Person of Interest Recap 2×09

by on January 17, 2013


The new number is the driver, a man named Fermin Ordonez. The previous day he emptied his savings. Finch gets a ride from Ordonez, who had been a pitching prospect when younger. He plants audio and video and they are able to go back and look through video of his past fares.

Carter tells Finch that Ordonez’ record is clean.

We see Simmons briefing Quinn on Donnelly prying and the fact they need to bring in some new talent. Quinn thinks they need to make peace with Elias. Simmons calls Fusco with news of the meeting.

Reese sees Ordonez sell his laptop and thinks the man has all of his savings with him. We see Ordonez meet with a man named Mendoza in a restaurant. He’s giving him $45,000 for his wife and son, Maria and Jorge. Mendoza tells him the price has gone up. Ordonez is upset, saying Cuba is no longer safe for them. Mendoza tells him to find another $45K.

Finch hacks into Cuba’s government records and finds out that Ordonez was injured and released from his national baseball team. His family faces prison if caught trying to leave the country. Ordonez waits to talk to a former Cuban teammate who plays for New York. The man gives him a few bucks.

Simmons goes to one of Elias’ lieutenants asking for support in building HR back up. He agrees, in return for HR taking out the only head of the five families Elias couldn’t take out.

Carter goes to the scene of a murder that has drawn Secret Service interest. An agent named Vickers tells her the man is a Russian named Pushkov. It is the man from the opening scene. Vickers wants to find out who brought him there and Carter tells Finch about the possible connection to Ordonez.

Ordonez picks up a woman with an accent. She tells him to take her to Queens but gives no address. Reese follows on his motorcycle. She shows a picture of Pushkov and asks a few questions. She calls somebody and tells them in Russian to “clean this up,” then leaves. Reese jumps in the cab and helps get Ordonez out of the jam.

They stop and Odonez tells him a little bit about the Pushkov fare and that he left a laptop in the cab. Pushkov was supposed to sell it to the Estonian mob. The plan is to get the laptop back.

Reese and Ordonez drop in on the store where he sold the laptop. The man has been killed, but he apparently sold the computer beforehand. Finch finds the online buyer and tracks him down.

Reese calls Carter and gives her an update, asking her to look into the blonde Estonian. Ordonez tells Reese that Mendoza was the guy who helped him with his citizenship. Once he got injured Mendoza began trying to extort him.

Vickers tells Carter that Pushkov was a hacker who managed to get the drone pilot protocols. They have no idea what might be on the laptop.

Finch thinks Pushkov may have gotten into Homeland Security’s database and stole information on thousands of travelers which would be invaluable for terrorists.

Finch finds the laptop online and agrees to a meeting. Reese arrives and finds the location empty other than a camera.

Fusco tells Simmons he can’t participate in the murder. Simmons promptly emails him video of him shooting Davidson that would sink him.

After looking at Reese through the camera, the online buyer tries to cancel the sale. Finch uses the camera signal to find where the seller was watching the feed. Reese is accosted by some Estonians and Finch decides he might have to meet the seller.

Carter and Vickers find the blonde on the pawn shop surveillance camera. She is a wanted woman named Arina.

Finch meets the laptop seller and purchases it for $100,000, making the man promise to leave the area. Finch turns around and looks at Arina. She is joined by four Estonians, just as Reese arrives. They manage to fight their way to safety just before the police arrive.

Before grabbing the mob boss, Fusco talks to Reese. Fusco doesn’t tell him what’s going on. The boss was tipped off about the potential hit and the man Fusco was with is killed. The boss gives Fusco a message to take back to HR.

Reese and Finch give Ordonez the laptop to use as leverage with the Secret Service to bring his family to the US.

We see Ordonez reunited with his wife and son.

Reese tells Carter to keep an eye on Fusco.

Fusco gives Simmons the message that they were double-crossed. The message from Elias was for HR to “go to hell.” Later on we see Carter get an anonymous tip that Davidson was murdered by another cop.


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