Scandal Recap 2×15

by on February 25, 2013


How is it possible that every episode is an epic one? We, the “Gladiators” must commend the writers of this great show for their great story lines and creative writing abilities. So now I have to figure out how to say “Great episode” differently for every episode. I need to pick up a second language.

David Rosen is leaving work after every other teacher has cleared the building. He instantly gets paranoid as he fears that someone is stalking him. Someone is watching his every move.

Olivia shows up late for her “Date” with Jake. When she arrives, she apologizes for being late for their “Meeting”. Jake counters and reassures her that he is not one of her clients so that would make their encounter, an official date. She does not disagree. He does not particularly like the restaurant that they are at so he takes Olivia by the hand and escorts her to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, for their “Date”. He figures out that Olivia is hard to please as she comments on how the setting was “Nice”. Instead of dating questions, Olivia pries for information about “Albatraz”, the secret operation that Wendy was researching. He tells her. She ends the date because of a call about work.

The media is crucifying Fitz for not taking proper actions to deal with the Al-Qaedan terrorist who are still holding the American C.I.A. officers hostage. Fitz demands that his team do something to fix it. He then meets with……….Captain Jake Ballard. Fitz is definitely a creep now. He hired Jake to spy on Olivia.

David Rosen enlists the help of Pope and Associates once again. As they are pulling together information on who could be following him, everyone is suddenly straying away from Huck because of a foul smell that is lingering from him. Rosen thinks that there is a “Mole” in the pentagon who is leaking information about the Americans and that might be the person who is following him. Huck informs them that he can hack into the firewalls of the Pentagon files to try to figure out who it is but it will take a few days.

As Jake is meeting with Fits, we learn that he is possibly the “Good Guy”. He seems to be genuinely concerned about Olivia’s well being and is also inquisitive as to why Fitz wants to keep tabs on her. He also wanted to know why Fitz jumped from audio surveillance to video. Fitz tells him it because Olivia is bad person and because he had his reasons.

Olivia meets with Senator Peter Caldwell of the infamous political Caldwell family. He needs her help on helping his brother, Bill, win the race as the next Governor of North Carolina. When Olivia meets with Bill, she questions him about his being single. She then assumes that he is gay which he assures her that he is not. Olivia tells him that his being single will jeopardize his campaign because people don’t trust single politicians because they can’t put their fingers on them. Olivia comes up with a plan to find Bill a “Fake Wife”.

Harrison and Abby go on a search for Bills fake wife. Harrison interviews a clothing designer who seems like a good match while Abby interviews a school teacher.

Back at the office, Abby is gathering her belongings to leave the office as she is the last one there. She sees David and tells him that Olivia has left. David tells her that he is just there to clear his head. After a silent pause and a sex stare down, Abby and David are breaking furniture and ripping off clothes. That was some awesome desk sex.

Cyrus interrupts Fitz meeting to show him some damaging footage. When Fitz, Millie and the rest of the team tune in, they watch on as one of the American hostages has just been beheaded. Fitz knows that there is a mole and demands that his people figure it out, fast.

Jake watches on as Olivia is a t home, sitting on her bed, in her own thoughts. Whenever Olivia is at home, she seems to be pretty depressed. He calls her and demands that she make it up to him by going on a second date. Olivia tells Jake that she does not date and then hangs up the phone
Cyrus meets with Millie and discusses his ideas on actions that Fitz should take with the terrorists. Millie assures him that she would pass the message on to Fitz.

As Rosen is busy teaching his students, he suddenly sees a object fly pass his window. No one else apparently saw it. Huck is supposed to be on watch for David as he sits outside in his truck. It begins to rain and Huck immediately starts to have flashbacks and a panic attack from his days of being tortured.

Harrison, Abby and Quinn set up a meeting for Bill Caldwell to meet his “Potential wife”. They watch on as they silently cheer when things seem to be going well for the two. Before Natalie, the potential wife, leaves the firm, Abby corners her and informs her that if she goes through with it, then she would be living a life a scrutiny because of the public’s opinion of her. Abby scares Natalie off, for good.

