Billy Dee Williams Indecisive On Star Wars VII, Zoe Saldana Wants In

by on March 15, 2013


Last year,  Disney purchased the Star Wars franchise from its creator George Lucas. The official announcement of a seventh Star Wars sequel was made recently. Mark Hamill (Luke), Carrie Fisher (Leia), and Harrison Ford (Han Solo), the original stars of the franchise, are returning to reprise their roles.

Black actor Billy Dee Williams, who played Lando Calrissian, has reportedly been asked to return. According to Yahoo,”Williams said last year that “‘no one could play Lando besides himself, and one of his representatives reportedly asked fans to tweet, e-mail, or write letters to Lucasfilm on behalf of Williams, who has said he would be happy to return.”

However, Williams has not yet accepted the reported offer to star in the seventh film.

Meanwhile Zoe Saldana, who plays a big role in the current reboot of Star Trek, wants in on the seventh Star Wars film. Some may view her desire as overly ambitious, but J.J. Abrams, director of the current Star Trek, has been tapped to direct the future Star Wars film as well.

When asked what role would be in the seventh Star Wars film, Saldana replied: “I want to be a sexy something, like a princess from another planet,” according to E Online. What do you think, can you see Saldana as an alien princess?

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