Scandal Recap 3×04

by on October 27, 2013


Have you ever loved somebody so much it made you cry? Have you ever loved a disgusting bastard who took pictures of his long john and sent them out at night? Well, if you’ve never loved anyone that much then you are missing out.

I thought he would stay forever but apparently Liv does not want him too. As Jake is leaving her place with his packed bag, he is questioning Liv about her knowledge of B613. Olivia stresses to Jake that she can’t involved because her Father will tear Jake to pieces. Jake asks Olivia if Fitz knew that her Father was command. Liv said no which left Jake with a few words to disperse. He wanted to tell Liv just how cold-blooded her Father really was.

Liv and Abby get a call from Harrison who is excited to tell her that they were able to “Pay the light bill”. I’m guessing that it’s code for “We’re almost broke and we needed the money terribly”.

Huck fell off the wagon as he introduced himself and his problem with Whiskey at his usual AA meeting. He explained how he drank the Whiskey and it felt good. His stalker Quinn was standing in a near corner as her phone rang, which pissed Huck off. He knew that Quinn was following him.

James is trying to seduce Cyrus to get a comment about a recent White House incident but his seducing did not work. Cyrus left no comment.

Desiree Oaks has been killed and it looks as if Senator Meyers was involved. The Senator is also accused of engaging in an unhealthy relationship with her.

Shelly Meyers, the Senator’s wife is standing by her husband’s side because she along with Olivia believes that everyone deserves a second chance.

As Senator Meyers is entering the court house for his trial, he is swarmed by journalists asking him if he had sexual relations with the woman that he killed. Olivia set the record straight as she informed the swarming cameras that; the Senator made a mistake but that does not make him a murderer.

In court, David Rosen catches Liv and Shelly off guard as he brings in other women who have engaged in online sexual chats with the Senator. He is a dirty man as he asked one woman to take a picture while she was on the toilet. Now that’s sick on another level.

Back at Pope and associates, Liv gathers the team because they are gearing up to slander a dead girl. They pull up her history with men and how she used each of them to finance her lavish lifestyle. Rosen objected to everything because he knew that his case was going downhill.

Mellie is holding a press conference for a children’s organization when she get’s asked about Josephine Marcus. Josephine Marcus is a Presidential nominee. Mellie gives a great political answer but takes her mic off soon after and sticks it to the man. She called her a piece of trailer trash who like fried twinkies. Mellie didn’t know that the representative that she was speaking to still had her mic on. Big Mouth Mellie!

Quinn is agitating Huck every chance that she gets as she continues to ask him about his whereabouts. She scolds him for going to an AA meeting because she knew that he was talking about murdering. Huck walked off because he knew that Quinn wouldn’t stop.

Huck and Jake meet gun to gun in the parking lot. Jake wants to talk. He wants to know if Huck is interested in taking down command. Huck say’s that it has never happened while Jake responds “because no one has ever tried to”.
Every newspaper has Mellie on the front page as “Mouthy Mellie” and the First Lady’s “Big Mouth”. Cyrus is livid as usual and has his assistant dig up dirt on Josephine because her points are up in they need dirt on her. Mellie agrees to draft up an apology letter.

Pope and Associates are continuing to learn new things about their client. Another woman comes out of the blue and informs the press that she received some long john pics from the Senator. Shelly learns of the news and is disgusted by her husband. Liv looks pissed off because she has to find another way around proving her client not guilty.

Fitz scanned over an article in the newspaper about a former Naval Officer death. Pete Foster must have been close to Fitz because he arranged to have him a proper burial alongside all fallen soldiers.

James scolds Cyrus for not informing him of the President’s secret burial for Pete Foster. Cyrus knew nothing of this. Cyrus meets with Eli and asks him why he killed Pete Foster. Jake is on a bench, not too far away, recording Eli and Cyrus’ conversation.

The Gladiators want to drop the Senators case but Liv reminds them that they are not quitters.

Jake busts into Liv’s office and informs her that Pete Foster and Fitz had some sort of past together but was unsure of the connections. Liv demanded that he leave her office. Huck sneaks into Liv’s office, where Jake left files on Foster, to connect some dots. He learned who Pete Foster was but more importantly who he had just killed. Pete Foster was a part ofB613 and Eli had Huck kill him within a matter of minutes.

Cyrus is feeding Mellie a mouthful of venom when Fitz interrupts and demands that Cyrus leave her alone. He holds Mellie’s hand as her tells her that everyone makes mistakes. Mellie wanted that moment so bad but stormed out of the office because she knew her husband probably didn’t mean it.

Abby walks into David’s office and he thinks that she wants a favor. Abby just wanted to take David to lunch with hopes of “Dessert” afterwards.

Olivia locates Shelly, who had disappeared after finding about her husband’s extracurricular activities. Olivia wants her to testify on behalf of her husband because she knows that he did not kill Desiree Oaks. Shelly is ashamed because her husband ruined her reputation as a lawyer. Liv comes up with a plan for Shelly to tell the truth on the stand and she does. She tells David how despicable and disgusting her husband is but knows that he was with her on the night of Desiree’s murder. “You don’t go to jail for being a cheating lying bastard. You go to jail for being a murderer”. Favorite line of the night!

Jake shows up at Liv’s apartment, begging to talk. Liv say’s no but recants her answer when she spots Huck behind Jake.

Jake and Huck inform Liv that Fitz was the Pilot on a plane that was not listed on Pete Foster’s flight history. Maybe it was a B613 mission.

Liv learns from Senator Meyers that his wife lied on the stand to protect him. Liv pieces things together and confronts Shelly about murdering Desiree Oaks. She walks away before telling Liv that “We all deserve a second chance”.

Cyrus’ assistant gets some dirt on Josephine Marcus. He learned that she had a baby when she was fifteen but possibly gave it up for adoption.

Huck scolds Quinn for asking him questions. He knows that she is not asking out of concern but out of interest. He tells her to stop being interested and stop while she can.

Abby sends David a picture of her “Something” as she stands outside of his door. And then they banged a hole in the floor.

Olivia is being comforted by Jake. She tells him that she’s scared and he tells her to put her head on his chest. He promises to never leave her as Liv gives in to his sexy lips. They were deep into swapping DNA and about to have some good ole sexy time when Fitz called. Jake interrupted the call by asking if Liv wanted more wine. Fitz hung up the phone and seemed so hurt that his love was possibly moving on.

Fitz is alongside his security agents as he burst into the office of Eli Pope. “This is a reunion that is long overdue.”



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