Scandal Recap 3×01

by on October 5, 2013

scandalrecap3x01-www.blalylwood.com-blacktvshows-lashedawallaceWhat was missing in our lives is back. The season three premiere of Scandal was like watching the unveiling of a masterpiece. It was absolutely stunning. Did you find yourself staring at the TV with your mouth wide open?

Episode one was ridiculousness in a bottle. It exploded once we opened it. The episode resumes with Liv being whisked away from in front of her apartment building by secret agents. She ends up in a limousine with her Father, who escorts her to a private airport. He instructs Liv to get on the plane as he has handled the rest. Liv was to get on the plane and never come back.

Olivia was scorned by her Father as he reminded her that “She had to be twice as good as them to get half of what they have”. Olivia held her head down like a five year old being scorned.

Olivia gets on the plane and is able to call Cyrus with the help of a flight attendant. She informs Cyrus of her plan but he begs her to come back because he has been nothing short of amazing to her. Liv turns that big plane around and returns back to American ground. She demands to be taken back to her office.

“The White House will destroy you”, Olivia’s Dad says to her as she peers out of the back seat of her limo. “That’s what Mom used to say about you”, Olivia retaliated.

Cyrus has come up with an elaborate plan to have VP Sally Langston to cover for Fitz, with the press coverage, until he is able to address America concerning his infidelities. Sally refuses to do so because she is of the Lord. Sally scolded Cyrus in a way that tore him to the core. “I have never mentioned your Godless homosexual lifestyle and that poor sweet brown baby that you have dragged into it”. WHAT?

Fitz asks to speak with Sally alone. She agrees. Fitz uses his wit and charm to manipulate Sally into covering for him until he is ready to address America. He gives her the good ole truth. He tells Sally that he cheated on his wife and he failed her and the people because he lied to them. He tells her that he wants to talk to his family first before he goes out and makes things right. She agrees. Who knew Sally had a heart?

Olivia arrives back to Pope and Associates where she is swarmed by paparazzi. Huck and Harrison comes down and rescues her from the paparazzi that are just being ruthless with snapping pictures of her. Back in the office, Harrison and Abby asks Liv about their next move. Liv says that its being handled. What she didn’t know is that she no longer had clients willing to work with her. Harrison is not worried about clients but is worried about Olivia. He has on his fix it face.

Mellie addresses one of Fitz’ secret service agents as she asked him if he was the one who leaked Liv’s name to the press. She said that she knew that him and the other agents liked to hang out at Malloy’s after work and drink. Mellie made the agent feel small as he swore to her that he did not reveal a name.

David Rosen takes it upon himself to meet with Olivia as he agrees to represent Olivia, concerning her “Alleged” affair with the President. Harrison and Abby walks into the office and turns on the TV as news coverage of Fitz walking out of the back of Olivia’s building at night is being shown. Everyone shuts down because that footage was the cherry on top. Cyrus tells an assistant to start a kill folder on Olivia Pope.

Harrison tries to convince Cyrus to remove Liv’s name from the press somehow but Cyrus hangs up. Cyrus and his team are secretly meeting as they are going through every inch of Olivia’s life. They start with her childhood, including her Mom who died when Liv was twelve. There is not much on her Father but plenty of Liv’s dating life, which makes her look like an around the way girl.

Liv is back at home when she receives an anonymous call. She ends up in a parking lot with her Dad. He demands that she gets back on the plane. Olivia demands to know where Jake Ballard is. When he does not bulge, Olivia starts walking back to her car and her Dad tells her that she will run out of options. “I’m never out of options”, Liv replied.

What happened next was nothing short of astounding. Liv uses her only resource that Fitz gave her for cases of an emergency. She calls on the Navy Seals as she is escorted to a private bunker with Fitz to discuss how they’re going to handle the “Situation”. Olivia also called Mellie to the bunker and that scene just made for fabulous TV.

In the bunker, Liv comes up with a plan for Fitz to announce to America that he had an affair with her. Mellie ain’t going for that! Olivia asked Mellie, “How many times will you be ok with Fitz and I sleeping together”? Who asks this question? They all come to an agreement as to how Fitz will announce his affair.

Fitz meets with Sally again to inform her that he would be making his speech that day. He informs Sally that Mellie will be by his side. Sally is surprised by this. Fitz tells her that it’s for the sake of their family. Sally hint’s at her husband enjoying the move to D.C. but he has become “Fun” now. Is someone’s husband sneaking around? Is that why Sally is so mean?

Mellie meets with Cyrus to come up with a plan to stop Fitz from announcing his affair. Harrison and the gladiator’s come up with a plan too. Harrison met with Cyrus and slipped him a disk.

While in a press meeting, rookie reporter Janine Locke saw her picture plastered over the TV screen as a video of her stating how she had the hot’s for Fitz had surfaced. This was the elaborate plan of Mellie. Poor girl! However, Liv was in the clear after that stunt. Praise his name!

Mellie confronts Fitz because she figured out that Fitz…..leaked Olivia’s name to the press. He said he did it to free Olivia from Mellie’s mercy.

Olivia’s is back to work as she is representing…..Janine Locke.

Cyrus arrives home to find Charlie lying in his bed, next to a drugged out James, with a gun in his hand. Cyrus is transported to a secret room with Olivia’s dad who gives Cyrus a file of what happened on the mission of Fitz and Jake when they served in the military. What’s in the freaking file?

Be sure to tune in to next week’s episode as we all find out what in the file.


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