Black Characters Shine In 4 Minutes Of Walking Dead Season 4 Footage

by on August 9, 2013

BLACK-ACTORS-IN-WALKING-DEAD-WWW.BLALLYWOOD.COMNo television show has bred the same type of injustice toward its characters of color as has The Walking Dead. While the show has succeeded in giving watchers an ample supply of recurring Black characters, all have been severely undeveloped and underwhelming. ¬† The habitual replacement of one strong, yet teddy-bearish Black male for another, and Michonne’s subhuman demeanor, have failed to satisfy watchers of color in past seasons.

It was only toward the end of last season that the Black characters’ futures have begun to look promising. The deaths of significant characters at the end of season 3 have left viewers of color with the hope that a Black character might supplant a White predecessor’s primary role.

The season 4 extended footage below is already heating up those kernels of hope, and they may yet explode into fluffy, satisfying popcorn. The trailer is packed with Black characters all of whom speak and fight. The characters Tyresee and Michonne especially look involved, essential, bold, and dare-I-say-it, even human! Check out the season 4  footage below:

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