Person of Interest Recap 2×15

by on February 25, 2013


This time the machine picks up a conversation about a girl who “saw it happen” and whether a woman can keep her safe.

Finch talks to Reese about how much he loves hotels as they walk into the employee entrance of one. The latest number is Mira Dobrica, who works as a maid. Finch doesn’t know much about her, but based on her life he assumes her danger is work-related. Reese will be a bellhop and Finch a concierge. These means Reese can get into every room and Finch will have computer access.

The guys will be working for a manager named Derek. He tells them they are hosting an aviation industry event and we see the guests are arriving.

In the elevator Reese briefly runs into Zoe. Reese plants a camera on Mira’s cart, then overhears her arguing with an energy drink CEO named Todd. Todd is making sexual advances and Reese arrives to protect her.

Mira and Reese talk in the hallway.

Finch has learned that Mira originally came to the U.S. as a Serbian refuge during the Kosovo War. She came alone in 1999.

We see Derek and his head doorman Bud confront Mira about police looking into their “side operation.”

Over the phone Pennsylvania Two welcome Hersh back from prison. He wants Hersh to quickly find Reese and find out who is working for. We see Hersh break into a police cruiser and drive off.

Carter and Cal talk about taking their relationship to the next level and having him meet her son. Moss tells Carter he’s found in Donnelly’s notes reference to her possibly becoming an FBI agent. She’s still interested and the next step will be a lie detector.

Reese notices potential prostitutes and wonder if that might be Derek’s side business. Carter calls Finch with word that a working girl was picked up at the hotel and had her bail posted by Bud. She asks him for advice about the polygraph and he advises her to lie on one of the baseline questions in order to trick the test. He advises her to avoid he and Reese in the near future.

A guest with an accent named Charles Harris wants to speak with Mira and pulls her into his room. Reese enters the room and finds Mira and Harris arguing. There are photos on a table.

Outside Reese tells Mira he knows she’s involved with the girls and that she tipped off the police. She tells Reese to stay away from her.

Reese finds out Harris is a freelance journalist and thinks Mira must be one of his sources. A suspicious-looking man in a turtleneck has been sitting in the lobby all day. The guys have Zoe strike up a conversation with him and “accidentally” spill a glass of wine on him. As soon as he leaves to clean himself somebody walks over and takes his place. They realize the men are spotters of some kind, a hit squad with military training.

Reese searches a room connected with one of the spotters named Peter who checked-in with a German passport. There is a file in the room on Harris and a series of articles he wrote on a Serbian colonel accused of war crimes named Petrovic. Finch gets into Harris’ laptop and finds out that Mira is actually Albanian and witnessed Petrovic order the execution of her entire family. She changes her ethnicity and name for protection.

Reese shoots one of the spotters just before he can kill Mira. She realizes the danger she is in. Finch loses his connection to Harris’ floor and sends Reese to the room.

Carter begins her polygraph. She admits to smoking marijuana in college, which is a lie.

Harris is missing and there is a blood stain on the wall. They are too late. Mira fills in Reese about some of her history. Reese tries to figure out how they could have found her. Using her phone he finds a microphone in one of the lamps in Harris’ room. He follows the cord to the room next door and manages to take out another operative.

Mira makes a run for it but ducks into an elevator containing another member of the hit squad. Finch stops the elevator. Fusco calls Reese with word the hit squad member are moving out with Harris’ body. Finch tells him to make sure they don’t leave the hotel. The assassin wants to know the location of Harris’ recording of another witness. Reese arrives on the scene and takes out the man. Mira won’t leave without the recording.

Fusco takes out the men with Harris’ body.

Hersh calls Pennsylvania Two with word that something is happening at the hotel.

Reese sends Mira with Fusco and tells Finch they need to leave.

During Carter’s polygraph somebody pops into the room. She is then asked questions about Cal and informed there are ongoing investigations into him.

Reese gets the recording from Mira’s locker. Derek wants to know what is happening. Reese knocks him out and leaves.

On Reese’s way out of the hotel Hersh shows up behind him and puts a gun to his head.

Carter is told her offer to join the FBI has been rescinded. It sounds as if the reason is her relationship to Cal.

Fusco arrives at the station with Mira. One of the assassins is also there, pretending to have been mugged.

Hersh brings Reese to the kitchen and asks him who he works for. The two end up fighting and Reese is able to stab him. He tells Hersh he’s 20 minutes from death and leaves him to decide between following him and going to the hospital.

Carter tells Cal perhaps it’s too soon for him to meet her son. She tells him she “needs time.”

The assassin makes a break for Mira. He gets a wire around her neck but Carter shoots him and saves her.

We see that Petrovic will stand trial. Zoe tells the guys that the prostitution ring has been broken up. Finch has purchased the hotel and made Mira the manager.

Hersh calls Pennsylvania Two from his hospital bed. He tells he’s needed “ASAP” and Hersh pulls out his tubes and leaves. We see Pennsylvania Two preparing for a state dinner and that his new assistant is none other than Root.


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