Scandal Recap 2×11

by on January 19, 2013


Scandal never fails to disappoint. Mr. President is back and in full effect and of course it was with the love of his life, Olivia. Although the original team Fitz is back, Langston and Hollis have other plans. Can someone please explain to me what Hollis’ profession is?

I was either wrong about the end of Edlivia or Edison just may be a stalker. This episode starts off with so much drama. Olivia comes back to her apartment to find Edison waiting for her. He insists that something is wrong with Olivia and their relationship and then he drops a bomb. He formulated a theory that Olivia was having an affair with the President. Being the kind of woman that she is, Liv fires back. In a five point answer, Olivia feeds Edison an earful as to why everything he had just said was a load of crap. She shows him the door and immediately after Edison leaves, Olivia is on the phone with Cyrus stating that there is a problem.

Two years prior to Fitz’ presidency, we see flashbacks of the campaign and the worry around Fitz possibly loosing the race. The debates are not going so well for him and his electoral votes are not as he would like them to be. He is worried and there’s only one thing that can help, sex with Olivia. In the midst of some heated passion, Olivia is able to work in bringing in Fitz’ father for help. He is opposed to the idea, but will agree if Olivia stops talking about it. She did, they did it and it was done well. On the other hand, Hollis has suggested that he has a computer savvy friend who is willing to rig the election in order for Fitz to win.

Flash forward to the now and Fitz is wide awake from his coma. Presiding president Langston has gathered up a team of White House Representatives to have them sign a petition that states that Fitz is no way, shape or form to lead the American people. She informs them that his letter of reinstatement is false and that he is still comatose. In walks President Grant and the people all rise. Langston looks pretty stunned to see a dead man walking. Cyrus and Mellie are prancing around like excited school girls while teasing Langston. While in the oval office, Fitz assures Mellie and Cyrus that he can’t show any signs of weakness because Langston will be there to pick up the pieces.

Flashback to twenty-seven days before the Presidential election. Fitz is working on some debate questions and in walks his infamous father who so happens to be way too full of himself. Fitz and the crew are having dinner while his father is basking in the spotlight. It becomes obvious that Fitz is not fond of his father, and soon after, he lets it rip. He calls his Father out on sleeping with a prostitute while serving as Governor and not caring about his wife. That is the end of the dinner. The elevator doors are closing, but Fitz stops them. He is on an elevator with Olivia trying to make a move but he is drunk. The doors open, and Mellie, with a demanding tone, calls his name. He leaves, leaving Mellie and Olivia alone. Mellie apologizes and begs for forgiveness, assuring Olivia that she is needed and that they would be lost without her.

Flash Forward to the now again. Fitz is meeting with the Armed Forces team to take down the leader of East Sudan. A problem arises when he can’t remember the name of the leader, but Langston helps him. The group of people at the meeting know something is wrong.

Were flashing back to the presidential election. Fitz seems to have given in to his Father’s demands and requires that his campaign team start playing dirty. Olivia enlist the help of her associates and has them dig up dirt on the opposing Presidential Candidate. They are able to find little things about his college days but Fitz’ father assures them that if they don’t find any real dirt, then Fitz would surely lose. While on the private plane, Hollis brings up the rigging scandal. Olivia declines the offer but Hollis fills Mellie in on the scandal.

Once again, we flash forward to the now. Fitz has decided to hold a press conference, citing his ability to run the country in an effective manner. Cyrus enlists Olivia’s help because he thinks Fitz is not capable of holding a conference, given his current state of health. Olivia walks into Fitz’ office and gets something off of her chest. “You almost died. Don’t do it again”. Wiping the sweat from his face, Olivia softly kisses Fitz, showing him how much she was worried. He’s ready for his press conference and Olivia agrees that he is. In flashback scenes, correlated with his press conference, Fitz is shown stating answers as to why he should be trusted as Commander in Chief and if his injury will affect his mental ability to continue on as President of the United States.

Flashback. At the last Presidential debate, Fitz walks off stage and into the arms of Olivia and Cyrus, feeling great about his performance. He runs into his Father who was pissed that he chose not to stoop to his level. Fitz lets it all out. He lets his Father know how dreadful he was a man and how he never wanted to be like him. On the plane, Hollis once again brings up rigging the election. Everyone is on board except for Olivia. She goes to the back to check on Fitz and he tells her that his father just died of a heart attack.

Olivia consoles Fitz as he is finally able to let go of the tears that he held in concerning his father.

Flash Forward. Langston has signed and delivered Fitz’ reinstatement for Presidency. It’s all in her plans, along with Hollis. They agreed to sit back and watch as Fitz falls apart and then they would come in and take over. Edison is back and he apologizes to Olivia and tells her how much he’s in love with her, how much he needs her and how he doesn’t care about her past. He even popped the question. He wants to marry Olivia, if she will have him.

Flashback. Fitz is not doing well in the election and the team has to resort to some low standards. Cyrus talks Olivia into agreeing to rig the election. After remembering all the odds against Fitz and how his Father said that he would never be a winner, Olivia set her morals to the side and agrees to one of the biggest scandals.


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