Grey’s Anatomy Recap 9×09

by on January 8, 2013


Magic is in the air and apparently so are Bailey’s nerves. The only thing more magical and unpredictable than Christmas time at Seattle-Grace is matrimony time at Seattle-Grace. Bailey is a nervous wreck but she refuses to admit it. It’s only her wedding day. How bad can it be?

Before Bailey can get into her wedding dress, she has to make sure things are taken care of at the hospital. And so, in preparation for the biggest day of her life, Bailey leaves her patients to April and gives her a teeny tiny glimpse into what it was like to be one of the Nazi’s interns back in the day. April is not to thrilled about this but remains silent throughout the day. One thing you don’t do is talk back to Bailey. She can be a bit scary at times.

April is not the only piece of the Bailey wedding puzzle. Bailey individually stops Callie and Meredith and in true Bailey fashion she asked them to “Not sit down at the wedding.” Callie and Meredith were completely befuddled but after some time finally realized what Bailey was asking of them. She wanted the girls to be her Bridesmaids. Bailey is so not into the whole “Feelings” thing so she has her own way of doing and asking things.

With the idea of having Callie and Meredith at the wedding, where does that leave everybody else? How about gathering all the interns and paring them up on dates with the rest of the crew. Sounds good right? No one wants to go to a wedding alone and so they didn’t. In the case of an irritated April, she comes up with the brilliant idea of having Jackson to take intern Stephanie as his date to the wedding. Jackson is caught off guard and so is Stephanie when April boldly set’s them up on a date. Jackson has to then retaliate and find a date for April. He chooses none other than the handsome intern Shane. I think April was quite impressed with her date.

Meredith goes in for an ultrasound and learns that her pregnancy has gone from hostile to unstable. That’s progress in their eyes but you can’t really tell. And another thing Mer won’t do is tell anyone about the pregnancy, including Cristina. Instead, she occupies herself with all things related to Derek’s surgery. She argues with Derek about Lizzie’s involvement, then she argues with Lizzie about the meaning of family, and then finally, she gives in. After Callie successfully performs Derek’s surgery, Meredith embraces Derek’s truckload of sisters by showing Lizzie her ultrasound. Isn’t sisterhood grand?

As for Cristina and Owen, they spend their day making up. Meredith finally figured out the reason behind Owen and Cristina’s divorce, thanks to Derek. Meredith confronts Cristina to ask her about the reason behind the divorce and Cristina was shocked. She had no idea that Owen asked for a divorce because he didn’t want their relationship to interfere in the settlement of the plane crash. After all, Owen admitted to being the cause of the crash. He didn’t read the part about the plane not passing all of it’s inspections. It only takes Cristina telling Owen that she wants to try again for them to end up plastered against a wall, making out like teenagers.

After Callie agrees to be a bridesmaid, she stupidly jokes with Bailey about running away from the altar. She puts an end to Arizona’s leg drama. Enough is enough. Yes, it sucks that Arizona can’t wear heels to the wedding. But she is still the same person, and Callie is sick of hearing about the leg. Needless to say, the two get dressed and head to the wedding. What we learned: Never make Callie go months without sex unless you want to get an earful.

Now that everyone has a date, it’s all about getting Bailey to the church on time. And after a perfectly realistic speech from Richard, a last-minute surgery, and a very dapper Richard showing up in a limo to pick her up on the big day, Bailey finally seems ready to go. That is until Richard gets a call in the car that Adele just came into the ER coughing up blood.

And so Bailey puts her work husband before her soon to be husband, hastily removes her wedding dress and gets to work on Adele. And the big poofy white dress is left behind. And so is everyone else who is waiting at the church. Oh Bailey, will you finish the surgery in time to get back to the alter?


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