Scandal Recap 2×09

by on December 15, 2012


scandal2x09ballywood.comAmerica was on the edges of their seats as they tuned in for the winter finale of Scandal. This episode was so good that I almost slapped my mom, out of pure excitement. With so many twist and turns, Scandal was enchantingly delicious.

Former Vice President and current President Sally Langston has taken over the oval office and has already began abusing Presidential power. In the opening scene, Langston makes a public statement of prayer for the President and his family and has assured America that she is handling business. President Grant’s condition has not improved. Doctor’s are certain that he will awake from his coma within a week but are irresolute of his mental condition once he is awake.

While President Langston makes her public statement, the crew over at Pope and Associates are all asleep when Harrison is awaken by a frantic Huck who confesses to being the suspect of the shooting of the President. Harrison makes a phone call to Olivia, who is handling business at the White House, demanding that she make her way back to Pope and Associates. Olivia declines but Harrison’s temperamental tone, demanding for Olivia to “Get her ass there now” has Olivia packing up and rushing through the White House doors.

Olivia and the team are questioning Huck as he spills the beans on his girlfriend Becky. Huck received a call from Becky stating that “She was in trouble and that she messed up”. Huck thought that she relapsed so he rushed to her side. She gave him the name of a hotel and the room number, 807. When Huck arrived to the room, there was an automatic sniper rifle set up and aimed towards the President and the surrounding people. The weapon was set to automatically fire and it did. Huck quickly tossed his hood over his head and began to dismantle the weapon and collect the bullet shells. Once the gun was back into the case, Huck left the room and exited the hotel. Abby asked Huck what happened to the gun and he pulls the case from under the table, only to open it. “That’s the gun that shot the President.” Olivia silently breaks down as she glances at the weapon.

Huck and the team check into Becky’s background and Huck told them everything that he knew about her. He was convinced that Becky was kidnapped. When asked if it was possible that he was set up by Becky, Huck hurriedly replied no. This was a job done by someone who killed people professionally. Huck refused to believe that Becky was capable of such a thing.

Olivia has returned to the White House to make a statement about the details of the shooter. She releases a sketch of a suspect in a red hoody and then turns the podium over to investigating officers.
Cyrus has been removed from his position at the White House by President Langston. He moves his office to his home as his assistant leaves him to his work. He receives a call from James’ mother who wanted to know when he would be visiting her. Cyrus was confused because James had informed him that he had already visited his parents. James was caught red-handed.

Hollis is playing dirty as usual as he meets with Langston to set up a new partnership. The team is unable to get surveillance from the hotel where Becky was staying but Abby calls in a favor. She calls David Rosen who comes through and provides her with seventy-two hours of hotel footage. The team notices that Becky was not kidnapped; instead she had just willingly entered and left the hotel. The team digs further into her background and pulls up some juicy dirt, Becky does not exist. Huck still refuses to believe that it was her. Huck was informed by Olivia to stay at the office but he disobeyed that ordered and went to search Becky’s apartment. There he finds a secret room of surveillance of him and Olivia. Is he finally convinced that it was Becky who set him up?

Madame President makes a visit to Justice Thornton, who seems to be getting worse. The chemo-therapy has forced Justice Thornton to be confined to the hospital for a few days. Langston threatens Thornton to give up her seat on the Supreme Court or she will reveal to the world and member of the House that she has terminal cancer. Thornton knew that she had terminal cancer during her initial selection to become a Justice which means that she lied about her health conditions. Langston also threatens to reveal this information, leaving Justice Thornton with a huge decision to make.
Cyrus and James are having dinner when Cyrus brings up James’ parents. He asked about his Father and their visit, leaving James very uncomfortable and nervous. James dashes to the kitchen for extra wine and Cyrus takes a peek through his phone. He notices one particular number that was called multiple times and automatically thinks that James is cheating on him.

