Scandal Recap 2×16

by on March 29, 2013


Guess who’s back? Gladiator’s have been suffering through a three week hiatus of Scandal. That felt like three years. Scandal is back and it is good. Olivia is in the midst of fixing the life of a woman who was involved with the newest Supreme Court Justice Candidate. Olivia is on defense as Cyrus and Fitz are against her for picking the wrong candidate to represent.

There’s this little nice family who seems to be perfect in every way. They decide to have pizza for dinner. When the daughter goes to pay for the pizza, she is greeted at the door by a hound of news reporters and paparazzi. Sarah Stanner, CEO of her company, has been accused of having an affair, fifteen years prior, with the new candidate for the Supreme Court Justice. Her lawyer calls Olivia in for the job.

Olivia is quietly waiting in Jake Ballard’s office, for their date but is interrupted with a call pertaining to work. Jake new that it would be a rain check on the date. Before Olivia leaves, she tells Jake that she has information on the Kashfari situation concerning the American CIA agents who were held hostage.

Cyrus calls Olivia to tell her about his client but Olivia informs him that she is representing Sarah Stanner. It becomes a battle as Cyrus warns Olivia that she has chose the wrong person but Olivia fires back and tells Cyrus to bring it on.

The team of Gladiators storm in Sarah’s house where Olivia demands the truth about the affair. While standing next to her husband, Sarah admits that the entire story/scandal is true. Bye Bye perfect family, hello scandalites.

Quinn and Huck are now spying on the head of the C.I.A. who is responsible for the death of the American hostages. They have figured out the he is working in conjunction with someone else and he makes cash drops but they have to figure out where.

Fitz is still being Fitz as he has become more anal and aggressive. He is even at the point where Millie and Cyrus have to make appointments to visit him in his office. Cyrus tells Fitz that there is a problem with Murray Randall, the new Supreme Court Justice Candidate and Fitz demands that he fix it.

Olivia informs Sarah that she make a public statement admitting to her affair because people want to know the truth. When Cyrus became aware of this, then it was every man for himself. He assembled his team to try and bring Sarah down by digging up old dirt. Olivia fired back with some dirt on Murray. They are so not playing fair. I must say, Cyrus really plays dirty.

Olivia received a call from Harrison about Sarah. She was fired from her company for breach of contract. She was in violation of their morality clause so she was voted out as C.E.O.

Millie demands the Lauren, Fitz’ assistant, show her his calendar of meetings. Millie notices that a weekly call is not on her schedule and she immediately assumes that Fitz is sleeping with Olivia again. She takes this issue up with Cyrus who knows nothing of this and is not willing to get involved because he is just getting back on Fitz’ good side.

Jake meets up with Olivia to privately speak about the Kashfari documents. Olivia tells Jake that although she can’t tell him where she got the documents. they are totally legit. A paparazzi quickly snaps a picture of Jake and Olivia together and Jake seemed rattled. Olivia assured him that it was part of her work.

Harrison meets up with a member of Sarah’s company to get her position back. It seems to have worked as Harrison blackmailed her into getting Sarah’s position back or exposing secrets of the Executive Board.

A news segment comes on that reports that Sarah and Murray’s affair resumed two years after they allegedly ended it. Olivia was pissed because she withheld information and Sarah’s husband was pissed because now he was questioning whether his daughter was his. That was around the time where their daughter was born.

Huck is teaching Quinn how to become a professional “Stalker”. Her first day is not going so well as she is following the head of the C.I.A. He is already on to her as Quinn follows him into the dry cleaners where he makes his drop. Quinn had nothing to be cleaned so she took her jacket off, running back to the car with a little tank top on.

Fitz makes an impromptu call to Olivia and tells her that she ruined him. It is so evident that he is totally in love with her. Fitz thinks that Olivia didn’t believe in him, that she didn’t think he was good enough to be President. Olivia tells Fitz that she is ruined and he responds by saying that he didn’t care. Olivia walks back into Sarah’s house and gives in to an entire bottle of wine. She and Sarah sit as they dwell in lost relationships.

Jake gives the Kashfari information to Fitz and he uses it to make a decision that could save the lives of the other Americans being held hostage. Millie sees Jake exiting Fitz’ office and immediately knows what’s going on. She informs Cyrus that Fitz has not been cheating on her, but he’s cheating on him as she shows Cyrus a picture of Jake.

Quinn and Huck go back to the dry cleaners as she easily gets Osbourne’s clothes and finds $20,000 in the jacket pocket. She takes the clothes back to the cleaners and tells the attendant that she has the wrong clothes. Dammit Quinn, you didn’t know that the attendant was working for Osbourne and now has a picture and surveillance of you.

A man is all black breaks into a condo of a paparazzi to obtain a camera. There is a struggle as fist and punches are exchanged. The camera is retrieved and it’s actually Jake who was in the all black. He could not risk Fitz seeing the photo of him and Olivia and he had to get it back. Fitz calls Jake to thank him for the information as Fitz is able to save the Americans who were held hostage. Osbourne was not to thrilled about it.

Abby and Harrison come up with a plan to bribe the executives at Sarah’s company. They enter a board meeting with an empty box that is a prop, supposedly filled with documents of dirt on each board member. One member falls for the okey doke as he begs Abby to not open the box. And just like that, Sarah was reinstated as C.E.O. of her company. Sarah’s husband received that paternity test back but refused to read the results.

Jake shows up at Olivia’s door with bruises on his face, informing Liv that the hostages were free. Although Liv heard that part, she was more concerned about him. She let him in and went to go get ice for his face. Jake sits directly in front of the camera planted in Liv’s apartment and gives a quick smirk to the camera. What is this man up to? I can’t figure it out but I still like him. Scandal, Scandal, oh how I love thee.


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