About The Scandal Season 3 Finale….697,437 Tweets, More Great Stats

by on April 21, 2014

Scandal-Season-3-Finale-Blallywood.comAn ABC press release has revealed the Scandal season 3 finale viewership stats. The season 3 finale garnered 10.5 million viewers. This is an increase from the season 2 finale, which attracted 9.1 million viewers last year, proving the show is more popular than ever. Rhimes has said she is confident the show will be returning for season 4. The season 3 finale of Scandal actually attracted more viewers than the Grey’s Anatomy episode that preceded it. Grey’s had 8.1 million viewers, although it wasn’t a season finale. Scandal also beat its NBC time slot competitor Parenthood (which also had its season finale last week) by 162%. The show set twitter aflame racking up 697,437 tweets, an increase of +101% over the prior week, and the 2nd-highest number for any episode. There were a total of 7 million combined Scandal tweets during the show’s entire 3rd season. Say what you will about the direction the show is taking, continue to point out the diminishing realism of the plot lines, or that the wardrobe pieces were obviously chosen to mask Kerry Washington’s pregnancy. At the end of the day, Shonda Rhimes’ creation is still an explosive headliner for ABC. She’s gaining a larger and larger audience as she unravels her master plan.

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