Key & Peele Recap 2×03

by on October 12, 2012

Sometimes guys have that awkward moment. Your friend is making eye contact and whispering to you as the sweat pours off your bodies from the rocking motion of your hips. You want to focus on the task at hand but instead he pushes you to high five and interlocks your fingers. He’s distracting you while you’re trying to focus on the physically straining task of hula hooping. What did you think I was talking about? Probably everything the audience did in the opening of the show. This week sketches include:

The oblivious racist
“The only dark I like is when the lights are off, the only hood I like is pointy and white.” If you thought that was racist then maybe it’s just your racism making it that way, No? Well that’s what Peele’s oblivious racist friend is trying to tell him when he misinterprets the lyrics to his country song.

The weekly address
“If Mitt was a Siberian tiger I’d be Roy” a threat made by Luther the angry translator as he makes up for what President Obama missed in the debate. President Obama tries to tell the country how witty remarks won’t resolve the nation’s deficit but Luther delivers one instead asking how Mitt Romney is going to fire Sesame street when one of them already lives in a trash can.

Ice T’s former dog
Last week it was a racist dog’s public service announcement, this week we’re taught to be cautious of the dogs you rescue. Some of them have had rough lives like Ice T’s former dog who is extremely demanding ordering his new owners to give him an entire bag of treats and inviting his female companion over.

Chris Brown and Rihanna reunite
Everyone has seen the reports of Chris Brown and Rihanna reuniting but do you ever think about the postmortem Rihanna has. Their new video Hit That can be taken the wrong way, and while Rihanna, played by Key, tries to shoot a banging video she can’t help but jump at his abrupt movements, which ultimately ends in a her electrocuting him with a taser.

Liam Neeson and Bruce Willy
You and you’re friend every get so excited about a movie you have to walk away and have you’re friend reel you back in with his imaginary rope, you scream running back and forth down the street, or start to line dance while your friend runs in and out a building, choke your friend then die? If not watch Key and Peele as valet parkers get that excited.

The New Apple
It’s hard to follow behind Steve Jobs the technological pioneer. Tim Cook bears the weight as he address an audience about new apple products. Although the producer has told him to stick to the script Cook’s first words on stage are “the first thing i’m going to do is T.O.T.S, throw out the strip.” After he does that he drops a people elbow on Bill Gate,s played by a table, shatters an android, played by a drinking class, urinates on the competitor’s ebook reader, played by a unsuspecting lady’s purse, then burns himself to death showing and untested teleportation device.

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