Person of Interest Recap 2×19

by on April 14, 2013


After a three week hiatus, the hit CBS show “Person of Interest” is back. Hey TV executives, what’s up with all of these long hiatuses? Let’s get you caught up on “Person of Interest”.

Open with Finch and Elias playing chess in prison. Finch references that recent events have benefited his enemy, Yogarov. Elias says he’s up against a “ghost, someone I’d very much like to identify.” Finch thinks it looks like the outcome is a forgone conclusion, but Elias tells him not to count him out just yet.

Reese is watching at the Cole home. He glances at a newspaper article discussing the murder of Michael Cole. The newest number is Monica Jacobs, a senior VP for Rylatech, one of the country’s top networking companies. Jacobs is a rising start in the tech world. Finch has managed to get himself inside Rylatech and strikes up a rapport with Jacobs right away.

Finch overhears a sales meeting. Jacobs sells the company to a potential client, specifically mentioning company CEO Martin and how clean Rylatech is compared to the competition.

Carter talks to Terney about investigating the shooting from last episode. Cal still won’t tell Carter the name of his CI. She’s upset because she blames the CI for getting Syzmanski killed. Carter tells Fusco she’s worried Cal set him up and asks him to look into it for her.

Finch still hasn’t located an obvious threat to Jacobs and it’s clear to Reese that he has a healthy respect for her. Jacobs leaves her office and Finch followers her to the R&D floor. She downloads something onto a flash drive and hides under the desks when a security guard walks by. Reese suggests she might be a spy.

While Reese searches the woods he’s snuck up on by a gun-wielding Shaw, who is there doing the same thing Reese is: protecting Cole’s parents. Reese suggests they might team up.

Finch is thwarted in his first effort to find out what Jacobs stole.

Fusco tells Cal that by not coming clean to Carter he thinks he had something to do with Syzmanski’s death. Cal says he knows a little bit about Fusco’s background. The two end up nose-to-nose until Terney walks in.

Finch sees Jacobs leave for a meeting she did not put on her official calendar. He follows her and sees her meet with another Rylatech employee named Ross. She’s concerned that a former member of his team, named Lee, may have been a plant. She gives Ross emails she took from Lee’s computer. Reese walks by and quickly steals the flash drive for Finch.

We see Cal meet with Quinn. It turns out Quinn was his source for the tip, but Quinn doesn’t seem to be involved in HR. Quinn reluctantly tells Cal the tip came from one of Elias’ soldiers. We also learn Quinn is Cal’s godfather. After Cal leaves Simmons walks up and asks whether Cal is going to be a problem. “Let’s hope not,” says Cal.

Finch thinks the threat to Jacob may be whoever Lee was spying for. He sees that someone is synching her phone without her knowledge. We see Martin and Ross approach Jacobs with a security team. They are framing her for the security breach using Lee’s emails. Jacobs is fired with charges pending. Finch tells Reese he thinks her life is in danger.

Finch has found out Lee’s resume means he was a plant, put at Rylatech by pros.

Cal sits with Elias in prison. Fusco is listening from his car. Elias asks who benefited from Syzmanski’s death and tells Cal that he’s been played by HR.

Carter tells Finch that Lee’s body is missing.

Simmons tells Quinn that Cal has been looking for answers at Rikers. Quinn seems to give the go-ahead for taking Cal out.

We see Jacobs’ personal assistant Jerome speaking with someone on the phone in Chinese. Jacobs grabs him looking for some answers and he shoves her. Reese shows up and grabs him. Jerome says “there are too many of us” and someone begins shooting at them. Reese hustles Jacobs into a car. Finch calls Reese with word that Lee’s father was a high-ranking member of the Chinese government. He was spying for another country, not another company.

Shaw walks into Finch’s library. She spots a picture of Root on his wall and decides she’s going to look into her as a new hobby.

Reese tells Jacobs about Lee being a Chinese spy. She thinks China might want to steal or sabotage their work. Finch arrives and they talk about the fact Ross must be involved. Finch and Reese tell her she can’t go to the authorities. Jacobs helps Finch hack into Rylatech’s system. Once they get into the system Finch is reverse-hacked and his laptop destroyed. The only way to get into the server is to go inside Rylatech.

Finch places Jacobs’ security card on Bear’s collar to distract security inside Rylatech. Reese and Jacobs find a certain server and connect Finch. They find the spies have been using Rylatech to spy on all of its clients in government, banking and the military. Finch has to shoot his way out of the room and sees that there are operatives inside the building. They find Ross dead in his office, then turn around to find Martin pointing a gun at them. Martin tells Jacobs the opportunity to spy presented itself after the dot-com bust. He has no concern for patriotism. Martin gets a call from the guy with the English accent. He tells him “the time has come. Your family will be provided for.” Martin then shoots himself in the head.

Fusco plays Carter tape that prove Cal wasn’t in on the scheme with HR. He also thinks Cal may be in danger.

Carter calls Cal while he’s working on a drug bust. She asks him to get a drink after he’s done and he agrees. Not surprisingly he’s killed during the bust.

Jacobs tells the guys her company is under federal investigation. She’s intrigued by an opportunity from a specific company. When she walks away Finch tells Reese that while inside Rylatech’s server he noticed a name Desyma Technologies. He thinks Desyma is trying to infect the machine.

The Englishman tells somebody on the phone he’s going to go after Finch.


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