Scandal Recap 3×07

by Lasheda Wallaceon November 20, 2013
It brings some kind of joy to all Gladiators to know that Mellie and Fitz were once in love. Well, for me at least! This is the story all about how Mellie came to be. Mellie is giving a tour to the cameras, showing a life in the day of the First Lady. This is […]

Scandal Recap 3×06

by Lasheda Wallaceon November 13, 2013
Red wine makes your memory better. Well at least that’s what I think. As Olivia drinks a nice glass of red wine, she remembers that last day that she saw her mother. As Liv daydreams about the last memory of her mother, the gladiators worry about her and are anxious for her to get back […]


Scandal Recap 3×05

by Lasheda Wallaceon November 5, 2013
Love and Politics don’t match nor does it sound intriguing. However, Olivia’s life is just full of that. Maybe Politics is getting in the way of her love life. She agreed to meet with Daddy Pope for Sunday dinner and she held up her end of the agreement. Daddy Pope was excited to have dinner […]

Scandal Recap 3×04

by Lasheda Wallaceon October 27, 2013
Have you ever loved somebody so much it made you cry? Have you ever loved a disgusting bastard who took pictures of his long john and sent them out at night? Well, if you’ve never loved anyone that much then you are missing out. I thought he would stay forever but apparently Liv does not […]

Scandal Recap 3×02

by Lasheda Wallaceon October 14, 2013
It was a case of throwback Thursday as we were taken into Olivia’s life before Pope and Associates. Olivia actually spent time with her Father and she was even engaged. WHAT? Five years prior, Olivia spent every Sunday with her Father as they met for dinner. She would always take the train, which is where […]

Scandal Recap 3×01

by Lasheda Wallaceon October 5, 2013
What was missing in our lives is back. The season three premiere of Scandal was like watching the unveiling of a masterpiece. It was absolutely stunning. Did you find yourself staring at the TV with your mouth wide open? Episode one was ridiculousness in a bottle. It exploded once we opened it. The episode resumes […]


Scandal Recap 2×16

by Lasheda Wallaceon March 29, 2013
Guess who’s back? Gladiator’s have been suffering through a three week hiatus of Scandal. That felt like three years. Scandal is back and it is good. Olivia is in the midst of fixing the life of a woman who was involved with the newest Supreme Court Justice Candidate. Olivia is on defense as Cyrus and […]

Scandal Recap 2×15

by Lasheda Wallaceon February 25, 2013
How is it possible that every episode is an epic one? We, the “Gladiators” must commend the writers of this great show for their great story lines and creative writing abilities. So now I have to figure out how to say “Great episode” differently for every episode. I need to pick up a second language. […]

Scandal Recap 2×14

by Lasheda Wallaceon February 16, 2013
Ten months has passed since the scandal and death of Supreme Court Justice Verna Thompson. Olivia is finally learning what “Alone Time” means as she swims her problems away. As she is doing so, she is also having flashbacks of a very hot encounter between her and Fitz. Fitz has started to develop a drinking […]

Scandal Recap 2×13

by Lasheda Wallaceon February 11, 2013
This was by far the juiciest episode of the season. Major secrets were revealed and the scandalous team even lost one of their own. You would have never guessed who was behind the attempted assassination of the President and neither would I. Oh, Scandal, how I love your dirty little secrets. The episode starts off […]

Scandal Recap 2×12

by Lasheda Wallaceon February 4, 2013
Everything seems to be unraveling on Olivia and for the first time, she can’t fix it. Secrets are revealed, a baby is born, and murder seems to be quite common among a few people. What happens when Olivia Pope can’t fix things? Uhh, hello people, Olivia always finds a way to fix things. Two years […]

Scandal Recap 2×10

by Lasheda Wallaceon January 15, 2013
America’s guilty pleasure is back. Scandal returned from its winter hiatus with a bang, literally. There is so much going on that everyone is involved in a scandal in some sort of way. Beware of sit-in President Langston and her partner Hollis Doyle. Langston has recent findings that proved that Fitz cheated his way into […]

Scandal Recap 2×09

by Lasheda Wallaceon December 15, 2012
  America was on the edges of their seats as they tuned in for the winter finale of Scandal. This episode was so good that I almost slapped my mom, out of pure excitement. With so many twist and turns, Scandal was enchantingly delicious. Former Vice President and current President Sally Langston has taken over […]

Scandal Recap 2×08

by Lasheda Wallaceon December 8, 2012
  I CANT BREATHE! WHERE’S THE PAPER BAG? I NEED SOME OXYGEN STAT! All hail Shonda Rhimes for her incredible writing talents and praises to the cast of Scandal for such wonderful acting. Episode 8 of Scandal was absolutely mind-boggling superb. I don’t know how else to say it. There was so much going on […]


Scandal Recap 2×07

by Lasheda Wallaceon December 2, 2012
Take a deep breath and let it all out. After watching last night’s episode of Scandal, I had to take a few breathers because I could not believe what was happening! Where is security when you really need them? Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? The last episode of Scandal left off with Olivia […]

Scandal Recap 2×06

by Lasheda Wallaceon November 16, 2012
It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. The mail lady is making her rounds and a friendly neighbor catches her before she leaves to drop a letter in the mail. The area is beautiful and Mr. Neighbor is nice enough to stay and make sure Ms. Mail lady drives off safe. And then his brain […]


Scandal Recap 2×05

by Lasheda Wallaceon November 10, 2012
I smell something juicy and I definitely have to have a taste of it. There are some delicious scandal pies out on the table and I’m waiting to be served. Pope and Associates will never see the day of boredom because within this group, it simply does not exist. Olivia is starting to reconnect with […]

Scandal Recap 2×03

by Lasheda Wallaceon October 19, 2012
Olivia is sitting in her office, doing work and watching her ex-boyfriend, a politician, on a TV show talk about how the President handles business. She gives him a call shortly afterwards to inform him that his speech was not the best. Olivia leaves work, walks to her car and when she gets in; she […]