Scandal Recap 2×14

by on February 16, 2013


Ten months has passed since the scandal and death of Supreme Court Justice Verna Thompson. Olivia is finally learning what “Alone Time” means as she swims her problems away. As she is doing so, she is also having flashbacks of a very hot encounter between her and Fitz.

Fitz has started to develop a drinking problem as he requested that Millie bring him a glass of Whiskey at 7:00 a.m. while he is in the shower. Millie does so, hesitantly, and also decides to join her husband in the shower for a “Morning pick me up”. Fitz declined at first but Millie persuaded him by saying that she would do all of the work. In the midst of their “Encounter”, Cyrus interrupts them by informing Fitz that four Americans had been kidnapped by Al-Qaeda terrorists.

David Rosen wakes up with a bloody knife and his hand and a bludgeoned woman in his bed. He panics as he turns around to view the entire scene. Moments later, the police knock at his door with complaints of loud noise and a woman screaming. Rosen is panting while trying to find clothes to put on. As he answers the door, he convinces the officers that nothing has happened in his apartment.

A terror group affiliated with Al-Qaeda has kidnapped four Americans in return for the release of their leader. Fitz learns that the Americans are actually C.I.A. operatives and he is pissed. He demands an explanation on how top American agents were captured and kidnapped.

Olivia is getting her usual coffee, this time at a coffee shop. While sending a message on her phone, a clumsy customer knocks her phone onto the floor but apologizes afterwards with agreement to buy her a muffin. Olivia accepts his apology but declines his muffin. They strike up a conversation about their jobs, both lying about their occupation. It abruptly ends and that’s the end of that.

Rosen enlisted the help of Pope and Associates. He knows that he didn’t kill the woman. When Olivia and the team arrive, she asked David how he wanted to proceed with the crime scene. He agreed to let them do their jobs. Huck removes the body and takes it back to its home. Quinn accompanies Huck with staging a fake scene. When Huck tells Quinn that she needs to do some “Clean up”, she agrees. Quinn had to stab the dead women to make the scene look real. She does it with no problem. We have another Huck on our hands.

Fitz has been shutting everyone out since he learned of the election rigging from Verna. Cyrus is befuddled that Fitz is actually doing his job on his own but is worried because Fitz is not using him for anything anymore.
The dead woman in Rosen’s bed had no trace of social media connections. Her name was Wendy and as the team dug up dirt on her, they found out how a woman with no job was able to afford a mortgage. Wendy was a “Journalist” who would pry pertinent and damaging information out of political men by drugging them and stealing information from their computers or wherever she could find it. She would expose them by turning in information to a magazine source that in return would pay her for her information.

Olivia goes to meet with Rosen for further information on Wendy. Rosen did the nastiest thing possible when he accused Olivia of setting him up. That was the end of that conversation.

Olivia goes to meet with Cyrus and asked him if he was behind setting Rosen up. Cyrus declined but added that it didn’t sound like a bad idea. Olivia in return shared that she was sure that Fitz knew about Defiance, Ohio. Olivia said that she had not slept in ten months and something was wrong. She could feel that Fitz knew about the election.
Olivia calls Harrison for an update on Rosen but there was bad news. Rosen had been arrested. Harrison is now representing Rosen at a questioning with the new U.S. State Attorney. Rosen tells him to not be an idiot like he was and drop the case if he wanted to keep his new job.

Cyrus pulls Millie to the side after she looked on as Fitz had play time with their baby. She knew something was wrong also because she didn’t understand how he could go on for hours just playing with his own kid. Cyrus tells Millie that Fitz knows about Defiance and that she needs to talk to him. She agreed to talk to Fitz again as the first time clearly didn’t work.

Abby is undeniably still in love with David Rosen. She goes by his apartment to apologize but he closes the door in her face. Back at the office, she asked Olivia if he was going to go down for the murder but Olivia ensured her that it would not be under her watch. Huck shares information with Olivia about the case. A number called Wendy’s phone four times, back to back and it came from the Pentagon.

Olivia makes a visit to the Pentagon and asked for a Captain Jake Ballard. When he turned around, it was the guy from the coffee shop. While questioning Ballard of his connection to Wendy, he shared minimal information but decided that Olivia needed to answer some questions to. In proper Pope Fashion, nothing was answered. However, at the end of their brief meeting, Ballard suggested that they go out to dinner and not share information. Olivia declined but was clearly smitten.

Fitz has agreed to send in a Navy Seal team after the Al-Qaeda terrorist. Cyrus pulls him to the side and begs that he think it through and waits for a while. Fitz agreed.

Once again, Olivia makes a visit to David Rosen to inform him of what Wendy was up to. David interrupts Olivia by asking her “How much”? He practically fired Olivia because he simply didn’t trust her. Olivia fired back by telling Rosen that he couldn’t afford her.

While on their way to Ella’s Christening, Cyrus and James’ baby, Millie decided that she would talk to Fitz. She is a dirty woman as she tells asked Fitz if he knew about Defiance and then blamed everything on Cyrus which pissed him off more. Manipulation at its best and naive at its worst.

When he arrived to the Christening, Fitz demanded that Cyrus call in for the Navy Seal team to be sent out immediately, no questions asked. Cyrus does as he is told. After thanking everyone for their attendance, James goes on to make a speech on how Ella will be in great hands with her new family. Olivia abruptly leaves and Fitz soon follows after. He pulls her into an electrical closet where the sparks just began to happen. Aggressive they were as clothes came off and hot sex followed. I have deemed this scene, “McSteamy”.

Afterwards, they clean themselves up and exited the closet. Olivia apologized to Fitz saying that she made a mistake with Defiance. Fitz is a mean mutha…. That was not a mistake, it was betrayal. I may not be able to control my erections around you but that does not mean that were together. We are done.” Olivia stood there as she was flabbergasted, just like me.

During a meeting, Fitz and some cabinet members watched live surveillance of the Seal team invade an empty space. They were quickly told to abort their mission. Fitz was livid because he didn’t understand how they were given the wrong address. A member then told Fitz that there was a mole in the group.

Rosen finally came back to his senses as he re-enlisted Olivia’s help. Although he wished that he never met Wendy nor Olivia, he still needed her help to make his troubles cease.

Olivia returns home from a hard day of work and immediately calls up Jake Ballard to accept his date offer. This guy has to be some kind of spy or just a plain psycho as he is watching Olivia’s every move. He has her apartment planted with hidden cameras as he watches on as she suggests a nice place for dinner. He suggested that they go people watching. After all, that is his specialty.


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