Person of Interest Recap 2×14

by on February 19, 2013


Open with the latest number playing pickup basketball. He’s a college dropout named Logan Pierce who started a social network called “Friendczar” with a friend named Justin Ogilvy and is now a self-made billionaire. Pierce will be taking the company public in 72 hours. They can’t clone his phone, so Reese will attend a charity function at which Pierce is supposed to speak.

Fusco and Carter talk about who killed Davidson. She mentions that Stills also went missing. Fierce calls her with info related to Pierce.

At the event Reese sees Pierce with Ogilvy and Jeremy Campbell, the website’s lawyer and the other member of the inner-circle. Reese watches Pierce interact with Ben and Cynthia Kayman, whose social networking site has lost half its value because of Pierce. Reese sees that Pierce is having an affair with Cynthia Kayman. The chairman of Friendczar’s board, Sinclair Melbourne, expresses concern to Ogilvy that Pierce isn’t doing enough to get them good press. Pierce sneaks away from the event in a helicopter.

We flash back to 2001. As Ingram and Finch watch coverage of 9/11, they talk about what they can do to stop the people who brought down the buildings.

Finch is able to pose as an employee at Pierce’s dry cleaner and replace his credit card with one that has tracking equipment.

A woman who is suing Pierce, Emily Morton, doesn’t show for a hearing. Her lawyer charges Campbell with intimidation. Pierce is still doing battle with Melbourne.

Pierce’s sports car has issues with its brakes. Finch is able to hack into his car and remove malware somebody had planted, just in time to prevent a huge accident. Pierce jumps into a cab and Reese suggest to Finch they try a different tactic.

Reese muscles his way into Pierce’s office and tells the billionaire he can protect him, but only if he lets him. Pierce says it “sounds like fun.”

We flash to 2009. Finch tells Ingram they are at a place where they help make a difference. Ingram is still obsessed with the machine, while Finch wants to move on to the next thing. He tells Ingram to make up his mind as to whether he wants to join him and he walks out.

Finch watches a deposition of Morton where she vows to make sure Pierce keeps his promise to launch her site, which has technology that would compete with Friendczar. Finch tells Reese this bit of news and they wonder if Morton might be behind the hacking of his car.

Pierce brings Reese to his house and plays video games instead of attending a party for investors. Finch tells Reese that because of some public comments about the stock being overvalued the Friendczar board has thrown Pierce out — he is no longer CEO. Pierce’s scotch is spiked and he is unable to breath. Reese manages to save his life.

That night Pierce talks to Reese about his family history. His father went out of business because he wasn’t quick enough to adapt. Pierce thinks the only thing that remains constant is that people will always want to connect with other people.

Finch and Reese meet and talk about moving Pierce to a safe house. Pierce has followed Reese to the meeting and asks Finch who he is. Pierce has looked into them and seems to have a decent sense of what they are all about. He’s curious about their motives. Pierce has a better suggestion then a safe house in the city. Pierce and Reese fly ten hours to a remote location he thinks will keep him off the radar.

Carter got a partial print off of the Pierce’s poisoned drink. It belonged to Campbell.

Campbell shows up at the bar where Pierce and Reese are hiding out, having been sent a text by Pierce. At this point Finch tells Reese about Campbell, saying he plans to move firms. Reese confronts Campbell and eventually puts him on the ground in cuffs. At this point dozens of Pierce’s friends arrive and Pierce admits he told some people where they were. Reese feels like he’s eliminated the threat and leaves.

Fusco tries to open up about mistakes he’s made. She cuts him off and says there won’t be anything she can do if those mistakes come back to haunt him.

Finch tells Reese that Pierce’s number has come up again. Pierce’s credit card was just used at a nearby location and Finch sends him the address. Reese walks into the room and finds Morton there with her gun drawn. Morton appears to be working with Pierce. They are working together and are going to announce their venture the following day. It will all but destroy Friendczar.

Cut to Pierce meeting with Ogilvy, who is with several large bodyguards. Ogilvy tells Pierce he brought this on himself and Pierce is knocked to the ground violently. Before he is thrown off a bridge Pierce tells Ogilvy that Morton reminds him of the way he used to be. Plus he thinks Morton’s idea is better. Reese arrives at the last minute and saves the day.

Another 2009 flashback: Ingram sits in his car holding a gun.

In present day Finch sees that Ogilvy has been arrested for attempted murder and Pierce is partnering with both Morton and Kayman in the new venture.

Pierce tells Reese he’s figured out why he does what he does. He gives Reese a gift and leaves.

The gift turns out be one of Pierce’s super-expensive watches. Finch smashes it and finds that Pierce had placed a GPS inside.


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