Scandal Recap 2×10

by on January 15, 2013


America’s guilty pleasure is back. Scandal returned from its winter hiatus with a bang, literally. There is so much going on that everyone is involved in a scandal in some sort of way.

Beware of sit-in President Langston and her partner Hollis Doyle. Langston has recent findings that proved that Fitz cheated his way into the White House. Langston and Doyle plan on revealing this information during a press conference but things don’t go as planned. In order for Langston to get a full confession about this scandal, she needs the help from a confidential informant. But who could that be? Well, let’s try pressuring Huck.

Still being held under the Patriot Act, Huck is being tortured and beaten but he refuses to talk. There are C.I.A. agents who receive signal from Langston to torture him even more to try to get purposeful information out of him. Huck would rather take a torturous beating than to out Olivia and the team. This man is what many would call “A True Friend”.

Jackson and Abby are on a mission to find the truth behind the assassination attempt on the President. Supreme Court Justice Verna Thompson admits to Olivia that she is the cause of Huck being held under the Patriot Act. She also admits to Olivia, Cyrus and Mellie that Doyle keeps another cell phone locked away in his desk and she remembers him talking to someone named Becky. Everyone comes to the conclusion that Hollis was behind the attempted assassination and he’s not to be trusted, nor has he ever. Olivia knew instantly who it was and it is time to go to work.

Back at home, Olivia awaits Edison’s arrival only because she wanted to know if there was any new news on President Langston. Edison has nothing to tell. While getting into a deep make-out session, the door bell rings and it’s a armed forces officer delivering a letter to Edison. The letter is a re-instatement of Presidency signed by President Fitzgerald Grant. When he shares the news with Olivia, she was shocked because she had no clue to Fitz is awake. She storms passed Edison and to the hospital she goes. When Olivia arrives at Fitz’s room, she notices that Mellie is there, but Fitz was still unconscious. Mellie actually forged his signature which concerned Olivia because this was a major crime.

Langston receives the letter of re-instatement from Fitz and knows that something is not right. She calls the hospital to speak to a supposed conscious Fitz, but gets his wife instead. Standing near Olivia and Cyrus, Mellie is signaled to keep the conversation short and she does. When she hangs up, she tells Cyrus and Olivia that Langston knows. She knows that Fitz in not awake.

Back at Pope and Associates, Olivia walks in with a new client at hand, President Fitzgerald Grant. She is taken aback by the leaking of Fitz’s re-instatement letter to the public. This was all by Langston and Hollis. No problem because it’s Pope and Associates to the rescue. The crew are on top of everything as they inform all of the doctors and representatives of Fitz to secure a statement admitting that Fitz is awake and doing well. Olivia does her part and has Mellie do an interview on Fitz’s recent state of health. News coverage was everywhere as the lie had began to spread like wildfire.

Cyrus just can’t seem to catch a break, even from his own husband. James also knows that Fitz is not awake and he quit his job. He’s not a happy camper. James is also still mad because he has not become a Father yet. The baby that Cyrus promised him is nowhere to be found and he’s not too thrilled about thrilled about this.

After being held for day’s and being beat within an inch from his life, Huck gives in and decides to talk. But it’s in his fashion. Huck asked if President Grant was still alive and if he was, he stilled faced danger. After admitting this, the operatives restrain him and continue on with torture.

U.S. Attorney David Rosen meets with Olivia and informs her that he knows where Huck is and that he is being tortured. Olivia takes this information straight to Langston, sealing a deal to release Huck if she releases information and a confession on the real sniper with media attention, deeming Langston a hero.

Thanks to the #FreeHuck campaign around the world, Huck was released. It was David Rosen to the rescue who had permission from Langston to release Huck from all of their torturous activities. Huck is dropped off in an open area with Olivia waiting. He tells Olivia that “They don’t have much time”.

It’s the end of a relationship for Olivia and Edison. Edison, leader of the Senate, comes to pay a visit to Fitz only to be told that Fitz was not having visitors. Olivia arrives and assures Edison that he would not be visiting Fitz. Edison tells Olivia that Langston needs to know, but Olivia refuses to give in. Edison begins to become aggressive and Olivia barks back. She sends him packing to protect the man she really loves.

James becomes a Father. He visits the hospital where he and Cyrus’ baby is being held and gets to hold his baby for the first time.

It’s adios to Becky as she is taken into custody after attempting to kill Fitz, again. It was a set-up on behalf of Huck who was out for revenge. On top of a roof, Huck and Becky face off as he points a gun towards her. S.W.A.T. team moves in as they take both Becky and Huck into custody. Becky, whose real name is Kate, revealed her name to Huck to reassure him that she truly cared for him. For Huck, this was simply revenge.

Langston makes a public televised statement on the capture of the sniper in the assassination attempt on President Fitz. She gets what she wanted, to be deemed a hero. She calls Mellie out on forging Fitz signature, leaving Mellie speechless.

But hold your horses, Cyrus calls Olivia with the greatest news possible. “Someone wants to talk to you”. Olivia awaits the speaker as she is greeted with a “Hi” from Fitz. I’m pretty sure she melted on the inside because we did too.


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