Scandal Recap 2×13

by on February 11, 2013


This was by far the juiciest episode of the season. Major secrets were revealed and the scandalous team even lost one of their own. You would have never guessed who was behind the attempted assassination of the President and neither would I. Oh, Scandal, how I love your dirty little secrets.

The episode starts off with incredible action. Hollis Doyle was joined by two murderers on his elevator ride. Once the doors closed, the guns came out. Luckily, Huck was there to save Hollis before Charlie got to him. Huck made a deal with Hollis that ordered him t keep his mouth shut if he wanted to live.

Mellie and Fitz are doing a photo shoot with the new Presidential baby when they get into a mini-argument. They asked the photographers to leave and Fitz said what he needed to say. Still petitioning for a divorce, he wanted Mellie to come to an agreement about him seeing and raising the baby afterwards. Olivia and Cyrus are in his office going over the plan to stop Hollis when Fitz walks in. He did not expect to see Olivia but he sure was happy that she was there. Cyrus knew the deal, so he escorted himself out. Fitz walks into Olivia’s arms as they embraced each other with a perfect kiss. Olivia tells Fitz that she is marrying Edison but Fitz tells her that she is not. With more perfect kisses, Fitz pleads with Olivia to wait for him until his divorce is final. With much hesitation, Olivia responds and says that she will think about it.

At Pope and Associates, the team has gone to work on who made the payment to Becky to kill the President. I believe that all of the gladiator’s were shocked when we found out that it was Supreme Court Justice Verna Thompson. Olivia confronts Verna, who in return responded with an honest answer. She knew that she was going to die soon and she could not go out without telling the truth. She stood for Justice and she wanted things to be right. Olivia calls her a “Coward” while also telling her that she wanted her name to be upheld with respect and that’s why she did what she did. Verna threatens Olivia to turn her in but Olivia does not respond because she would be turning herself in also.

David Rosen attempted to visit Verna but security would not let him pass. Maybe because the President came in to visit her first.

Back at Pope and Associates, they need to take David Rosen down by erasing all evidence that he has. Huck remembers that he never took out the audio wire that he planted in his house. Huck calls in one of his guys who had hundreds of CD’s of audio between David and Abby. Many of them, Rated R. The crew all listened to the audio trying to find information on David Rosen.

Fitz yells for doctors as informs them that Verna has stopped breathing. As he backs out of the room to let doctors in, David looks on from around the corner as he suspects something went wrong. Moments later, new coverage reported that Supreme Court Justice Verna Thompson had died.

Mellie has met up with Cyrus to persuade him to work on Fitz and his unwavering decision to get a divorce. This was by far my favorite scene of the episode. Mellie refused to back down, using some scare tactics; she told Cyrus that there would be no divorce because she would expose Fitz and Olivia’s affair and the rigged election. “I will bury him and I will dance on his grave”, recited Mellie. I’m officially scared of her.

At Pope and Associates, Olivia is listening to audio of David Rosen and James discuss evidence of Doyle and how they can turn him in. James remains stern as he no longer wants to be a part of the situation. Huck finds audio of Rosen talking about how the voting machines were rigged and how there was a memory card missing from one of the machines.

When James returns home, he throws papers on the bed near Cyrus. The papers were a subpoena for him to appear in court about information on the rigged Presidential election. James confronted Cyrus and asked him if they stole the White House. Cyrus, being very cautious, did not answer. He was afraid that James might have been wearing a wire. They both stripped down naked as Cyrus spilled the tea. Cyrus cheated his way into the White House because he really wanted to be the President. He was made for the position and not Fitz but he had to settle for Chief of Staff. Cyrus begged James not to testify but no answer was given.

Abby confronts Olivia about whether she was behind her and David’s break-up. Abby storms out of the office when Olivia admits to doing so. Harrison stops her at the elevator and reminds her that Olivia saved them all and they owe her.

Abby shows up at David’s house and they confess their love for one another. Cyrus calls Charlie after Olivia calls him with news of James testifying against them. Cyrus was going to have Charlie kill James but at the last minute, he backed out. I’m glad that he loves his husband. James is on the stand, ready to testify as David moves forward with the questioning. James must really love Cyrus because he denied everything. Rosen was outraged but there was nothing that he could do. Quinn wanted to hire Huck to kill Hollis but Huck assured her that if he killed him, then she could not return to Pope and Associates. She made the right choice and chose to stay at the office.

Rosen storms into Pope and Associates demanding that Abby return the memory card that was stolen from his safe. Abby denied doing so and confessed her love to him. Rosen ended things and stormed out. Abby pulled the memory card from her bra in the midst of an emotional break-down. All clear for Olivia and Cyrus.

Olivia decides not to accept Edison’s proposal, although she could have. She did not want to because she wanted “Painful, difficult, devastating, life-changing, extraordinary love”. She wanted Fitz.

At Verna’s funeral, Olivia told Fitz that she denied Edison’s proposal and that she would wait for him. Fitz was extremely stand-offish as he informed her that he changed his mind and that she should not wait for him. Olivia was devastated. Before Thompson died, she told Fitz everything and in return, he abruptly ended her life. He was more hurt by the rigging because Olivia was a part of it. He felt as if she didn’t believe in him. As Fitz delivered Verna’s eulogy, Olivia broke down as her heart had melted away from the fire known as Fitz. Fitz joined Mellie and poured his heart out. He decided that she was the only one he had left and vowed to never leave her side as long as she loved him.


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