Web Short ‘Tall, Dark, And Handsome’ Explores Not-Racist-But-Don’t-Date-Black Topic

by Anya Rahmingon May 29, 2014
A web short titled Tall, Dark, and Handsome takes on individuals who claim to be non-racist, but are repelled by the idea of dating interracially. In the short, a young Black man sits down with a White woman around his age. She’s so repelled by the thought of dating a Black man that she can’t get […]

Amazon To Have Exclusive Rights To HBO Shows Like ‘The Wire’

by Anya Rahmingon April 24, 2014
HBO has signed a contract with Amazon.com granting the company exclusive rights to distribute shows from the network’s library in digital form. Popular series like The Wire, Game Of Thrones, The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Girls, and more will be available on the Amazon Prime streaming video service. Amazon Prime is a rival to the streaming […]


Kerry Washington’s Neutrogena Gig Takes Her To YouTube, Watch!

by Anya Rahmingon April 21, 2014
Kerry Washington is the latest celebrity brand ambassador for Neutrogena. Her first commercial for the beauty care company premiered during the season 3 finale of Scandal. Washington is being used to promote the brand’s visibly even line which consists of products designed to soften dark spots and correct uneven pigmentation. Washington is not just promoting the […]

Become A Patreon Of Issa Rae Productions And We’ll Get An Awkward Black Girl Movie

by Anya Rahmingon April 18, 2014
Issa Rae has set up a campaign over on Patreon to gain financial support from followers of Issa Rae Productions. Unfortunately YouTube ad revenue alone isn’t substantial when it comes to high end content involving a crew of multiple actors and producers. Patreon campaigns allow content creators, such as musicians and YouTubers, to receive monthly […]


Catch Eddie Goines And Friends YouTube Short ’12 Days Of Christmas’

by Anya Rahmingon December 13, 2013
Eddie Goines, an actor whose credits include playing Beyonce’s husband in her If I Were A Boy music video, a guest appearance on Tyler Perry’s House Of Payne, a starring role in the 2012 movie The Coalition, and many more, is featured in a new short film. The film, titled 12 Days Of Christmas, was uploaded […]

Live Online Q&A With Tyler Perry Sunday December 8th

by Anya Rahmingon December 7, 2013
Tyler Perry will be promoting and answering questions related to his latest film, Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas on Sunday, December 8th at 4:30pm est/1:30 pst. Fans and followers will be able to use the hashtag #MadeaChristmasLive to ask questions on their choice of Facebook or Twitter, and Perry just may give a response. The live […]


New Web Series “BLACK Actress” Debuts On Issa Rae’s Channel

by Anya Rahmingon November 6, 2013
A new web series has debuted on the Issa Rae YouTube channel. The channel brings to you many of the top Black web series including Roomieloverfriends, How Men Become Dogs, Anansi, and The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl. The channel’s newest web series, which is embedded below, is titled “Black actress.” It follows a Black actress […]

Jennifer Hudson Spoofs Scandal In Healthcare PSA

by Anya Rahmingon October 2, 2013
Jennifer Hudson spoofs Kerry Washington’s Scandal in a spoof video that was published on Funny or Die. The  spoof, titled Scandalous, is in reality a PSA in which Hudson explains to people aspects of The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Each person’s “scandal” underwhelms Hudson. She finds herself explains the the ACA repeatedly, all the while […]


Watch New Comedy Web Series “Ask A Slave”

by Anya Rahmingon September 9, 2013
Ask A Slave is a new comedy web series directed by Jordan Black. The series is based on her experiences playing a living history character in a museum at George Washington’s Mount Vernon plantation. The series follows a fictional slave named Lizzie Mae, played by Azie Dungey. In the web series, Lizzie Mae answers questions about […]

Kevin Hart Debuts Lackluster Animated YouTube Series

by Anya Rahmingon August 26, 2013
Kevin Hart has released the first episode of new animated YouTube series Say It With Your Chest to his HeartBeat Productions YouTube channel. The series chronicles events and family members described in Hart’s past stand-up routines. Unfortunately the series is barely coherent if you haven’t seen or heard any of Kevin Hart’s routines. In addition, the character animation is […]


Watch Oprah Give Away Another Car On Jimmy Kimmel Show

by Anya Rahmingon August 16, 2013
Oprah Winfrey has been in the news a lot lately between the Tom Ford purse incident, her Next Chapter interview with Lindsay Lohan,  and now, giving away a car on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Its no coincidence that her latest film, The Butler, hits theaters August 16th. In the clip below, Oprah is talking to Jimmy […]

Taye Diggs Destroys Hip Hop With His Broadway Voice In ABC Short

by Anya Rahmingon April 3, 2013
Taye Diggs performed in a comedy short put out by the ABC television network titled “Diggs Destroys Hip Hop.” In the clip, Taye Diggs is in the studio with YouTube musician DeStorm Power.  Diggs’ is performing an original rap title, “Budgets Got Budgets,” but can’t seem to master the flow of rap. His Broadway singing style cause studio […]


Watch Free Online Now – Tyrese Documentary “A Black Rose That Grew Through Concrete”

by Anya Rahmingon April 2, 2013
The Tyrese documentary we wrote about last week titled A Black Rose That Grew Through Concrete has finally hit the web. The documentary is only 45 minutes long, and details the actor-singer-model’s struggle to rise to fame. Details about Tyrese’s brief period of homelessness, and interviews with celebrities including Diddy, Brandy, Ginuwine, and more are included in the feature. […]

Watch Behind The Scenes Video From Kevin Hart’s Adventures On YouTube

by Anya Rahmingon March 29, 2013
Kevin Hart’s production company, Hartbeat Productions, has been regularly putting up fun content featuring the actor-comedian on its YouTube channel. Recently a few behind the scenes video clips were posted, and two are embedded below. The first one goes behind the scenes with Kevin Hart who is working out and throwing around a football on […]


Tracee Ellis Ross Vlogs And Chats With Youtuber Chescalocs. Watch!

by Anya Rahmingon March 12, 2013
ChescaLeigh sat down with Tracee Ellis Ross for an on camera discussion which was posted to Ellis Ross’ website and ChescaLeigh’ YouTube channel. Franchesca Ramsey is an up and coming media personality who sometimes interviews celebrities, but this is more of a casual chat. In fact, Ross consults Chescalocs for advice in driving more viewers to her own […]