Scandal Recap 3×07

by on November 20, 2013


It brings some kind of joy to all Gladiators to know that Mellie and Fitz were once in love. Well, for me at least! This is the story all about how Mellie came to be. Mellie is giving a tour to the cameras, showing a life in the day of the First Lady. This is a ploy to win back the voters after she ousted Fitz on national television for having an affair. There’s a flashback to fifteen years ago as Fitz and Mellie are rolling in the sheets. Big Fitz calls the lovebirds downstairs for a morning meeting but little Fitz is “Busy”. While “in the act”, Fitz mentions that he has been trying to get Mellie pregnant. They go downstairs to meet with Daddy Fitz who has hired a younger Cyrus Beene to help with Fitz campaign for Governor of California. Back to our regular scheduled program! Quinn is lobbying around as she is at target practice with Charlie. She is curious to know what he does and he responds by saying that he is now a private investigator. Come to the light Quinn! Liv is leaving out for work but her Fitz phone rings. She tries to ignore it as she walks out the door but in she comes five seconds later, running to the phone. Fitz just wanted to hear her voice and to tell her to stop looking into “Remington”. Liv fires back and tells Fitz that Rowan is the problem and he is thrown off. Liv hangs up. At the office, Liv calls in the gladiators to start work on a new client. Quinn looks at the picture and said that the woman looked familiar. She did! It was Olivia’s Mother. They were working on finding out what happened to Mama Pope. Mellie is still putting on a show for the cameras. Back to fifteen years ago! Cyrus has mapped out a plan that will ensure Fitz win as the nest Governor of California. There’s just one catch! Fitz has to run as a war hero but he refuses because he does not want his military experience to be exposed. Were Back! Mellie is pissed because she has to put on a show for the cameras. Cyrus is listening to her vent but he is really looking for a hooker to trap Danielle Douglas. Cyrus and Mellie are trying to set Sally’s husband up for failure. Cyrus manipulates Sally into leaving town for a dinner with important State Senator’s. She agrees! The Gladiators are finding out just who Olivia Pope is. She reveals that the head of B6-13 is her Father and that the pilot who shot the plane down is now the President. Quinn tries to connect with Huck by spilling out details on Olivia but Huck once again dismisses her. Abby finds information on the flight that seems off. They find that Daddy Fitz’ name appeared on documents pertaining to the flight. Back to the good ole times! Daddy Fitz is scolding his son for joining the Navy and wanting to prove his manhood. Fitz did not apologize for signing up for Black Opts mission. Daddy Fitz makes sure that his son knows that he owns him. Mellie runs in on the midst of the disagreement as she is nervous because Cyrus was leaving. Let’s return to the now! Abby walks into Liv’s office and does something that the Gladiators never do. She have her a much needed hug. Quinn is stalking Charlie who sees her and approaches her. Her grabs her by the arms and plants a big one on her. Not what we were expecting. Before Mellie goes back on camera with Baby Teddy, she stops Sally to tell her about the little incident with her husband Danielle. Sally ensures to Mellie that her husband keeps his hands to himself at all times. Mellie is disappointed when she walks into the oval office and Fitz is not there. She wanted to show the world that they have family time but she was quite embarrassed. Flashback! A happier Mellie is begging Cyrus to come back and work for her husband. We also learn that Cyrus was married before, to a woman. Mellie convinces Cyrus to come back the next day as she would convince her husband to run for Governor of California. Modern Day! Mellie storms into Cyrus’ office and demands to know where Fitz is. She asked if he was going to show up for their big interview. Abby and Harrison find a flight attendant who worked on the flight. The lady tells them that the flight was delayed after agents came and took a passenger off the flight. Quinn gets a call from Charlie that sounded like he was planning a date. Sally is ensuring that her husband understand to keep his hands to himself at all times. She wears that pants in that relationship. Flashback! Mellie is talking to Daddy Fitz who shares some devastating news. He told her that Fitz shot down flight 522 and killed hundreds of people. Mellie is stunned and in disbelief as she has just learned devastating news about her husband. Daddy Fitz makes a move on Mellie as she screams stop but he overpowered her. Mellie had no help as she laid there lifeless while being raped. 2013! Mellie is ranting to Fitz about not showing up for her and having to do everything herself. She reminded Fitz that she has sacrificed so much for him but he treated her like dirt. She asked if he could at least be her friend. Old Times! Mellie walks into the bedroom after the “incident” with Daddy Fitz. Fitz asked her where had she been and she said on the phone with her Father. She was trying to take a shower but Fitz pulled her into bed as she so desperately wanted to cry away the pain. Back to the now! Fitz shows up for Mellie. During their interview, the journalist suggests that Mellie’s character is in question after outing her husband. Fitz comes to her defense as he took blame for his affair and had Mellie’s back after stating that she did nothing wrong. Jake found a source. He found the man that was taken off of flight 522. Liv tells him to get on it. Quinn and Charlie’s date consisted of sex in a car and injecting a man with knock out serum. Quinn learned that she actually killed the man and Charlie disappeared shortly after. It was the man from flight 522 as Quinn scurried out of the building. 15 years ago! Mellie has breakfast with Jerry (Daddy Fitz) as he tries to apologize for the night before. Mellie tells him not to mention it but instead apologize to Fitz and tell him what he needs to hear in order for him to get on board and run for Governor. 15 years later! Mellie and Fitz have a moment as he tells her that he meant every word during their interview. James tells Cyrus that he was fired. Fitz and Mellie learned that Sally’s husband was more into men than women. Quinn is trying to call Huck to rescue her but Charlie finds her and welcomes her to wonderland. Quinn belongs to B613 now. Fitz is still having Olivia followed and learned something new. He learned that Rowan was her father. Eli (Rowan) made a surprising visit to an old friend. Mama Pope! He told her that Olivia had been asking about her. WTF!!! 15 years prior! During a thank you speech, Mellie announced to Fitz that she was pregnant! Connect the dots people. Fitz’ son is really his…….BROTHER!!!

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