Scandal Recap 2×12

by on February 4, 2013


Everything seems to be unraveling on Olivia and for the first time, she can’t fix it. Secrets are revealed, a baby is born, and murder seems to be quite common among a few people. What happens when Olivia Pope can’t fix things? Uhh, hello people, Olivia always finds a way to fix things.

Two years prior to Fitz’ presidency, we see a flashback of a young man switching out memory cards of the new touch screen voting machines. This elaborate plan, all from Hollis Doyle, was the beginning of the rigged election. The young man turns out to be Quinn’s boyfriend who was promised a $2 Million dollar payout for rigging the machines. The episode resumes with Mellie demanding that Cyrus talk some sense into Fitz because he asked for a divorce. While Fitz wants a divorce, Olivia is indecisive of whether or not to accept Edison’s proposal. David Rosen has threatened Hollis to expose his connection with the assassination attempt on the President. Hollis goes to the only person who can fix this problem, Olivia. He threatens to expose the rigging of the election and the people behind it if Olivia does not quickly find a resolution to his problem.

The scene takes a quick flashback to Quinn, who at the time was Lindsay and her boyfriend Jesse. They were supposed to take a trip out of the country but there was a setback. Hollis Doyle made news for being one of the world’s wealthiest men and Jesse demanded that his payout be bigger. Doyle hung up in his face, leaving Jesse angry and spilling his coffee onto his computer, frying it out. Quinn could only look on while she tried to figure out what was going on. The scene resumes with Olivia in Cyrus’ office. I have never seen Olivia so vulnerable and filled with doubt and may I add that, quite frankly, I despise it. For the first time, Olivia admits that she does not know how to fix a problem and she blames it on her connection with Fitz. Cyrus tells her not to worry because he was going to handle everything, including Hollis. Cyrus insists that Olivia go home and get some sleep. She certainly is not great at sleeping because she seemed to be awake for a few days. Edison tried to help but she pushed him away. Edison called on the help of the associates at Pope and Associates. It looks as if they have a new client, Olivia.

Hollis Doyle has been working with Kate for some time. Kate is the one who set up Quinn and her boyfriend but before she could take Quinn out, Huck rescues Quinn and takes her back to a safe place. The team is at the office trying to figure out how to take Hollis down and what exactly was his involvement in the Presidential Election. Hollis was actually rigging votes to get his oil pipeline approved. They all figure out that Olivia was part of the rigged election and that’s what Hollis is holding over her head.

Mellie makes a visit to the OBGYN to make sure everything with the baby is OK. She reminisces on how Fitz was there for both pregnancies which assumingly gives her an idea on how to insure that he will be there for the birth of the new baby.

Huck makes a visit to Olivia’s apartment and hops straight in bed with her. Not like that people. He tells Olivia that he can take Hollis out and Olivia responds by telling him that “He can’t just go around murdering people”. Huck also shares with Olivia Cyrus’ plans to take Hollis out and Olivia makes a visit to Verna Thompson. She tells Thompson what Hollis plans to do and how she can protect her but Thompson counters by saying that she is near the end of her battle with cancer and that Olivia should just worry about herself.

Police invade Hollis’ office with an affidavit to search his office. They find his secret cell phone and place him under arrest for the involvement on the attempted assassination of the President. Olivia actually turns Hollis in as she is seen in the office of David Rosen making a plea deal. Rosen takes the deal but assures Olivia that he would be coming after her when Hollis has been taken down.

Cyrus and Olivia go for a walk and Cyrus threatens Olivia to keep her mouth shut about Hollis and the election. Olivia tells Cyrus to lawyer up because she is through with keeping the situation a secret.

The team is in the office going over theories of the Hollis Doyle case when Quinn demands that Olivia start spilling secrets that she knows. Olivia walks in and asks Quinn what she wanted to know. The team goes to work on finding information on Quinn’s ex boyfriend and trying to find one his old accounts that would link Hollis to the crime. They also look into Becky’s profile and how they could link her and Hollis to the President’s assassination. Huck makes a visit to Becky in jail and makes a deal with her in exchange for the account number in which Hollis transferred money into. In exchange for her account number, Huck gives Becky his real name, which means a lot because they still care for each other.

Cyrus tells Mellie that Fitz is serious about the divorce and that Olivia gave up Hollis. Mellie replies by taking credit for Fitz rehabilitation and standing by his side at all times. Cyrus says that he can take care of the Hollis situation and that if Mellie has one more trick up her sleeve with Fitz, then she needs to play it. Mellie makes a trip to the hospital while Cyrus makes a call, informing his “Person” to make it look like an accident.

Harrison assures Olivia that she will always be the best person for the job and that he will always have her back. There is then a great moment where they hold each other’s hand assuring their respect and love for one another.

Huck is able to crack into Becky’s account and they all see the wired transfers for large amounts of money. Olivia suddenly panics when Huck realizes and tells her that it was not Hollis who paid Becky. Olivia calls Rosen to inform him but they had already let Hollis go. Olivia tells Huck that Hollis is out and Huck goes to work. Mellie’s trick worked. She had her labor induced and the Fitz was informed that there was an emergency. When he gets to the hospital, he sees that Mellie is in labor and he races to her side, assuring her that they were in it together. Hollis is joined on an elevator by Cyrus’ “Guy” who plans to take Hollis out as well. Two killers after Hollis, who will get to him first?


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