Back at the oval office, Olivia and President Langston are reviewing footage of the shooter on an elevator, just before the shooting. Olivia immediately notices that it’s Huck and when the meeting is over, she quickly calls Abby to inform them to of the footage. She wants Huck to make it disappear but Abby tells Olivia that Huck is gone.
Huck is clandestinely watching “His family” as he does weekly, on a certain night. He remembers his first date with Becky and how he explained to her about the family and how he watched them and knew their every move. That was kind of creepy but he loved their family dynamic. Abruptly, Becky appears with a gun pointed toward Huck’s head. I didn’t even see her get into the car. Huck asked if he was going to die and Becky responds. “I could have used your credit cards and linked you to the shootings.” She goes on to tell Huck that she didn’t turn him in because she likes him. She then threatens to frame him or have the choice of going on the run with her. Becky is way psycho.

Cyrus shows up at Olivia’s apartment for “Girl Talk”. He tells Olivia that James is cheating on him and that he’s going to grow old and be alone. Olivia tells Cyrus that Langston has her planning Fitz’s funeral and that she has revoked her visiting rights. Olivia asked Cyrus if he was sure about James and he replied that he was. Cyrus hired a private detective to spy on James and asked Olivia if she would do the same. He then thinks about his question and tells Olivia that Fitz refers to her as the love of his life and that she should never stop fighting for him. Olivia responds by telling Cyrus that he is never going to grow old and alone because she will always be there.

Justice Thornton reveals to Olivia that she is being blackmailed by Langston and wants to know how and if she could stop being blackmailed. Olivia tells her to resign now and still be respected among her peers. Langston fires back at Olivia and states how karma always comes back around. She then reveals that she think the shooter looks a lot like Huck. Olivia plays it safe by not responding.

Huck is back at Becky’s apartment, sitting on the floor, surrounded by surveillance photos of him and Olivia. Becky walks in and soon enough they embrace each other, followed by a steamy love scene. Huck assures Becky that he loves her and that they are the same. He asked her to give him an hour to pack his things and they would meet at their secret spot.

Cyrus meets up with his private detective who releases some pertinent information. The number is James’ phone belonged to David Rosen. Also, James’ credit card statement revealed that he was in a little town called Defiance, Ohio. Cyrus tells him to keep watching James as he speeds away in his car.

Huck meets up with Olivia to tell her that he is leaving. He came to say his final goodbyes. Olivia slams Huck for taking up with a murderer but he fires back: “Don’t tell me who to love. Do I tell you who to love?” Huck makes the right decision and decides to set Becky up. He is a little too late because she has beaten him to the punch. Becky tapped into Huck’s phone and heard his conversation with Harrison. While Huck goes to watch his “Family”, he notices that no one is there. When he enters the house, he finds the entire family dead.

Olivia is attending a meeting where Fitz’s funeral is being planned. She dozes slightly out of whack as she refuses to believe that Fitz will die. Olivia meets back with the team as they all surround Huck who is enraged and ready to kill. She insures Huck that they will find Becky and take care of her but I don’t think Huck heard anything she said.
Cyrus has presented James with a picture of a baby that is up for adoption and is waiting for his approval. He thinks that the baby will distract James from digging into the story of the rigged voting machines. Cyrus informs James that he would have to quit his job to take care of the baby and he agrees. However, while shopping for baby stuff, James meets with David and gives him a memory card from one of the voting machines. He knows what Cyrus is up to but refuses to stop investigating the story.

Abby meets up with David and more steamy sex is in the works. She then leaves afterwards. That scene was very awkward. Flash forward to Langston and Thornton. Justice Thornton makes a visit to President Langston and presents her with a hard decision. She can either accept her letter of resignation or accept information about the shooter of the President. Langston has one hard decision to make.

An entire S.W.A.T. team bombards Pope and Associates and arrest the entire team, specifically looking for Huck. When Olivia asked, “What’s the charge”, an officer replied that Huck was protected by the Patriot Act. This was by far the best episode of Scandal. The sad part is that this was also the mid-season finale so we have to wait until January 10th for the next episode. I might have Scandal withdrawals. I don’t know if I can wait that long.


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