Watch New Comedy Web Series “Ask A Slave”

by on September 9, 2013


Ask A Slave is a new comedy web series directed by Jordan Black. The series is based on her experiences playing a living history character in a museum at George Washington’s Mount Vernon plantation. The series follows a fictional slave named Lizzie Mae, played by Azie Dungey.

In the web series, Lizzie Mae answers questions about her life on the slave plantation.  The answers given in return to the shallow questions are  sarcastic quips you imagine Jordan Black held in during her gig at the museum.

According to the Ask A Slave website:

Lizzie Mae would have been one of 316 slaves that worked and lived on George Washington’s five farms. About 98 of those enslaved people lived on the Mansion House Farm, the grounds of the mansion. Lizzie would have been one of about 12 who worked in the mansion.

Watch Episode 1:

Watch Episode 2:

What do you think of the idea of the series?

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