Fitz takes Cyrus’ advice on dealing with the terrorist, at least it seems. Millie did relay the message to Fitz but she also took credit for the idea, basking in Fitz praise for making him look good.

Olivia scolded Abby for scaring Natalie off but Abby did it because it reminded her of her old life. Olivia reassured her that if all it took was one conversation then she was not meant to be “The wife” anyway.

Rosen really thinks that he is going to be attacked so he calls Huck. Huck did not answer because he was having “PTSD” moments. Rosen corners a woman, Molly, who had been following him, and she admits to knowing who killed Wendy.

Olivia meets with the Caldwell’s to update them on Natalie. Olivia informs them that she has a backup plan. Bill has received great news that Fitz would be speaking at his gala to endorse him.

Olivia meets with Cyrus and begs him to get someone else to speak at the gala. Cyrus is distracted by Millie and her ongoing antics. Olivia tells Cyrus to let her be and soon enough, she would make a mistake and Fitz would stop trusting her. Jake is watching all this entire conversation as he hears Olivia say that Fitz hates her more than he does Cyrus.

Olivia’s second choice for the fake wife was the School Teacher. Bill rehearses with her on details on how they met so they could impress the people at his gala.

Cyrus gets back at Millie when he lets her “Dig her own hole”. She has an idea to speak with the families of the captured Americans about their safe return home. Cyrus knows that Fitz would not approve but he tells her that it’s a good idea.

News leaked about Bill and his search for a “Fake Wife”. Harrison calls Olivia to inform her and she demands that he stop it from reaching the press.

Cyrus meets with a journalist to inform her of Millie’s plan for the hostages’ families. There is not supposed to be any press but Cyrus has other plans.

With the help of Molly, Huck finds surveillance of a black van outside of Wendy’s house the night before she was killed. Quinn is there to help but quickly walks out because of Huck’s stench. On the other side of town, Harrison finds the source who was supposed to leak the story of the fake wife and pays him off.

At the gala, Bill and his new “Wife” put on a great act for the people. While this is going on, Abby and Rosen are having hot car sex, and not even in the back seat. She is one flexible lady.

Fitz ends his speech at the gala and notices Olivia. She is quite smitten with a person on the phone. Fitz sees this and he gets quite jealous. Olivia actually is on the phone with Jake who called again and requested that they go on another date. I see possible sparks between these two.

Olivia receives a call from Harrison while on the phone with Jake. She tells Jake that she will call him back and suddenly has an epiphany of why Bill is single. He’s not gay, just screwing his brothers’ wife. Olivia goes outside to find him and sees him kissing his brothers’ wife. She walked up to him and told him to end it. He said he couldn’t because he loved her. Olivia gave him advice, from experience, telling him that he had nothing because stolen moments mean nothing while they’re celebrating anniversaries and raising children.

Quinn tells Huck that he smells. It’s because of the PTSD. The rain reminded him of the torture which resulted in temporary depression. Huck told Quinn that when the rain stopped, then he would be fine.

Fitz is livid at Millie for discussing military operations with civilians which made him look weak and for bringing press into it. Millie told Fitz that she didn’t know that press would be involved. He didn’t want to hear it and had her dismissed.

Olivia calls Jake and finally accepts his offer for a second date. She hangs up quickly when Peter walks in. He already knew about his brothers’ affair with his wife but put family first because that’s the way his family rolled.

Huck and Quinn present Olivia with encrypted files on the American hostages. Molly confirms the identity of the mole as she points of C.I.A. Director Osbourne, who has been working closely with Fitz the entire time. Fitz meets with Jake again to demand information on Olivia’s “New Guy”. Jake tells Fitz that “There is no guy”. What the what? We have to wait until next week to see what goes down between these two. I refuse to pick a side as I might be scorned for the person whose side I’m really on, (Team Jake).


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