Person of Interest Recap 2×13

by on February 13, 2013


The episode opens with Carter waking up at the scene of the accident with her phone ringing. It’s Finch, making sure she’s okay and telling her to get out of there. She tells him Donnelly is dead and Stanton ambushed them and took Reese.

Reese wakes up on a bus and finds himself next to Snow and Stanton. He is now wearing an explosive vest just like the one Snow has had on. She shows him she can detonate his vest from her phone. She wants them to help her on one final mission.

Carter gets a call from Fusco. He’s at the scene of the accident and tells her about Donnelly being dead. He asks her to drop by.

At the scene Fusco spots that one of Carter’s earrings is missing. An agent named Moss asks her about Donnelly. Carter hunts around the wreckage and finds her earring. Fusco asks what is going on.

Finch meets with Carter and Fusco and tells them about Stanton. She’d been declared dead and it’s unclear what she’s been doing since that point. When Carter found Snow breaking into the tech company with a bomb vest he’d told her about a woman who was planning something “big.”

Reese and Snow are instructed to drop by an apartment and pick up a disc for Stanton. The man who made it asks for more money and through an earpiece Stanton instructs them to kill him. Reese won’t do it, but Stanton shoots them through the window using a sniper rifle. Stanton tells Reese that was his last warning.

We flash back a few years to Stanton, Snow and Reese in China looking for the laptop. Snow tells both Stanton and Reese to kill the other one after the mission. Stanton shoots Reese, he tells her they both got the same order and Stanton is attacked from above with a missile. Stanton wakes up at gunpoint and ends up in a hospital. A man with a British accent tells her he’s in the information business. He’s got the laptop the U.S. government was so eager to acquire and want to work out some kind of arrangement with Stanton.

In present day Stanton, Reese and Snow have lunch. Snow tells Stanton the goal of the cruise missile was “to be sure.” She wants them to follow the men at the counter outside and steal their car. They are ATF agents and she tells them to assume their identities. Reese makes it clear to Snow that he doesn’t want to kill civilians. They are called to a “situation.”

Carter gives Finch information about the hard drive Snow stole. It’s used for military information. Finch gets a text from Reese that indicates he’s wearing one of the vests.

Reese and Snow are called to a bomb threat. She tells them to go inside the building.

Fusco and Carter figure out where Reese is headed. Finch finds out that the there is a 21st floor not registered publically. It is owned by a shell corporation.

In the elevator Stanton gives them a code to get to the 21st floor, which is a Department of Defense facility. She tells them when the doors open they’ll be fired upon by Delta Force agents. Reese and Snow get past them and Stanton tells them in the next stage time will be a factor. She turns on their vests and gives them 15 minutes.

Back to our flashback with Stanton and the British man, who assures her he does not work for any government. He tells her a story about the old guard being afraid of the next generation. He wants her to work for him in exchange for the answer to any question she has. She wants to know who put her in that bed. He says it wasn’t Snow, but that he can tell her who stole the laptop in the first place.

In present day Reese and Snow are guided by Stanton through the floor.

Carter and Fusco enter the building. Finch tells them the 21st floor is cover for the DOD’s cyber security center. He thinks their mission is to develop weaponized malware and Stanton wants to steal a program of some kind. Carter and Fusco hit the stairs.

Reese grabs a technician and has him get them into a secure room and login to a computer. Snow sits at the computer and begins to work. The room they’re in prevents any outside contact, so Stanton can’t listen in. Reese wants them to try and figure out a way out but Snow doesn’t think there is any way to disarm the bombs.

Reese moves away from Snow and asks a technician named Kevin to help him. He calls Finch who tells him about cyberweapons. Kevin tells Reese about a new virus that in the wrong hands could be used to cripple networks or shut down the internet. Kevin says that if the network notices a breach it will automatically wipe the drives. Reese breaks in to a computer and starts the process. Reese and Snow fight with Reese eventually knocking him to the ground. Stanton arrives in the room and says she knew Reese would never follow orders. Reese defiantly tells her he’s erased the drives, but Stanton said that was what she was hoping he’d do. In fact she wants to use the room to upload a file. The vests are re-armed with five minutes left on the clock and she walks out, disarming the door lock on her way. Kevin is able to overload the system and help the guys open the door. When Reese talks about trying to minimize civilian casualties Snow kicks him to the ground and says he’s headed for an agency safehouse. Carter and Fusco shows up and Carter tells Reese she thinks she can disarm the vest. Reese tells her she has too much to lose and tells them to leave. Reese heads up to the roof where Finch happens to be waiting. He gives Finch the drive Stanton uploaded and tells him to get away. But Finch says he wants a crack at disarming the bomb and walks over. He’ll have three chances to enter the phone-based bomb’s unlocking code, and there are five possible codes. The first two tries are failures.

Stanton places a call informing the man from the hospital that “it’s done.” He tells her the payment, the name of the person who sold the laptop which led to her being in China. He says it’s a person he’s never been able to find.

Finch guesses right on his third attempt, disarming the bomb with seven seconds left on the clock.

Stanton gets into her car and finds Snow waiting for her in the back seat. The vehicle explodes.

The FBI tells Carter they believe Snow to be the man in the suit. Their investigation into that person is now over.

Finch can’t figure out what Stanton uploaded. Whatever it is will go live in five months.

We see that the name Stanton was given before she died was Harold Finch.


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