in the patient’s life. Callie tried to save her but there was no hope. Leah was left in charge if spilling that little secret. After all, she made a promise to her patient.

Shane tried to have Meredith over power Bailey because she was still in charge of Webber’s health decisions but that didn’t work. Meredith was at home, raising a baby while Bailey was at work raising Webber. She made sure that Shane’s little antics ceased because she was in charge of Webber now.

Cristina talks a 17-year-old boy named Michael and his parents through a heart procedure that she hopes could save him from a transplant. The parents are happy, but Alex says it’s risky and he could end up needing a transplant anyway. Michael’s mom doesn’t want to go through waiting for a donor heart again. She did it once while he was an infant. Michael agrees that the chance of another donor matching is unlikely. His parents agree. Cristina says they can get started that day if his MRI checks out. It turned out that Michael needed a heart transplant so Cristina had to close up shop while in surgery and pass on the news.

Webber wakes up and sees Meredith sitting next to his bed. He tells her he didn’t put her as his emergency contact because he considered her family. He said he hoped she would be able to take emotion out of the medical decisions and not let them operate on him when he was all but dead. He suggests that he doesn’t really want to be alive if it means getting fed through a tube. He says again that he thought she could not be sentimental about the decisions, but he was “wrong.”

Make sure you’re tuning in to Grey’s. Its good on a bun!


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