Person of Interest Recap 2×16

by on March 7, 2013


This was by far the best episode of the season. If you love action, like me, then this episode will definitely have you hooked from start to finish. Open in 2011 with a conversation about a man who “asks too many questions,” followed by gun shots.


In present day an English-speaking woman (Sarah Shahi) is cornered by two men. A police officer arrives but she says she thinks it’s just a mistake. The two men pull out guns, yell that someone named Bekhil needs to be contacted and say the “Americans are onto us.” The woman shoots the two men, then knocks out the officer. A voice in the woman’s ear asks about Bekhil.

The woman, named Shaw, and her male partner track some men to an apartment where they are building a dirty bomb. They use gas to knock the men out and eventually take care of the explosive. She gets out of there unharmed and the two make reference to her making a trip to New York since “we have another number.”

In New York Shaw meets with a man named Wilson, who gives her the next number.

Shaw’s partner, Cole, tells her the new number she’s been following is a Michigan resident named James Mercer. He was a former Marine with a dishonorable discharge who became part of a militia and was recently wired ten grand before heading to Queens. During this process she spots Reese and tells Cole she thinks she’s been made. Mercer gets a call telling him “tomorrow’s the big day.”

That night Cole asks Shaw if she ever wonders where research gets the numbers and if they might be wrong. She tells him that research is never wrong, but he has checked up on an old case and thinks one of their past numbers wasn’t accurate. Funding was supposedly coming from Hezbollah, but Cole found that it was actually a U.S. government source. Cole is able to get into Mercer’s computer and finds their names all over his files. A message then pops up reading “It’s a trap. Get out there. Now.” Cole is able to warn Shaw just before automatic gunfire rips through the wall but he is shot and killed. Reese shows up and tries to help her but she doesn’t trust him. Shaw jumps out of a window and finds that Wilson is behind the operation to kill them. They exchange shots but Shaw manages to get away. Wilson places a call to Pennsylvania Two telling him what happened. Wilson tells him the only edge they may have is that he thinks he “clipped her.”

Shaw kidnaps a drug dealer named Louis and brings him back to his boss’ apartment. She’s been hit in the stomach with a hollow point and borrows some “supplies” to help her remove the bullet. After removing the bullet she loses consciousness. She wakes up to find other men in the apartment. She quickly takes them out with her back-up gun and lets Louis leave.

Hersh tells Pennsylvania Two (Jay O. Sanders) that Shaw is one of the best and won’t be found unless she wants to be. He thinks it’s highly likely she’ll be coming after them for revenge. They plan to find Veronica Sinclair, Cole’s CIA contact.

Shaw calls Sinclair and tells her they need to meet the following day.

Shaw calls Wilson and says she wants to meet with control or else she’ll go public with files

Cole arrives at the Sinclair meeting but it is Root (Amy Acker) there pretending to be Sinclair. Root says Cole asked her to look into wire transfers related to a nuclear engineer named Daniel Akino. His payments were made to look as if they were coming from Hezbollah, but in fact were coming from a wing of the Pentagon called the Intelligence Support Activity. It is the group Shaw has been working for. Shaw hears Sinclair tied up in the bathtub and Root knocks her out with a stun gun. Root says she doesn’t want to hurt Shaw, but she wants the name of Akino’s contact. It sounds as if Akino was paid to build a home for the Machine. Shaw is saved from torture when Root sees that Wilson’s men are on their way upstairs. Shaw is able to kill the three men. Reese shows up just after that and is able to convince her not to shoot at him. He says he has a friend who wants to meet with her.

Reese takes Shaw to Finch. He shows her that her and Cole’s numbers came up. Finch says she’ll never scratch the surface of the organization she’s looking into and offers their help. She declines.

At a formal gathering Shaw confronts Pennsylvania Two. He tells her that he is not Control, but he’s “the closest you’re going to get.” He tells her that the public not knowing what they do is the reason there hasn’t been another attack. She gives him Cole’s research on the Akino case. She then kills Wilson. He lets her leave, impressed that she is ultimately a good soldier.

Hersh sneaks up behind Shaw and appears to kill her with a hypodermic. Carter and Fusco show up at the scene and take over. With help from Leon (Ken Leung) as a fake paramedic they bring her back to life in a cemetery. Shaw thanks them but takes their cell phones and drives off in the ambulance as the episode ends with Finch asking, “I wonder if she’ll call us a cab.”

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