Blallywood Film Review: Middle of Nowhere

by jesimieljon October 31, 2012
Indie films play by a different set of rules. The first rule is that there are no rules. That’s what I love about independent features.  Though there is sometimes a consistent style, usually a result of budget and fad, independent films are often a unique and welcomed relief from Hollywood big-budget flicks.  Tonight I had […]

Grey’s Anatomy Recap 9×04

by Lasheda Wallaceon October 31, 2012
Sex is in the air and I’m glad I couldn’t smell it. There’s a bunch of steamy sex going on at Seattle Grace Hospital and I think the world needs more of it. Derek and Meredith are passionately making love in their dream house while Cristina and new sex partner, Dr. Parker, are having rather […]


Sterling K. Brown Cast As Potential Love Interest In Person of Interest

by Anya Rahmingon October 31, 2012
Sterling K. Brown has been cast as a regular character on the CBS hit show Person of Interest. You may know him from his 6 season stint as husband on Army Wives. Brown will play detective Cal Beecher and will be a “potential love interest” for Carter (Taraji P. Henson).  TVLine reports that he will […]

Alex Cross Proves To Be Dud

by Ezekiel Walkeron October 30, 2012
Now that it’s been over a week, critics and fans alike have weighed in on Perry’s latest film, and the reviews have been less than stellar. Manohla Dargis of The New York Times was quoted saying “A grim, dispiritingly stupid waste of time, energy, money and talent, directed by Rob Cohen, this is the first […]


Shonda Rhimes Producing Teen Targetted Sci-Fi Trhiller Mila 2.0 For ABC

by Anya Rahmingon October 30, 2012
Shonda Rhimes (Creator of Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy) is all set to produce a new show for ABC called Mila 2.0. It’s a science fiction thriller based on Debra Driza’s Young Adult book Mila 2.0. Rhimes has teamed up with producing partner Betsy Beers, and Disney trained screenwriter David DiGilo, who is writing the sequel to Tron: Legacy. The Hollywood Reporter provided […]

Basketball Wives LA: Recap 2×07

by Brittanyon October 30, 2012
Draya, Brooke, and Malaysia are all meeting up. Draya is so right about Jackie’s wedding being the ultimate slap in the face to the gay community, and this is what I’ve been saying all along! Why am I so team Draya this season? Brooke shows up and is dressed to the nines (I need to […]


Basketball Wives LA: Recap 2×06

by Brittanyon October 30, 2012
Draya and Jackie fight and Jackie is escorted out by a bouncer. Gloria tells Laura to go check on Jackie and I cant help but think that Laura is so two faced. She’s nice to Jackie’s face, but talks so much s*** about her behind her back. She pretends to be the realest but is […]

Basketball Wives LA: Recap 2X03

by Brittanyon October 30, 2012
The episode starts out with Gloria meeting about her web series role. Why are they still trying to convince Gloria that this role is important? Is she really going to walk around like a “cold blooded assassin” for the two weeks it’s going to take her to train? Number 1: LOL! Number 2: I’m not […]


Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone Set Photos

by Anya Rahmingon October 29, 2012
Photos have been floating around all over the web showing Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone. Below are some pictures we’ve collected from a few websites. No doubt you are already aware of the controversy surrounding Zoe Saldana playing Nina Simone. What readers may not know is that Mary J. Blige was originally cast for the role of […]

Blallywood Spotlight: Naomi Harris – James Bond Skyfall

by Anya Rahmingon October 29, 2012
British actress Naomi Harris (Ninja Assassin, Street Kings, 28 Days Later) is the 5th Black woman to claim the coveted title of “Bond Girl”. That’s right, Halle Berry was not the first Bond girl! The history of Black women playing Bond Girls includes: Trina Parks 1971 in Diamonds Are Forever Gloria Hendry 1973 in Live […]


Wu Tang Clan’s RZA Stars In The Man With The Iron Fists

by Anya Rahmingon October 29, 2012
This Friday, November 2nd, catch RZA (Robert Diggs) in an action packed Kung Fu flick titled The Man With The Iron Fists. RZA directed, wrote, and created music for the film. You may know him from multiplatinum rap group Wu-Tang Clan. This is not RZA’s first time acting. He starred in American Gangster and the […]

Keyshia & Daniel: Family First Recap 1×03

by Capree Washingtonon October 28, 2012
At the start of the “I Ain’t Thru” episode, Daniel is back in LA pending word from his doctors and management team concerning what measures need to be taken for his leg injury.   He and Keyshia are lunching out on a patio with their son, DJ, as he explains what he’s facing; the need to […]


Person of Interest Recap 2×04

by Lasheda Wallaceon October 28, 2012
The Mafia is back but in different form. They are rugged guys who wear urban clothes and pack heat. They don’t quite fit the description, but that’s just modern day Mafia. The episode opens up as Reese is taking video surveillance of a man by the name of George Massey. Massey has just been acquitted […]

Nick Canon To Make Drumline Sequel & TV Spin Off

by Anya Rahmingon October 28, 2012
  Nick Cannon is  making a sequel to his 2002 film Drumline reports S2S Magazine.  He is also turning the idea into a TV series for VH1. In 2002 Canon played a college student named Devon, the main character in Drumline. This time Cannon, age 32, won’t have a big role. He tweeted: “I’m too […]


Key & Peele Recap 2×05

by Stasheia Durhamon October 27, 2012
“Hey dummy, look, Iran is on the sea. Syria is two goddamn countries this way” word from President Obama’s anger translator Luther greets us this week in the opening of the show as the president recalls the last few weeks of debates. “Two, one, Obama, game, set, match, touchdown, checkmate, can we get back to […]

Boris Kodjoe Scores Lead Role In Zane’s Addicted

by Anya Rahmingon October 27, 2012
Boris Kodjoe has been cast as the leading male in the Zane book adaptation Addicted. The film will be distributed by Lionsgate,  directed by Billie Woodruff, and produced by Paul Hall and Charisse Nesbit.  Black Thespian reports that no one has been cast for the main character, Zoe, as of yet. The story will follow Zoe, a woman raising […]


Scandal Recap 2×04

by Lasheda Wallaceon October 26, 2012
BOOM! Episode 4 was pure explosive. There is never a dull moment and always something unexpected. We know it’s wrong but somehow we just can’t get enough of Olivia and Mr. President. That may no longer be the case. President Grant and First Lady Mellie seemed to be getting along last episode, but Olivia has […]

Amber Riley Returning to Glee In November

by Anya Rahmingon October 26, 2012
Amber Riley is returning to Glee for an episode airing on November 8th. Amber Riley’s character, Mercedes, graduated from Mckinley High School at the end of season 3.  According to E Online, this season she is returning with a few other Mckinley High alums to help cast for the school musical production of Grease. Her […]