Scandal Recap 3×02

by on October 14, 2013

scandalrecap3x02-blallywood.comIt was a case of throwback Thursday as we were taken into Olivia’s life before Pope and Associates. Olivia actually spent time with her Father and she was even engaged. WHAT?

Five years prior, Olivia spent every Sunday with her Father as they met for dinner. She would always take the train, which is where she met Huck, who was homeless at the time. She would always speak to him, which kind of developed a friendship between them both. Olivia was being robbed and Huck comes out of nowhere and kicked some ass. He throws Liv her purse and tells her to run. She did but she really wanted to know who Huck really was.

Present day, Liv is exercising like she always does. However, she has one of Fitz’ security guards alongside her. He hands her the phone as Fitz is waiting on the line. They talk about Janine Locke and how Olivia is representing her and that she is coming for the White House. Fitz tells her to go for the jugular. They also had a dream moment as they both imagined being married, with four children, living in Virginia while Liv was learning to make jam.

Mellie goes to Cyrus to vent about another plan that she has because she refuses to let Fitz come clean about his affair. Cyrus is quietly freaking out because he doesn’t know what Fitz is going to do and he can’t find Janine Locke. Eli Pope gives Cyrus a call demanding that he make Fitz admit to the affair with Olivia. Moments later, a White House Aide informs Cyrus that he found Janine Locke.

A press conference is being held as Olivia is speaking on behalf of Janine, who is standing directly behind her. Olivia makes it known that the White House is an unaccountable source because “Yesterday she was having an affair with the President and today it’s Janine”. Who was next? The press was eating it up as they all had questions to ask. Olivia, you perfect liar! You are good.

A flashback of Olivia and Huck in the train station appears. Olivia is asking Huck where he learned to fight like that. Olivia tells Huck that he can trust her with the truth. Huck lets it out. He tells Liv that he once worked for the secret service for a government operation called B-613. This was also known as Acme which was really known as Wonderland.

During Sunday dinner with her Father, Liv is introduced to fine wine. She also informs her dad of Huck and asked him about B-613. A sudden look of fear came over Eli as it quickly vanished. Olivia asked her Father to look into it. Eli was busy trying to cover himself up so he agreed to do so.

Back at the White House, Fitz demands that Mellie and Cyrus fix what they did to Janine. Mellie has another plan. Mellie tells Cyrus where to find a visitation log and calendar that had all the dates that she was out of town. Cyrus was to match up each date that Mellie was out of town with Janine’s schedule and make it seem as if she had open opportunities to spend with Fitz. And he did! It was now all over the news that Janine spent ample time with the President while the First Lady was out of town on business.

Olivia walks into Pope and Associates and finds something that she would have never thought to see. Her Father is chatting it up with her associates. Eli introduces himself to Huck, again, as Huck has no recollection of who he was.
Back to five years ago during Sunday dinner; Eli tells Liv that he looked into Huck and all he found was a case of a mentally disabled homeless man. Liv tells her dad that it had to be more to Huck than that and that it didn’t sound like him. He demands that Liv drop it immediately. Once again, you see a scorned Olivia as she puts her head down and agrees with her Father.

In Olivia’s office, she is “Debating” with her Father as they both are smiling to cover up the hatred. On the outside, Harrison, Huck and Quinn are chatting about Olivia’s Father. They never knew that he lived right in the city and he seemed normal. In the office, Eli tells Olivia that she needs to stop representing Janine or else. Liv demands to know where Jake is being held but her Father tells her that she wouldn’t know whether he was dead or not until she revealed herself as the mistress of the President.

Liv begins checking the morgue every time a new body came in to make sure that it was not Jake. Each time, she lets out a sigh of relief as Jake is not there. She calls Fitz and pretty much demanded that he find Jake Ballard. She lets him know that he is being held by B-613 and that Jake needs to be released immediately.

We go back to five years ago when Olivia first meets David Rosen who was helping her look into Huck’s criminal past. David informs Olivia that Huck’s record came back clean and that he had never been arrested. Olivia realized that her Father had lied to her about Huck. She also remembered that Huck told her about Acme Limited, which was on the pen that her Father gave her. She also found out where Wonderland was.

During Sunday dinner, she confronted her Father but he shut her down quickly. He scolded Olivia as he told her to never ask him about what he does because she would not be able to handle it. He demanded that Liv sit and order her food. Instead, she looks at him with disgust and walks out of the restaurant.

Huck is worried that Quinn is becoming too much like him and not enough like Liv. He tries to have a brief intervention but I don’t know if that worked.

Fitz walks into Cyrus’ office and demands that he finds Jake Ballard. Fitz tells Cyrus that he is aware that he knows about B-613 and that he needs to find Jake or else.

Pope and Associates are working with Janine Locke, preparing her for her press conference that she will hold. She is ready to go on national TV and tell the truth. During a private moment with Olivia, she informs Liv that everyone knew that the President was having an affair but they didn’t know who it was. Liv held in her look of shock .

Olivia had Janine staying at her apartment. Liv gets a call to come to the morgue. She sneaks past Janine who is sleeping and heads out to the morgue. Moments later, Janine is awakened by a phone call from Mellie. She wants to talk about her future. When Liv arrives home, Janine is still on the couch as if she has never gone anywhere. Mellie manipulated Janine into going on TV and admitting that she had an affair with the President for a $2 Million payout.

Sunday dinner at Eli’s house is popular as Olivia arrives with her fiance, Edison. She lets her Dad know that Edison has a bright political future and that she was behind him all the way. She only introduced Edison to spite her Father. Olivia sends Edison off to the kitchen as she demands that her Father return Huck.

Janine is about to sell her soul and Olivia is stressed the hell out. Liv calls Fitz and demanded that he find Jake and release him. She calls her Dad and begs for him to spare Jake’s life. Olivia takes Janine’s mic off of her as she quietly persuades her to not sell her soul and to tell the truth.

Fitz is upstaging Cyrus as he makes an impromptu decision to hold a press conference to reveal the truth about Olivia or admit to the lie about Janine. This is all to help Liv find Jake. He tells Cyrus to make a decision.
Janine’s television special is interrupted as Fitz holds a press conference admitting to having an affair with…Janine. Olivia is pissed but relieved because Janine got what she really wanted and there was a possibility that Jake would be alive.

Olivia is with Huck in the train station when she receives a call from her dad, who tells her that he doesn’t think that Edison is good enough for her. Also, there he informs her that Edison was in an accident that he constructed.
With the help of Quinn, Huck found out that Olivia had lied to him. Olivia never told him that her Father was the Command of B-613. Huck grabs Olivia and chokes her as he demands answers.

Back at home, Liv receives a call from her Father as he tells her to open her front door. It’s a battered and beaten Jake. Her Father tells her to meet at his house on Sunday and he will choose the wine.

Who will Liv choose? Jake or Fitz? What do you think?


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